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The Pride of Taern is a free-to-play browser game set in a mythical land overwhelmed by evil. We’re playing as an inhabitant of a land named Taern, whose quiet life have been unexpectedly disrupted, when emerged a war, and you, as a real hero are taking your weapon and are ready to stand and fight in its defense. We can put ourselves in seven characters with different classes: a Barbarian, a Knight, an Archer, a Sheed, a Fire Mage, a Healer and Voodoo. Each class does have different skills and talents, which would prove useful during our game play. In the game, we’ll meet lots of creatures we’ll have to fight. We’ve received a possibility to talk with NPCs and thereby, to reflect our hero’s personality. We can be nice and friendly, or mean and acid; however the second option can turn out unprofitable. The graphics may seem a bit dark, but, after all, we’re at war, so the destroyed building, for example, are adding to the game its specific climax. The music in the game is very climatic and does follow us in our adventure, making our game play far more enjoyable. Try to save Taern from the forces of evil – join The Pride of Taern today!

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Pride of Taern duma Polskiego MMO

Wciągające mmo które spodoba się fanom gatunku nie tylko ze względu na udane pvp, ale również gra przypadnie do gustu fanom klasyki rpg a to ze względu na niesamowity klimat surowego świata przedstawionego w polskiej grze przeglądarkowej.

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