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    hi could the site set up some way to show how many soul gems you are away form opening up a summer chest , think iam close to opening 1 but cant tell

    24 august 2019 10:09 1628

    There is nothing what shows you how many soul gems you earned from the start of the promo, so you have to count it yourself. Just remember how many soul gems you had when you opened the last summer treasure chest and you can then count how many you need for the next opening. Its shame that there is not some counter but you can do it yourself too.

    24 august 2019 14:26 1628

    Не могу зайти в свой акаунт с вой канал ютюб с вой канал ютюб с вой канал ютюб с вой si vrea sa ne cunoastem mai bine de unde esti la scoala o sa vin mai Zici

    24 august 2019 14:31 1628


    24 august 2019 17:49 1628

    If you get soul gems from the chests you have opened do they count into the promotional thing?

    24 august 2019 19:01 1628

    yeah i know they dont show how many you have , i just thought it would be a good idea if they did

    24 august 2019 21:36 1628

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