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    What is the mint upgrade pannel

    to upgrade my castle I need to upgrade my mint but I don't know what or were it is can anybody help

    28 june 2019 10:57 4117

    It's one of the buildings in your city, you should also be able to access it by pressing the upgrade mint text on your castle upgrade screen

    28 june 2019 11:12 4117

    it takes me to land but no place do I need to build it or get to a certain level

    28 june 2019 11:18 4117

    You need to build it first, it's possible you need a certain level for it but you will see that in the building shop also

    28 june 2019 11:31 4117

    I know I sound stupid but where is the building shop

    28 june 2019 11:36 4117

    Either gamehag or someone is broken because when I try to screenshot that my castle is level 3 they keep rejecting me

    10 july 2019 22:06 4117

    Oh well! xDD

    10 august 2019 21:35 4117

    oyu have to finish the level 2 quote thingy that is on your right side

    13 august 2019 02:38 4117

    Well it also took me a while becuase i thought it was the story that i have to finish the levle 2 but i figured it is the mission thingy on your rihgt

    13 august 2019 02:39 4117

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