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    7 hours ago

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    22 hours ago

    A work of art. A timeless masterpiece. The pinnacle of level design mastery. Many things have been said about Bombsite A – but does it hold up in a new angle?
    Everyone knows Dust2. These days, you can play it across three separate official games, or as a thousand custom maps. You can play Dust2 in Minecraft. You can play the deconstructed remains of mankind’s last Dust2 server, Dustnet. In VR.
    This latest interpretation comes courtesy of Mark Mocherad’s Polystrike, a Dota 2 mod that takes Counter-Strike‘s hectic gunfights and pulls the camera way, way up. The mod is currently very early in development but already looks rather neat.
    From Long-A to those infuriating doors, everything you know about Dust2 is there, viewed through the eyes of some sadistic pigeon.
    Already it’s clear the perspective provides more than a change of view. With shorter sniper lanes, pushing mid isn’t the death sentence it can so often be. Meanwhile, it looks like you’ll be able to soak up more bullets than its first-person counterpart. All this is likely to change as the mod develops, but it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.
    Dota 2’s workshop tools have been out for a few years, but it’s largely felt maligned. Feel free to prove me wrong, but most folk seen content to recreate mods from Dota’s Warcraft 3 heyday or slap together a variation of the base game with no cooldowns. It’s rarely felt like the game’s potential has been tapped as creatively as past Valve games.

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    3 days ago

    All-New Model and Forged Spirit
    The models for Invoker, his ability orbs, and his Forged Spirit have all been replaced by the versions from his younger self's earliest days as a master magician.
    Custom Animations and Attack Particles
    This Persona features all-new animations to turn back the clock a few millennia and help keep Kid Invoker limber and ready for battle. Armed with powerful magics that cannot be contained, he also has custom attack particles that change depending on which ability orbs are active.
    Custom Hero Assests
    Includes all-new Hero Portraits, Ability Icons, and a Minimap icon.

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    3 days ago

    Aeons before he was recognized as the most dangerous magician alive—an ageless master of the arcane arts—the Invoker endured scholastic life as the adolescent star pupil at an ancient wizard's academy. Even as he excelled at every task set before him, and basked in the praise such aptitude afforded, the young Invoker dreamt of a future in which he answered to no one but himself, where he might finally be free to wield his growing powers however he saw fit.
    Now, harnessing dangerous magics purloined from his headmaster's secret archives, young Carl has discovered the means to journey forward into his own timeline. Eager to insert himself prematurely into the moment of his greatest triumph, Carl is determined to prove to the world that aged or not, the illustrious arts of the Invoker can be bested by no one.
    While he's confident that he's bound for triumphant adventure, had he read the entire description of the spell before casting it, the young magus would know that failure to accomplish his elder self's fated mission will result in each timeline's certain demise.
    Introducing the first-ever Hero Persona, a completely different visual and thematic take on a classic hero. Featuring all-new models, animations, voice performance, and item slots for future customization, the 'Acolyte of the Lost Arts' persona sends the ageless Invoker back to his earliest days studying the wizarding arts. Every legend has a beginning, and the Arsenal Magus is no exception.

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    3 days ago

    Introducing the first-ever Hero Persona—a completely different visual and thematic take on a classic hero—available now to Battle Pass owners who invoke level 305 or beyond. Featuring all-new models, animations, voice performance, and item slots for future customization, this first persona sends the ageless Invoker back to his earliest days studying the wizarding arts. Every legend has a beginning, and the Arsenal Magus is no exception.
    Aeons before he was recognized as the most dangerous magician alive—in days even he no longer remembers—the Invoker was the adolescent star pupil at an ancient wizard’s academy. Now, harnessing dangerous magics purloined from his headmaster’s secret archives, young Carl has discovered the means to journey forward and join the battle of the Ancients well before his time.
    Head over to the Acolyte of the Lost Arts update page to learn more, and then head into the lanes spry in step and brimming with powerful magics.

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    1 week ago

    The International 2019 Collector’s Cache returns for another round, featuring multiple items from this year’s Call to Arms as well as some hidden workshop gems for a span of favorite heroes—including a Rare set for Necrophos, a Very Rare set for Ember Spirit, and an Ultra Rare set for Juggernaut.
    Available now for $2.49, unboxing thirteen of these treasures will automatically grant you thirty-two Battle Levels, and the odds of receiving a bonus rare item increase with each one you open. You can also recycle any unwanted sets for two Battle Levels.
    Volume II of the Collector’s Cache will only be available for the next thirty days and is the only way to receive these exclusive item sets, apart from the Ultra Rare Juggernaut set which will be marketable near the end of 2020 after next year’s tournament concludes. As is tradition, 25% of each sale contributes directly to The International prize pool.
    Once again, we’d like to thank all of the community artists who tendered submissions to the Dota 2 Workshop, as well as the entire Battle Pass community for your support.

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    He took part in a giveaway Tank Game
    2 weeks ago
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    2 weeks ago

    Wrath of the Mo'rokai
    Deep in the jungles of Fellstrath, the ruins of an ancient civilization lie hidden beneath tangled canopy and creeping vine. In today's update, all Battle Pass owners can choose to queue up to face the Wrath of the Mo'rokai, as two ancient guardians rise from slumber to wreak havoc on the age-old battle of the Ancients.
    To join the battle at full strength, the Mo'rokai require tributes of essence that will help them reclaim dormant abilities and greatly aid those who fight by their sides. Players can gather essence from slain enemies and other caches around the Dota map to guide which arcane powers the Mo'rokai develop. When the Mo'rokai march into the lanes, choose your strategy wisely to make the most of your new ally. The Mo'rokai are powerful, but even they are emboldened with friendly heroes nearby.
    Work together with your Mo'rokai to destroy the enemy Ancient and you'll earn 250 Battle Points for each victory, up to a weekly total of 2000 points. You'll also have the chance to unearth special Battle Point bonus bundles throughout the game to split with your team. Each week will offer one chance to win with a Battle Point bonus active that will net you 1000 points for the victory. Your weekly point total and number of bonus games will increase as you raise your Battle Level—reaching level 150 will bestow a 3000 point cap with two weekly bonus games and level 252 will increase the total to 4000 points with three weekly bonus games.
    All of your Battle Pass features are active while playing Wrath of the Mo'rokai, so don't hesitate to take a Jungle Expedition or Daily Challenge hero into battle or sound off to friends and enemies with your favorite chat wheel lines.
    Immortal Treasure II
    To help welcome the Mo'rokai to the fight, Immortal Treasure II is also now available, featuring all-new items for Dazzle, Timbersaw, Grimstroke, Pugna, Warlock, and Luna.
    In addition, each of these treasures that you open also offers increasing odds of receiving a rare demonic mane for Lion, a very rare Golden version of the Luna or Timbersaw items, or an ultra rare celestial mantle for Ember Spirit. There's also the cosmically rare chance to discover the Overgrown Emblem custom hero effect.
    All Battle Pass owners can find an Immortal Treasure II ready to unbox in the Armory, and you can earn more treasures by increasing your Battle Level. Check out a preview of the new items and custom effects from today’s treasure over on the Battle Pass page.
    To help players enjoy more time in the jungles of Fellstrath on the hunt to earn ever more treasure, we'll be extending this year's Battle Pass features for two additional weeks after the conclusion of The International Grand Finals.

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    Commented subject Dota 2 Underlords Updates.
    2 weeks ago

    Added Scoreboard. Defaults to TAB on the PC.
    Added Leaderboards[www.underlords.com]. Welcome, Lords of White Spire.
    Further lighting tweaks to the board to brighten it up.
    Update Notes can now be found from inside the game.
    Season Info: Heroes’ Ability info now shows damage type
    New Kill Streak FX.
    Unit VO is now spatialized (Audio will closely match where the unit is located).
    Enabled additional sounds in unit combat.
    Yo, Reddit: Versus, Round Over and Round Start screens will close on any non-UI click or ESC keypress.
    Yo, Reddit: Versus, Round Over and Round Start screens won't appear if the user is dragging units or items.
    Many UI improvements have been done.
    Added description of how the Hero Pool works to the Season Info UI.
    Hero stat changes from basic items is now shown during combat as well during preparing.
    Fixed Terrorblade Rank 2 and Rank 3 not updating his model after casting Metamorphosis.
    Added Battery Status.
    Fixed play/pause buttons disappearing.
    Added Tap to Move option: For those who like to tap to place instead of dragging on the board.
    Added Battery Saver mode.
    Can now query a hero's ability from the shop.
    More performance improvements.
    Fixed Demon Hunters not doing their jobs and leaving enemy demons with their buff on.
    Fixed Techies planting their bomb in the wrong location.
    Fixed all known AI Pathing issues.
    Level 9: Tier 2 odds 30% -> 25%, Tier 3 odds 25% -> 30%
    Level 11: Tier 1 odds 10% -> 13%, Tier 2 odds 15% -> 20%, Tier 3 odds 30% -> 25%, Tier 5 odds 15% -> 12%
    Round will continue for another second once the last unit dies, giving the other team a chance for a last minute kill to force a draw.
    Reworked Streaks:
    Lose streak gold:
    3-4 losses – 1 gold
    5-6 losses – 2 gold
    7+ losses – 3 gold
    3-4 losses – 1 gold
    5+ losses – 2 gold
    Win streaks gold:
    3-4 wins – 1 gold
    5-6 wins – 2 gold
    7+ wins – 3 gold
    3-4 wins – 1 gold
    5-6 wins – 2 gold
    7 wins – 3 gold
    8 wins – 4 gold
    Win streaks reset at 8 wins.
    Item Changes:
    Added Force Staff: Tier 3 Support Item - Push an enemy unit 6 cells in a random direction. (10s cooldown)
    Added Scythe of Vyse: Tier 4 Support Item - When the equipped hero takes damage, transform the offending unit into a pig for 4s. (15s cooldown)
    Added Big-Time Contract: Tier 2 Support Item - Equipped unit is Blood-bound in addition to its other types.
    Silver Lining: Now reads "Get 1 charge when you win a fight. When you lose a fight, if charges remain, get 1 gold and lose 1 charge."
    Shaman Pluck: Chance increased from 5% to 17%.
    Blink Dagger:
    Now generates 50 mana when activated.
    Cooldown reduced from 60s to 15s.
    Tooth and Claw: Fixed not stacking correctly.
    Coordinated Assault: It should be truly coordinated since it actually works now.
    Hero Changes:
    Split Shot:
    Now applies item effects on secondary shots.
    Summon Wolves:
    Fixed not applying health buff correctly.
    Health increased from [500, 1000, 2000] to [550, 1100, 2200]
    Summon Plague Ward:
    Summon Count increased from 1 Ward to [1, 2, 4] Wards.
    Ward is always Rank 1.
    Cast Point reduced from 0.5s to 0.13s.
    Cooldown increased from 5 to [5, 6, 7].
    Wards have 50% magic resistance.
    Alliances changed from Brawny Shaman to Brawny Shaman Warlock.
    Static Storm:
    Also blinds the targets inside the cloud for a 25% miss
    Mr. Warlock:
    Shadow Word:
    Cast Point reduced from 0.5s to 0.4s.
    Cooldown reduced from 20s to 6s.
    Damage from [ 100, 150, 200 ] to [ 50, 100, 150 ].
    Heal from [ 75, 150, 200 ] to [ 50, 125, 175 ].
    Duration from 6 seconds to 3 seconds.
    Alliance Changes:
    Now reads: Whenever a Warlock casts a spell, they form a link with the Ally who has the lowest health for 3 seconds. When either linked hero deals damage, both units are healed [50, 100, 150]% of the damage dealt.
    Now requires 3 Shamans (up from 2).
    Now reads: Enemies affected by Hexes, Silences or Stuns will generate -200% mana when attacked.

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    He took part in a giveaway Jump Force PC GLOBAL | Life is Strange 2 PC GLOBAL | Shadow of the Tomb Raider |
    2 weeks ago
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    3 weeks ago

    Guides & Tips
    1) Go to the bundle on the Dota 2 store on your browser : https://www.dota2.com/store/itemdetails/21336?r=cd
    Safe to make sure you have enough steam funds for 2 bundles before you continue
    2) Continue the transaction as normal until you reach authorize page
    3) Wait 35-40 mins <<<<<< VERY IMPORTANT bro
    4) Go buy the bundle in-game (If you didn't wait earlier, you will get an error at this step, you must wait 35+ mins)
    5) Complete the purchase on the browser
    Now enjoy your 2 bundles! :)Keep in mind this only works if you have not purchased it in the past.

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    3 weeks ago

    Explore ever deeper into the reaches of the Battle Pass rewards line with the Battle Level Bundle, available for a limited time only. Battle Pass customers can purchase this discounted bundle from now until the morning of Monday, July 1 to unlock 120 Battle Levels, 9x Immortal Treasure I, 6x Immortal Treasure II, and 3x Immortal Treasure III for only $29.99.
    Limited to one purchase per customer, this bundle offers 75% savings on the combined value of the levels and treasures, and will contribute 25% of each sale directly to The International 2019 prize pool.
    With this year’s Battle Pass abound in mythic rewards—like the Overgrown Empire Terrain at level 160; Tiny Prestige item at level 255; Young Invoker Hero Persona at level 305; Custom Towers at level 335; Planetfall Earthshaker Arcana at level 365; bare-knuckle Axe Unleashed set at level 425; Collector’s Aegis at level 1000; Chat Wheel Bundles continuing up to level 1205; and much more—the Battle Level Bundle is just the tool needed to unearth the full potential of this epic treasure stash before the conclusion of The International and this Battle Pass season.

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    Commented subject Dark Willow Announcer Pack.
    3 weeks ago

    Today’s update unleashes the new Dark Willow Announcer Pack, available to all Battle Pass owners who flutter to Battle Level 75 and above.
    Featuring the voice of the inimitable Mireska Sunbreeze, this pack replaces the default announcer and mega-kill exclamations with the rogue fae’s take on every game, helping ensure you’ll never miss your mark in battle again.
    Eligible players can claim the pack from the Battle Pass rewards line, and once unbundled, you can equip the announcer and mega-kills from the Global Items menu in the Heroes tab.
    Today’s update also includes several fixes that we’ve identified to improve performance in the game client.
    In other Battle Pass news, we’re nearly complete with work on Immortal Treasure II and the Wrath of the Mo’rokai special event, and expect to unveil both next week.

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    completed a task from League of Angels III.
    1 month ago
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    completed a task from League of Angels III.
    1 month ago
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    completed a task from Game of Thrones Winter is Coming.
    1 month ago
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    received a reward - Spec Ops: The Line PC GLOBAL.
    1 month ago
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    completed a task from War Thunder.
    1 month ago
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    Reached 3 level
    1 month ago
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    Commented subject Dota 2 Roles.
    1 month ago

    Dota 2 is in many ways similar to a team sport, where it takes not just awesome individual abilities, but also great teamwork to achieve victory. What’s important here is mutual understanding, correct communication, and timely joint decision-making. The teams that have strong synergy usually do well and often win in teamfights.
    To begin with, let’s see what types of roles and Dota 2 positions are in the game so far and what kind of heroes fit best for each of these roles.

    1) The first position – Carry – Easy Lane
    What is carry in Dota2? It is the main combat unit of the team, that deals damage in the teamfight. A Carry’s task is simple but important – to kill as many enemy units as possible: creeps from the start, and heroes, when the necessary artifacts appear.
    Also, the role of Carry is often taken by heroes capable of causing a lot of damage to enemy structures, the so-called Pushers.

    a) Carries on the laning stage
    The Carry hero is basically positioned on the Easy Lane, this is the bottom lane when playing on the light side and vice versa, the top one if you play on the dark side. From this lane, the hero has quick access to a large number of camps in the allied forest, as well as the possibility to quickly retreat to the allied tower and avoid getting ganked.
    Throughout most of the game a Carry hero needs to farm a lot and to collect the necessary artifacts as soon as possible. To do this, he requires Supporters, who help him on the lane and in the allied forest. The enemy hero standing with the Carry on the lane is called an Offlaner or Offlane hero.
    Sometimes an Offlaner is followed by one or two Support heroes in order to keep you from farming. During the Laning phase a Carry must kill as many creeps as possible and do his best to survive in any case, even if his allies are dying and badly need his assistance.
    Carry in Dota 2 A Carry can pick a fight with enemy heroes only if he is sure to win and manage to survive, since his priority is farming.

    b) Carry on the fighting
    As mentioned above, the Carry is the core unit that inflicts most of damage, especially after 20 minutes of play, when he acquires useful artifacts.
    Of course, every game is very situational, and general rules may not work. Either way, the very first task of a Carry is to quickly kill the enemy’s Supports with a lower armor value. You may as well ignore weaker Support heroes and try to attack the enemy Carry instead, but it is too risky as Supports usually help the allied Carry with buffs and can disable your abilities. So, make weaker heroes your first targets, and then proceed with stronger ones.
    A Carry should not initiate a teamfight in order not to become a primary target for his enemies. During the Laning phase and further along the game a Carry must prioritize his own survival, which is by far the most important thing for the entire team.
    The chance to win a fight without a Support in the fifth position is much higher than without a Carry.
    Therefore, it is better to save your life and continue the game than die with all your allies and lose it.
    So if the enemy heroes are prevailing, you’d rather retreat from a fight than engage in it.

    c) Carry Heroes example
    Agility heroes are largely the most suitable for this role, as they deal a large amount of damage not due to their abilities, but with continuous physical attacks.
    Strength carries: Lifestealer, Alchemist, Wraith King, Sven.
    Agility carries: Anti-Mage, Faceless Void, Drow Ranger, Luna, Phantom Assassin, Medusa.
    Intelligence carries: Outworld Devourer, Nature’s Prophet.

    2) Second position – Midlaner – Midlane
    The name of the position, Midlaner, comes from the central lane, which in the Dota 2 community is called Middle or Mid. The heroes going to the central lane are mostly self-sufficient and need no help for farming. As a rule, two Midlaners from opposing factions stand against each other on this lane.
    Heroes on the middle lane must have active attack abilities or at least, manage to deal lots of damage at the very beginning of the game, even without having a large number of artifacts.

    a) Midlaner on the laning phase
    Heroes on the central lane gain experience and get a level up faster than the heroes on other lanes, since Midlaners are the only ones who stand in the mid lane. After gaining level 6, this can be used as an advantage to gank enemy heroes on other lanes, as they usually have only 3-4 level at that time.
    Gank is a sudden active attack on an enemy hero that he does not expect.
    Such attacks allow you to break up the farming momentum of enemy Carry or Offlaner heroes. Besides, your hero can gain much gold and experience and let your allies farm safely.
    The number of killed creeps is the key farming indicator for Midlaners as each kill gives you gold and experience. To beat your opponent, try to kill more creeps and get a level up as soon as possible. Smart midlaners can become 2-3 levels higher than their enemies by the 10th minute of the game.
    By the way, you can also kill allied creeps, when they have less than 50% health. However, the best way to do it when the creeps have lesser health and your hero can finish them off with one shot. Allied heroes and towers can also be killed/destroyed when their health drops to 10% for towers and 25% for heroes.
    The rationale is that destroyed towers and killed heroes give no gold to your enemies. Finishing off allied heroes is allowed when they are dying from long-lasting enemy spells and other damage. For instance, when an enemy’s Doom uses his silencing and muting spells on your ally, which dispel him and takes 24 damage per second.
    Odds are, your ally is doomed to die soon. In this case, killing him would be the best option so that an enemy hero can’t get any gold or experience.
    Finishing off is very important, especially for midlaner heroes. Once a laning phase is completed, it is worth going to gank the opponents. You need to realize what abilities your hero has and on which of the lanes you can commit killings. Together with the allies, it is worthwhile to think it through and go bravely on the attack.

    b) Midlaner on the fighting
    The role of the midlane hero in the teamfight is important both at the beginning and at the end of the game. While carry does not have the necessary artifacts, and sometimes experience, the biggest impact in the fight is to be done by the hero who came from the center line. During the first phase of the game, up to 15-20 minutes, all attention is focused on the midlaner. On whichever line he comes, there will be a backdrop for the initial stage.
    After a Carry hero manages to buy the necessary artifacts, the midlaner loses some of its position in terms of importance in the fight, but still remains one of the most important players in the team. Therefore, carry as well as midlaner must survive in fights as their lives are sometimes much more important for a team than winning a fight.

    c) Midlaner Heroes Example
    Heroes filling the role of midlaner must have active attack abilities and inflict a large amount of damage over a short time.
    Strength midlaners: Dragon Knight, Pudge, Huskar
    Agility midlaners: Templar Assassin, Shadow Fiend, Mirana, BloodSeeker, Viper
    Intelligence midlaners: Lina, Zeus, Invoker, Queen of Pain, Tinker, Windranger, Death Prophet, Necrophos, Pugna.

    3) Third position – Offlaner – Offlane
    While the first two positions are needed to deal damage and kill at the beginning or at the end of the game, Offlaner is the one who starts the fight or takes control over enemy heroes.
    Offlaner Dota 2 So, what is the role of Offlane hero? Basically, offlaners are the initiators with a high health pool or heroes with very strong ultimate abilities.

    a) Offlaners on the laning stage
    Standing on the off lane (hard lane) is rough luck for heroes. He has to fight against enemy supports and carry while trying to farm and survive upon all that. In earlier patches, you could access forest (neutral) creeps only on the easy lane, and offlaners had no creeps on the line, except those of the other faction.
    Therefore, if there are three heroes, a carry and two supports in front of a hero on the hard line, then he simply has to stand and gain experience, or try to draw neutral creeps from his line into the forest and kill them.
    The only assistance the heroes standing in the off lane can get is the allied support of the fourth position, who sometimes might come and stand with you on the line.
    Summing up, during the laning stage, the offlaner should not die many times and try not to keep the enemy’s carry from farming. Also, he must join the ganks initiated by midlane heroes and try to gather artifacts within the first 15-20 minutes to gain an advantage for further teamfights.

    b) Offlaner on the fighting
    The role of the offlaner in the fight is sometimes very brief, albeit very important. As we have already said, heroes on this line must have an effective initiation or a strong ultimate ability. One of the important artifacts for heroes in the hard line is the Blink Dagger.
    It gives a great positional advantage over the enemies. If you are the initiator, that is, the one who starts the fight, for example Axe, Slardar or Sand King, you have to choose the right position before the fight. In a forest near the line, on a hill behind your enemies or anywhere else where they do not expect to see you.
    So that at the right time you can enable the Blink Dagger to close in on the enemy location and use the ability to initiate and taunt enemy heroes. For example, Axe has the Berserker’s Call, which taunts the enemies making them attack Axe from 2 to 3.2 seconds (depending on the level).
    While attacking Axe, enemies are disabled and can’t use spells or abilities. It is high time for Axe’s allies to kill affected enemy heroes.
    If an offlaner hero does not have any strong initiation ability, he can gain momentum by using his ultimate abilities.
    For example, Enigma owns the Black Hole, an incredibly powerful ability that can reverse the tide of a fight by killing up to three enemy heroes if used properly. To do so, Enigma takes a good position and waits until the enemies are initiated by his allies and get close together.
    At this time the damage Enigma deals is the most devastating. It takes time to learn this tactic, but a seasoned offlaner is eventually much more effective than a carry hero with all his artifacts.

    c) Offlaner heroes example
    Heroes on the hard line must have a large health pool to lane against two or more enemy heroes and survive. Or the hero must have a strong ultimate ability, which can turn the course of the teamfight. There is also a strategy when one more hero, capable of causing the same damage as carry, is positioned on the hard lane.
    Strength offlaners: Axe, Slardar, Sand King, Underlord, Tidehunter, Bristleback, Magnus, Abbadon, Clockwerk, Brewmaster.
    Agility offlaners: Faceless Void, Pangolier, Razor.
    Intelligence offlaners: Enigma, Pugna, Necrophos, Dark Seer.

    4) The fourth position is Roamer / Support
    This is one of the two secondary positions in the team. The fourth position player should be good at pressing the keys and feel the game both on lanes and in teamfights like no one else. In a teamfight as well as on the line, he acts both as an initiator and as a support and as an attacking hero.
    In a nutshell, he has to be a master of all trades, so to say. Such heroes do not deal as much damage as those on the first and second positions can do. Neither they can initiate as the third position heroes, but anyway the fourth position is very important.

    a) 4 position on the laning stage
    There are several options how to act while on the fourth position during the laning stage. The first one is a roamer, a hero that constantly moves along the lanes and prevents enemy heroes from regular farming by killing them or just dealing some damage and breaking up their health regeneration.
    At the same time, roamers can farm neutral creeps or stack them to help his allied core heroes gain some gold and experience. The main task of the roamer is timely pulling and attacking the enemies when they do not expect.
    The 2+1+2 meta, which has recently become trendy, implies a hero of the fourth position to be always on the lane together with an offlaner or midlaner and to help them farm. It is also the case, when your carry needs assistance and both supports of the 4th and 5th positions are on the same line.
    This is called the triple lane. It works only if there are two enemy heroes standing in the offlane and your carry needs to farm badly. It is advisable to get all the necessary artifacts during the laning stage and, at the same time, try to leave much farm for your fellow heroes.

    b) 4 position in the fighting
    During the teamfights, players of the 4th position must do their best to prevent enemies from performing effective attacks, no matter what it takes. The 4th position hero must initiate fights, disable enemy heroes, sunder enemy positions before attacks or defence.
    There are several targets to attack in the teamfight for the fourth position players. Depending on the situation on the map, this can be any of the core enemy heroes. The best way is to disable a hero who can currently make the most impact in a fight, it can be a carry with good artifacts or a high level midlaner or an offlaner with a good ultimate ability.
    In the span of a fight you have to survive and prevent fellow core heroes from getting attacked. When there is a choice – to die or to save the life of a core hero, it is better to sacrifice your own life. The death of a carry means surefire defeat for your team.

    c) Heroes examples 4 positions
    A lot of different heroes may be the position 4 players. The main criterion here is the abilities defining their play styles. If it’s a Roamer, then you must have the ability to taunt the enemy. If this is a support hero, you need some appropriate abilities to assist your allies.
    Strength: Kunkka, Clockwerk, Night Stalker, Doom, Spirit Breaker, IO, Earth Spirit, Phoenix, Tusk.
    Agility: Bounty Hunter, Vengeful Spirit, Nyx Assassin.
    Intelligence: Enchantress, Chen, Dark Willow
    The fifth position – Support – Easy Lane
    Support is the main assisting hero in the game. 5 position support helps the team’s carry, tries to monitor the whole map, and places Observer and Sentry wards. During teamfights he disables the enemy’s core heroes and heals his allies.

    5) Dota 2 Support
    Support is the main assisting hero in the game. 5 position support helps the team’s carry, tries to monitor the whole map, and places Observer and Sentry wards. During teamfights he disables the enemy’s core heroes and heals his allies.

    a) The fifth position at the Laning stage
    Support in the fifth position is usually on the lane with a carry. The support is responsible for harassing the enemy offlaner, while trying to keep him from finishing off the creeps.
    If you do not let the enemy stand still on the line, then eventually the allied creeps become more in number than the enemy ones and begin to heavily push the line. You should keep an eye on the waves of your creeps to pull them back when it’s necessary so that an enemy offlaner can not finish them off while staying safe and sound under his tower’s protection.
    This tactic can also help the support gain some gold from neutral creeps and get useful artifacts. The rationale behind the creep pulling is to attack neutral creeps, thus making the allied creeps rush back to defend you. Another trick with forest creeps is stacking.
    At each of the camps there is a stack of neutral creeps, which can be withdrawn from the camp by using a normal attack at the 53-54th seconds of the current minute.
    And the next minute, while they are following you, a new stack of creeps will appear in the camp. As a result, you can gather up to 4-5 stacks of creeps within one camp. All these stacks can further help a carry or midlaner gain a large amount of gold. For each creeps stack gathered and killed, a support gets additional gold.
    In situations where an enemy attack occurs on your line, you must do your best to save a carry. Even if this requires sacrificing your own life.

    b) The fifth position in the fighting
    In teamfights, the player’s actions of the fifth position focus on helping his allies and, if possible, disabling enemy heroes. You must try to survive in the very first seconds of a teamfight and not die very fast. Later on, you need to sustain your allies with healing spells and try to disable the enemy, especially the core heroes. They are the most dangerous for you and your fellows, so must be dealt with as soon as possible.
    When there is a chance to save your teammate by sacrificing your own life, do not hesitate as 5 position support has the least value and your death gives little gold to your enemies.
    Basically, it is the 5 position support who is responsible for providing vision to all his allies on the map, therefore reducing vision for the enemies.

    c) Support heroes example
    Heroes of the fifth position are largely supports. Therefore, the main criterion in choosing the right support is a range of useful abilities.
    Strength supports: IO, Phoenix, Treant Protector, Undying.
    Agility supports: Naga Siren
    Intelligence supports: Crystal Maiden, Shadow Shaman, Keeper of The Light, Disraptor, Ogre Magi, Bane, Lich, Witch Doctor, Warlock, Dazzle, Winter Wyvern.

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    1 month ago

    Jungling in Dota is a difficult job, but when done properly, can be the difference between winning a game and losing one.
    While a dedicated jungler is not required in many games, picking a jungler provides a number of benefits, including securing a large amount of farm and the ability to gank lanes to assist a struggling teammate.
    In this guide, we'll go over which heroes make for strong junglers, how to effectively farm neutral creeps, and what to do to counter the opponents' jungle game.

    1) Jungler Heroes
    Junglers excel at efficiently farming neutral creeps at the beginning of the game. As a game progresses, other heroes become more than capable of taking down neutral creeps on their own, but the jungler is uniquely suited to clearing out neutral camps without much difficulty.
    Broadly, junglers come in two varieties. They can either sustain themselves through the damage done by neutral creeps, or they can summon minions or convert neutral creeps to take damage in their stead. No matter what kind of jungler you pick, it is important to pick up items that increase health and mana regeneration, as they need to be able to stay in the fight for as long as possible without going back to base to ensure they farm effectively.
    Junglers with a focus on survivability typically have one or more abilities that allow them to either heal through lifesteal, or are capable of dealing high amounts of damage in a short period of time. Ursa makes for a prime example with his Fury Swipes, which increase the amount of damage dealt with each consecutive attack. Lifestealer is another solid choice, as he can heal himself with Feast to remain in the jungle for far longer than other heroes.
    Summoner heroes, on the other hand, excel at jungling because they don't have to tank creeps' damage in order to clear out camps. Enigma and Nature's Prophet are great for their ability to summon more units, while Enchantress and Chen can convert the creeps to their side.
    Compared to other junglers, summoners can take medium and large camps earlier. In general, these heroes should prioritize mana regeneration first so that they can remain in the jungle longer and sustain their high cost abilities.

    2) Creep Stacking
    Creep Stacking is essential to proper jungling. In short, creep stacking involves pulling away the creeps from a camp shortly before their respawn timer activates. If the creeps are outside of the camp's spawn box, additional creeps will spawn,which you can subsequently kill. The more stacks on a camp, the more farm you get.
    The recent 7.00 update changed the spawn timers for neutral camps, drastically changing how jungling works. Whereas the spawn time for camps used to be 0:30/1/2/3/4/etc., it is now 0:30/1/3/5/7/etc. The two minute time between spawns now means that speed is not as important as it once was. You now have enough time to clear out more camps and possibly execute a gank in between respawns.
    To stack a camp, you must first either attack a neutral creep or walk close to their position, causing the creeps to chase after you for a short period of time. While the size of each camps spawn box varies, it is generally possible to pull the creeps at the 53 or 54 second mark to safely stack a camp.
    While creep stacking is easy to pick up, there are other methods that can allow for even more efficient farming. A more advanced technique is creep pulling, which involves pulling a neutral camp into the path of incoming lane creeps. This is much harder to pull off, requiring careful timing, and is not recommended for beginners. Once it is mastered, however, you can use the lane creeps to take down harder neutral camps easily and without needing to worry about your survivability.

    3) Counter-Jungling
    While having a jungler on your team is important to secure farm, it's just as essential to know how to properly shut one down and prevent the enemy from doing the same.
    As mentioned earlier, neutral creeps will not spawn in a camp if there is another unit inside of it. This includes wards, which are invisible to the enemy team unless they are using a Gem of True Sight or are placing Sentry Wards to counter-ward their jungle. Placing a ward inside a neutral camp in the enemy jungle will lower their overall efficiency, though it is up to you whether you use Sentry Wards or Observer Wards for the job.
    Observer Wards are great at providing sight range, but the limited amount your team has on hand combined with the fact that the most common spots to place them are often the most frequently de-warded means that they're often best used in other locations. That said, placing Observer Wards in the enemy jungle is a reliable way to both prevent additional creeps from spawning as well as potentially allowing you to see where the enemy jungler is, which could be used to set up a gank.
    On the other hand, Sentry Wards do not provide much vision, with their only other use being to de-ward enemy wards and detect invisible opponents. These are much more difficult to spot, and can be used to effectively shut down a neutral camp without much difficulty.

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