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    Your Favorite Fortnite Streamer

    Mine Is TSM Daequan

    21 august 2019 11:02 2830

    Mine is Guh Sayan you dont know him because he is a serbian streamer

    21 august 2019 12:17 2830

    Ninja My favourite

    21 august 2019 15:51 2830

    ninja is nice

    21 august 2019 20:08 2830


    21 august 2019 23:25 2830

    metrooiproxd es el mejor

    21 august 2019 23:32 2830


    But I just call him Fearless.

    This guy is amazing at video games. He has epic trick shots on both Fortnite and BO3, he has tons of solo wins, and, most importantly of all, he’s funny! oh-yeah-also-he-has-no-clickbait-but-whatever

    Everything that is shown in the names of his videos actually happens. In the video Fortnite is Broken, his game keeps freezing while he’s fighting, so its not clickbait. In Revenge of the No-Skins, a bunch of no-skins bully him for bulling other no-skins. Its actually really funny. I can’t wait for the video he makes of him messing around in the lake.

    Edit: Well, thats just freakin wonderful. He recently put up a video with the title saying he was playing with his son… he wasn’t. Why’d ya break your streak?

    22 august 2019 04:50 2830

    I dont like streamer, kinda loud and annoying like Oh MY GOSH¬!"!"!, I prefer youtubers who make actual funny content.

    22 august 2019 09:22 2830

    dont like streamers, i actually prefer youtubers also

    22 august 2019 14:12 2830

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