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    Let's not pretend we weren't all obsessed with Pokémon GO at some point in the last four years. It was a runaway app that temporarily made us walk 20 kilometres a day in the hope of finding a Pokémon we hadn't already caught. We were all Ash Ketchum. Sadly for The Pokémon Company, all crazes do tend to end as quickly as they started and three years later, you'll find few left dedicated to the cause. But today, they announced there are four big things on the way for fans. There's a Detective Pikachu video game sequel heading to Nintendo Switch; they're creating a cloud-based service called Pokémon HOME that will let you connect your Poké team across devices; and there's Pokémon Masters, where you can battle all the series' Poké trainers.

    25 august 2019 10:46 319

    Wow Actually Useful For Pokemon Fans.

    25 august 2019 14:30 319

    thanks to u

    25 august 2019 14:45 319

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