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    why did i lose my xp i was nice

    why did i lose xp i was nice

    11 august 2019 19:16 1628

    i was level 3 and i loss xp for no reason apparantly from disgraceful behavior

    11 august 2019 19:18 1628

    Me too I had lost XP for nothing
    It's Maybe a mistake from moderator

    11 august 2019 19:19 1628


    11 august 2019 19:31 1628

    Yea, just lost 18xp and back to lv2

    11 august 2019 19:41 1628

    I also lost some xp. 😢

    11 august 2019 20:19 1628

    That's because you spam boys and girls. Enjoy losing your XP.

    11 august 2019 20:51 1628

    don't spam

    11 august 2019 22:12 1628

    every time you spam a kitten dies

    11 august 2019 22:12 1628

    Me too for "Disgraceful behaviour" I haven't done anything that could be disgraceful...

    11 august 2019 22:51 1628

    I haven't either spammed so, if you comment on a lot of different forums /articles either because you agree, would like to rose them or something is that a type of spam?

    11 august 2019 22:52 1628

    I lost xp too and I cant find why :(

    11 august 2019 23:53 1628

    Pavel_History I never spammed on Gamehag and I still lost exp for no reason before kind of a lot of time but still, I could have been level 5 already if it wouldn't have happened.

    12 august 2019 11:33 1628

    Pavel_hristov i never spammed i didnt do this ''hfvafhdashdhd'' i didnt do other people did on one game but i just said ''cool game'' thats it i dont have a reason to lose xp

    12 august 2019 11:36 1628

    Welp happened to me too, hope i can earn back the XP

    12 august 2019 11:40 1628

    lol if you dont spam nothing hapens m8

    12 august 2019 11:47 1628

    Me too I had lost XP for nothing :((((

    12 august 2019 12:17 1628

    Being nice doesn't really give you the exemption of being a spammer. You might think that you're not spamming but when you're given a consequence such as having the notification "EXP deuducted due to disgraceful behavior", then it means, you did spam. The moderators manually checks the report given to them and gives what consequence that specific reported user deserves.

    You guys complain because you don't actually know what qualifies as spam and what is not. You guys have not been reading the whole idea of what spam really is here on gamehag.

    If I will report you @Irishthinker for creating this thread and for creating multiple comments at once then you will gain another exp deduction or even a possible forum ban. Do you want to know why?

    Read this whole thread: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/58039-penalitiesxp-taken-away-bans-and-more

    Before you guys even complain, please make sure that you get the whole idea of it. I know gamehag's forum discussions hasn't been maintained properly and still has plenty of spammers, but please make sure that before you complain, ask yourself if you're really not spamming.

    Also, in this thread, I'll call those users who could qualify as spamming in here, but I won't report. Read the thread to know why they qualify as spamming. Here are the users who spammed here:


    12 august 2019 13:04 1628

    i havent spammed the moderators or earned ANY xp from this i didnt spam games OR forums i Posted only ONE or TWO comments and i didnt post INAPROPRIATE content and i didnt DELETE any COMMENTS and imthetest and diablospirit posted TWO comments and you consider that as spam

    12 august 2019 13:34 1628

    I don't know why he said @Gadlol was spamming, but I'm sorry, others did, including you. You didn't "post two comments", but "two comments in a row". You're not writing SMS here.
    I did that only two times :
    - Once because I reacted about something that happened in the comment I just posted (I probably should have edited, but when I tried, it opened the text box like 20 times, so I was like "what if I edit and then there's my message ~20 times ?")
    - And the other time because I wanted to post a link, but didn't know if links were filtered or not (and on youtube, particularly, I've lost comments with links due to bugs, and there are also channels that do not allow them).

    Knowing I've lost xp though, maybe that's for this reason, I guess (but in this case, it seems they don't even delete reported comments). I don't know, I'm kinda new to the forum anyway so I still haven't been able to see much of how it works, there are things I can't tell yet (although I'm not sure I'll test anything).
    One other thing I don't understand, however, is that I've seen lots of people (including you) reporting they received a message saying comments have been deleted for "disgracious behavious"... But I never received any such message, yet I still lost xp (down from 53% to 38% of level 2). Maybe due to removed threads in which I may have wrote, as @Millhouse suggested in another thread... Time will tell maybe.

    @IIGalahadII (you name reminds me of "Gil-Galad" from "The Silmarillion" (Tolkien). Anything related ?)
    I tried to send a friend request to Kabash, since I saw her saying that she accepted any friend request (might not be true anymore, seeing her recent activity, but still tried), so i could ask her some questions. But she never accepted or rejected. And I see you seem to know things. So, mind it if I ask you some questions ? (character limit is near, and I think it's better anyway to do that by PM, if you're okay with that. I hope you won't mind me friending you).

    12 august 2019 14:43 1628

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