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    No sg from referal earnings?

    Why am i only getting paid one time "200sg" for inviting someone witch earn 1000points, but even if they earn 2000points im not getting an extra 200sg, same with the Contracts section, im not getting eny points when my referals is doing contracts, the hole point of a referal system is that the one that brought in the customer get's an small % of all the earnings the referal is making, specially when they do contracts, or use money inside eny of the games that you offer exp: buying Silverlions inside Warthunder with real money, witch would have never happend otherwise.

    21 may 2019 21:53 1628

    i don’t know if that’s how it works. i never can get referrals but I agree, you should get some kind of percentage

    21 may 2019 22:48 1628

    every other site "witch i can not mention here" has the same referal system, you refer people to the site and you get 5-10% of "all the earnings", So exp: if one Referal goes and do a Contract witch require you to pay money "Lotto contract" you will get a small amount in points or whatever currency the site used. This is the first site i have seen witch have onetime payment, and even if referals continue to earn and pay alot of money, i will not earn enything from that, witch make's no sence when i was the one refering the billionaire...

    21 may 2019 23:04 1628

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