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    Why can I not get a task accepted ever?!

    I thought this site was pretty good at first, I did a lot of grind on crappy games I never would have touched and got rewards for doing so. But, then I hit level 4. Now, every game I play, no matter whether I complete all tasks correctly, and make new accounts, follow the links and in general just follow the instructions has every single task rejected, no matter what game or what task. I get reasons like You haven't made a new account (when I obviously have, and can provide all the evidence..email screenshots etc). When I open a ticket with Misty I get gobbledygook from the bot, or when a real person talks to me they say... Oh don't worry, just do another task (not possible when every task is rejected), or the last one which was my favourite: Hey, sorry we can't help you, maybe it's your ISPs fault (um...wtf? Crappy customer service much?) Another reason offered was: Maybe someone else in your family is using gamehag too (they're not, no one I know uses this rip off site. I tried to convince some of my friends to use this and they laughed at me...) What sort of nonsense scam is that?! Why would I waste hours grinding to complete tasks on games no one would play ever just to have them rejected over and over?!! Is anyone else having this problem? And if so, how did you resolve it? Frankly, I'm just happy I discovered Humblebundle. Even though it's taken a little bit of a dive in the past few months, it's still a million times better value than this s**tshow.

    14 july 2019 15:03 1628

    In my case it helps to first have a look at the FAQ. After that, you tell Misty why you don't fall under any of the cases stated in the FAQ.

    14 july 2019 16:33 1628

    bro look at faq you can find what you looking for

    14 july 2019 16:55 1628

    Honestly I already tried all of those things first. Do you really think I would bother ask for help in here if I hadn't already exhausted all the other avenues?

    19 july 2019 08:06 1628

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