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    This game is very good strategy game, you know that when you try it. Its not about getting the best heroes in you team its about winning, its impressive that you can win with team with few very good heroes and other being the same type but lower power over a team with the strongest from every type. You collect diamons per day and play to get diamons and then to get 10 picks and hopefully get a elite(very good hero) you get equipment for your hero with diamons which sometimes boost your attributes better than levelup. I started playing it when my friends started it too we talked about it every day what is wrong what is right, about our quild and whatever today after 40 days and more we are still addicted to it and play it until we get the #1 spot in our friend list. Its very easy game until you stop playing it.

    7 july 2019 22:31 5298

    User friendly,i recommend for all,very honest in paying rewards too.

    12 july 2019 12:34 5298

    AFK like the games

    12 july 2019 12:35 5298

    привет афк арена

    25 july 2019 21:43 5298

    It has simple interface and battle mechanics

    3 august 2019 22:22 5298

    Yes of course lol

    9 august 2019 08:53 5298

    how i can get level up faster in afk arena?

    12 august 2019 13:21 5298

    its matter of time. you can collect xp from daily chests, I call them like that cus they have max=xp/h*24 and are refreshed to 0 when you collect the treasure. You have another option to make it faster leveling up just 1 hero and trying multiple times challenging battle's which gives you boosts like xp per hour and other

    12 august 2019 19:41 5298

    вы такие умные английские

    16 august 2019 08:03 5298

    Best game

    16 august 2019 09:02 5298


    17 august 2019 19:39 5298

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