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    I don't get SG from reporting anymore.

    I'm those people who don't really want to play games, and instead report spam. Recently, I reported a whole thread that was just complete spam, like" asusdhiwfeuh", or things similar to it. I checked the thread the next day, and all the comments were removed, yet, I didn't get any SG from it. Is it because I abused the reporting button or something?

    16 august 2019 23:28 1628

    It seems it takes 2 days to get SG from spam reports. However, I'm reporting spam every day, but didn't get anything as well, today.
    Also, like you seem to do, I report every single spam comment. I mean, if a single person left 5 comments in a row, I'll report all 5 comments. Maybe we're supposed to report only one of the comments, but then it could raise other questions about how exactly we should report comments, and I think it would actually be less convenient for moderators. That's why I report all of them. But I feel like we don't have enough info about how to report or what to report, and it's hard to contact a mod. For example, I don't know whether we should report people writing in another language than english. I think we should, since that's an english forum (I even noticed a comment that was an obvious "I copy-pasted a comment from someone else, but used google translation on it first so that most people won't understand anything", I reported that one), but I can't be sure since it's specified nowhere, so I don't (since my reports are gonna get ignored if I report those comments but that I shouldn't. And some spammers obvisouly take advantage of that, though I'm sure they must still be often reported). Of course, groups created specifically for people to talk something else than english, why not (unless gamehag decides it shouldn't be done. Which can be understandable, but not everybody speaks english, so it could allow them to get help or info they couldn't get otherwise).

    I need to stop writing that much.

    17 august 2019 00:05 1628

    me too like ***

    17 august 2019 01:02 1628

    U may have reported wrongly, watch for copy paste comments there is a lot of them

    17 august 2019 05:33 1628

    I think the first person who see the spam comment and report it will get the SG for it because the comment will be deleted and there is no such a same comment in the reports! Btw I got shocked when I noticed I gaind 2.700 SGs for reporting spam comments in a day!! Maybe the moderators checked my whole reports in one day!

    17 august 2019 08:49 1628


    17 august 2019 09:03 1628

    Am a person who let ke to play games

    17 august 2019 09:23 1628

    The report rewards are on the basis of "first-come, first-served" as far as I know. And yes, I haven't gotten SG for reporting spam for the last 2 days. The mods are probably busy with something else currently since most of the spam messages that I've reported are still around.

    17 august 2019 10:48 1628

    Wait, I didn't know you can get SG from reporting spam
    Thanks for the info my man! Will be reporting those that spam useless junk on threads!

    17 august 2019 12:05 1628

    Don't expect that much dude. Mods are busy or doing sth else so no sg for you atm

    17 august 2019 17:30 1628

    so basically there’s this mad rush for being first, and none of the mods have enough time to check anyways. That’s brilliant, Gamehag

    17 august 2019 21:04 1628

    Ok .

    17 august 2019 22:33 1628

    G g g f dksls

    17 august 2019 22:44 1628

    2700 SG from reporting spam in a single day o.o Have you been doing that the whole day lately ? ^^'

    In any case, it's possible indeed that it's "first-come, first-served", seeing how few SG I get compared to the number of comments I report. Although I would have estimated that in this case, I should still have been rewarded less (but it's easy to underestimate or overestimate something you don't have much info about).

    Btw, quite weird, but I've gotten notifs on my phone saying I got SG from spam reporting, but it doesn't show on computer.

    18 august 2019 00:38 1628

    I dont think so, because I usually get the notifs on my computer.

    Are you kidding me? Are you spamming on a thread that's talking about reporting spam?

    18 august 2019 04:12 1628

    it's in the name yo, "Troll Boss"
    Anyways I've been reporting spam too and haven't seen any SG, can anyone still confirm if you'll get SG from reporting spam.

    PS I'll still report spam cause it's just annoying and doesn't add any value to the discussion at hand even if there's no SG given out, just wanted to confirm

    Comment from a moderator about not getting XP from reporting spam:

    However, take note that false reports will not give you SG and will get you blacklisted from the report system. If you aren't receiving SG for your reports, that may be the reason.

    20 august 2019 07:16 1628

    The mods did give me around 250 SG yesterday for reporting spam, but I can assure you that I've reported A LOT more than that. So yeah, they still give out SG for reporting spam.

    20 august 2019 07:19 1628

    @pavel_hristov wow ok thanks for the clairfiaction!

    20 august 2019 07:27 1628

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