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    Team PlusOne removed from BTS Pro Series: Americas for alleged Match-Fixing

    Team PlusOne has been accused of match-fixing in the BTS Pro Series and has been removed from the event and all BTS events in the future.
    Another day, another unfortunate report of match-fixing in Dota 2. This time it occurs in North America with Team PlusOne.
    According to the accusations, several members of Team PlusOne were trying to throw a game against beastcoast. Ultimately didn't lose thanks to an incredible performance from dmn on Troll Warlord with a 24:2 record.
    When it was clear the team wasn't going to lose as intended, two players from Team PlusOne disconnected from the game in order to force the loss (spoiler alert: They still won 3v5).
    BTS has reported that three players, xuan, Ched, and Jano, will be prevented from participating in BTS events, while dnm and Wij will not. Ched and xuan had played together previously on Demon Slayers within the last year.
    It was only last month that Newbee had been banned from all Chinese events including IMBA and Mars Media for alleged match-fixing. Based on reports, it seems that the once titans of China had engaged in some match-fixing during the last Minor qualifiers. Two weeks prior Cyber TRAKTOR was disqualified from We Play! Pushka League for match-fixing.
    At this time it is unclear if Valve will step in and add an additional penalty or ban on the player involved. It has been some time since Valve has last swung the ban hammer.
    Despite the lifetime bans that have been applied by Valve starting in 2016, match-fixing still seems to rear its ugly head from time to time.

    9 july 2020 18:31 5035

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