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    Is Fortnite Bad or Good?

    I think that Fortnite is a decent game but the bad part is that you need a pretty good pc in order to play without lag/fps drops

    19 july 2019 15:54 1628

    yep, cuz some of other PC are so laggy.

    19 july 2019 17:04 1628

    Ive played fornite for 2 minutes. I don't like it.

    23 july 2019 03:42 1628

    Fortnite is a pretty good game

    23 july 2019 18:25 1628

    I doun't really like Fortnite but I don't mind if someone play it

    23 july 2019 18:27 1628

    I think that is a good game, the creators are very interested about people likes and they colaborated with important companies like Marvel, so, they are very intelligent, they know how to develop hype

    23 july 2019 20:45 1628


    24 july 2019 08:36 1628

    I DiNt PlAy fortnite

    24 july 2019 09:53 1628

    Why you dont you play it and find it out?

    24 july 2019 12:55 1628

    All ist bad only 0.00000000000000000000000000,1% good

    24 july 2019 12:58 1628

    fortnite is trash in my opinion...

    24 july 2019 17:45 1628

    I don't really like Fortnite for the same reason I hate all battle royale games: There's no story (I just prefer RPG's (story given) or sandboxes (just make your story), and usually the number differences between you and your enemies are too giant for me to have fun. It's not necessarily a bad game, I just personally don't like it. I have the same opinion actually about PUBG.

    24 july 2019 17:58 1628

    Good, nice game

    24 july 2019 20:21 1628

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    24 july 2019 20:46 1628

    I dont Know

    24 july 2019 21:21 1628

    fortnite is bad

    24 july 2019 21:35 1628


    24 july 2019 21:35 1628

    I dont like fortnite so it's bad

    24 july 2019 22:41 1628

    Fortnite is bad for children.

    24 july 2019 23:51 1628

    Fortnut seems bad but for those "gamers" xd some of them likes fornut because of royale i think. But why not give it a try so you can see if you like it or not

    25 july 2019 03:24 1628

    That's not supposed to be a con! it's your own fault that you don't own a better PC (I know you don't have the money for it. I feel you bud)
    I don't like fortnite (and by fortnite I mean most of the battle royale games), it's gameplay is boring and is not unique at all. I feel like this game just doesn't deserve its attention and unlike Minecraft hunger games, there is no point playing it at all (it's more fun watching someone else play it)
    I have the same opinion with pubg, but pewdiepie used to make really fun livestreams that made that game look more fun than it actually is.

    4 august 2019 11:37 1628

    Fornite is pretty fun when playing with friends, tho any game with multiplayer options is always decent in my book, however the CEO of Epic games (Owner of fornite) is a pretty sketchy dude and was one of the reasons why I've stopped and you should read up more about him if you care. But then again most people only care about the game so to each his own I guess.

    4 august 2019 16:24 1628

    honestly i think it depends on who youask

    5 august 2019 01:51 1628

    To get the best answer, you will have to play it for ypurself.

    5 august 2019 04:12 1628

    i dont like fortnite

    5 august 2019 14:41 1628

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