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    (4.4/5) 146 rates
    stuff1, 22 june 2017 21:56

    War Thunder| review

    Beautiful graphics. The atmosphere of the game.


    Hello guys! I want to tell you about the fascinating game - War Thunder.
    The game was released not so long ago, but the guys from Gaijin Entertainment have developed it and continue to improve it.
    This project has become revolutionary in the world of military games, since it combines everything that is possible.
    According to the developers, we will plunge into the wonderful world of war.
    And we really plunged into it.
    A huge amount of aviation, "tuning" your winged friend and upgrading weapons with a choice of type of ammunition.


    As soon as you enter the battle, then immediately transferred to another world, the world of strategy, military cunning and aerobatics.
    The game presents the missions corresponding to the real events of the Second World War.

    The game has a competitor - World of Warplanes, I will not argue that it's better, because every game has its own zest.
    WarThunder impresses with its scale, graphics and sound at the highest level, combining ground-based technology and aviation (ground technology is now at the stage of a closed beta test), as well as the fleet (in development).
    There is the possibility of connecting the steering wheel, which makes the control of the plane insanely realistic.
    Different game modes, different types of troops and weapons, this is a short list of what the gamer expects when he gets into this insane world.

    The guys from Gaijin turned the idea of simulator games upside down on their heads, they made a project in the testing of which military pilots and civil pilots took part.
    WarThunder has deserved many awards.

    Rate this article War Thunder| review

    (4.4/5) 146 rates

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    War Thunder

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    cool graphi tai cool tanks

    29 april 2021 20:13

    Meh,I don't like this game

    4 may 2021 14:01


    8 december 2020 18:32

    This game has been ignored by me for at least 2 years, but today I gave up and started playing it. Here you will find what I think about this game after 2 hours of gamepla

    19 april 2021 08:00

    nice article, fun time reading it

    24 july 2020 07:09

    I recommend this game it's really fun and have allot of missions and stuff. Worth playing this Sometimes I honestly do not understand how some articles have been accepted here with their poor amount of text, formatting, pictures and so on... Maybe the times are just changing. Who knows.

    20 april 2021 09:57

    I recommend this game it's really fun and have allot of missions and stuff. Worth playing this

    18 november 2020 01:03

    very nice article and i like this game

    11 november 2020 05:11

    I recommend this game its really fun especially with friends

    21 may 2020 16:02

    Your article mentioned different types of troops. As far as I know there aren't any playable ground forces.

    14 june 2020 20:47