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    Groups that spam

    I'd like to show you a group that people spam in. https://gamehag.com/forum/dontwaste This is a group where people just randomly spam things. I think this group should be taken down and the people in it be banned, because they are just farming experience and soul gems in that group.

    7 august 2019 00:37 1628

    I saw this group and I was hella surprised when I saw hundreds of spam.

    7 august 2019 09:06 1628

    Yes I saw these spam groups too but unfortunately we can not report them totally, I talked to one of the moderator about these, he said you can report every single of them!

    7 august 2019 11:46 1628

    Same I saw that group and I wouldn't be surprised if It got taken down.

    7 august 2019 12:29 1628

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