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    Like if you think there should be a thing that you download or just stay on it on the website in order to get soul gems, like 200 soul gems every 24 hours or more than just 200 soul gems.

    23 july 2019 22:39 1628

    You can also leave other suggestions here

    23 july 2019 22:40 1628

    I think it should be like 5 SG every 15 min or like that cuz 24 hours is too much

    24 july 2019 05:55 1628

    5 SG every 15 minutes is 480 soul gems per 24 hours. That's pretty close to what I said above but 500 per 24 hours of afk would be awesome! 🤑

    24 july 2019 06:06 1628


    24 july 2019 06:18 1628

    Maybe they could only give xp to active people in the app or the website. Also I think no-one would stay active on Gamehag for 24 hours continuously so the 15 minutes idea is more convenient and likely to be accepted.

    24 july 2019 10:04 1628

    You can just keep your computer on but ok.

    24 july 2019 10:06 1628

    They would have to have a way to get that money bqck you get forn Gamehag this way. The options for money-making are:
    1. Showing video ads. No idea what service will let you "watch" for days straight ads...
    2. Mining cryptocurrency via browser. Go figure, the revenue will be lower than what tou you have to pay for power
    3. Use PC for gaming-as-a-service computations. Probably the most profitable one: install a tool on your PC and it "sells" your hardwares calculations in the cloud. Revenue has to do with the speed of your PC.
    Expected earnings per day (24 hours cycle):
    M1: 100 SG/day (or, that's what it is now with the ad thingy on GH mobile)
    M2: 25 SG/day. No more unless you offer a lot of computational power/storage (you can mine cryptocurrency with harddisks after all...)
    M3: 200-1000 SG/day. Depends mainly on your GPU.

    24 july 2019 17:53 1628

    I think 3 is the best option.

    24 july 2019 18:26 1628

    I hope Gamehag will read this thread.

    24 july 2019 18:26 1628

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