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    Talking on forums

    IS there a limited times i can talk on forums or i can talk as mudh as i can unless its spam?

    27 may 2019 17:52 1628

    You can talk as much as you want, but the less and more helpful is better.

    27 may 2019 17:58 1628

    I think there is no limit, but you need careful about not to spam.

    27 may 2019 18:27 1628

    the limit is 10 coments within 24h, but you only get xp for 5 coments on the forum and 5 on articles.

    28 may 2019 13:13 1628

    Usually in forum, we all have our own opinions and ideas on certain topics and we can view others' regarding on the topics that someone has given. For me, that's what forum is about.
    Definitely not about spamming your questions that are not related to the topic just for your own benefits like earning "XP".
    Due to the fact that the amount of spams, the admins on gamehag decided to restrict everyone for at least that amount, no more over than that for XP because people abuse it.

    2 june 2019 18:06 1628

    As long as you do not spam the forums in order to get XP. The forums is a place for people to communicate with each other and share information. If you do not abuse the system, you should be fine :)

    3 june 2019 00:12 1628

    @Sjaak045 Nice copypasta. I bet you were the kid who copied your classmates' answers while in Math exam and failed miserably. This is also the reason why admins decided to limit the amount of comments because of your self-advantages. Reported for spamming. Enjoy your XP reduction.


    3 june 2019 12:24 1628

    What is the limit of watching ads in appzone?

    3 june 2019 12:34 1628

    technically theres no limit but the earning limit for appzone is 100 soul gems per 24 hours

    3 june 2019 13:58 1628

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