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    1 year ago


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    opened Welcome Chest and won Runa Fehu.
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    The Pride of Taern is a free-to-play browser game set in a mythical land overwhelmed by evil. We’re playing as an inhabitant of a land named Taern, whose quiet life have been unexpectedly disrupted, when emerged a war, and you, as a real hero are taking your weapon and are ready to stand and fight in its defense. We can pu...


    Neverwinter is a free MMORPG that takes place in the extremely popular world of Dungeons & Dragons - and it can be seen right after the game starts! The story line is filled with actions and leads us to various places typical for Neverwinter - urban and rural areas, mountains, forests, etc.!Creation of the character is exac...

    Time to be hero

    It's time to become a Hero! In this browser game you will become a savior who must protect the city from various threats. Do not worry, although the first moments may seem difficult, but You have advisers who are ready to help or give a new task at each moment. You start, of course, with simple monsters, like boars and bears, de...

    Heavy Metal Machines

    Remember that you need to enter the game through the Steam!Are you up to a fierce competition, destruction, speed and action? All of these are available now in the post apocalyptic world of Heavy Metal Machines!The classic gameplay mode consists of several rounds in which you have to deliver the bomb to the enemy's base in ...


    Icarus Online or Riders of Icarus - as it is called in other regions - this is the MMORPG based on the CryEngine 3 game engine from the Korean company Wemade developed in 2014. There are 6 classes of riders: guardian, berserk, assassin, mage, priest and archer, where the character editor allows you to create a unique and detaile...


    Panzar - multiplayer third-person fantasy shooter. Developed by Russian Panzar Studio. You are waiting for eight unique classes, team PvP battles, exciting PvE-adventures and regular tournaments with decent cash prizes. Developed RPG elements, the non-target system and the most advanced graphics from CryEngine 3 will make your c...

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