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    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

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    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Upgrade your Castle to level 5

    I need help with the first task, please.

    This is getting really frustrating... I completed the first task by upgrading the castle to level 5, so far so good. Still in city-view mode, I took a screenshot of said castle, sent it and thought I was done with that, I was wrong. I read the comments and figure out my mistakes: Had to change the name AND do a screenshot from the map, with my castle and name visible, fair enough. I proceed to do just that and once again, the task has been rejected. I read the comments, AGAIN. I find something new: I had to change the nickname as well, fine, I do that as well and while I am at it, I took a screenshot with the castle and my name even more visible (zoomed in), a gamehag tab open and the address tab of the game, which shows stuff like sid and other stuff that perhaps might help, but nope, rejected again.

    23 july 2019 01:08 4117

    You verified your email adress for te game? If not that's the reason.

    23 july 2019 01:51 4117

    When I signed up to make an account, I have never received an email to confirm.
    Is there any place where I can confirm it?
    Later on in the game, they did ask me my email to send me a gift (had to do with Sansa) and had to input a code, I figured out that was their way of confirming the email address? Or is there something else?

    23 july 2019 01:53 4117

    Already did, nothing in spam either.
    I logged in the game again and found an option to "Link email" and saw the email I had used for the sansa gift there...I am sure that's what they meant by "Confirming email", looked all over the game and there is nothing else.

    23 july 2019 03:49 4117

    having a problem with this aswell

    23 july 2019 08:22 4117

    me 2 !

    can i aske how did you get a pic with both name and castle visible ? its not even possible for me ?

    23 july 2019 12:56 4117

    To get both name and castle visible, you have to go to the map, it is a button on your bottom right.

    23 july 2019 23:22 4117

    Thx Alineok i will try this

    24 july 2019 13:35 4117

    i try and it worked

    2 august 2019 03:19 4117

    Mobile games ?

    2 august 2019 15:37 4117

    I think it show on ad

    2 august 2019 15:38 4117

    one is me but nowan

    3 august 2019 02:51 4117

    You've got to take a screenshot of the map. There you can see your castle's level and your user name.

    3 august 2019 23:16 4117

    This whole site is so broken, none of my tasks are ever accepted for any game ever. I'm literally taking a screenshot of exactly what I need to and its always rejected saying the task wasn't completed. I go to the map, take a picture with my name and castle level (5) clearly visable and it just gets rejected. I'm so sick of this. Support never answers and Misty is the biggest waste of time I've ever seen.

    6 august 2019 07:03 4117

    yeah im getting rejected all the time too. And i clearly did what they wanted. Thats shameless waste peoples time like this.

    6 august 2019 13:14 4117

    I cant help you sorry and thanks for your time ypu spent

    6 august 2019 16:29 4117

    tips here move to some place that no one is there that your castle are only there
    it works thank me latter

    8 august 2019 15:49 4117

    if you have proble go to my discord i can help you rhenzoboy09#756

    8 august 2019 15:50 4117


    8 august 2019 15:51 4117

    You need to press ''World'' (right, bottom corner) and then just screenshot the WHOLE SCREEN.

    8 august 2019 17:58 4117

    Don't crop picture if you do 🤔

    25 august 2019 15:22 4117

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