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    (4.68/5) 120 rates
    Sebastian50, 29 july 2019 07:41

    Clash Royale (Part 3)

    Hello to all users and gamers, in this article I will explain about some points of Clash Royale and answer to some useful question about this mobile game. I hope it will be useful and you will enjoy from it.

    You don’t know about Clash Royale? No problem, here is an article that can help you:


    v8x_question.png What is Trophy Road and its rewards? Can we claim these rewards only for once or more?

    From beginning of this game you should gain trophies from battles to reach higher arenas, before you reach a new arena there are some rewards that you can claim such as: Cards from all qualities except Legendary ones, many different Chests, some amount of Golds and Gems, some unique Emotes and more… By getting them you become more powerful and you can even unlock a new card that you have not unlock it in any chests yet.

    You can get these rewards only for once and after you reach the last arena [Legendary arena (13) – 4000 trophies] and become challenger 1 (that means you also gained league state) you can earn these rewards more than once. How? Every month the players who have high trophies (more than 4000) will lose ¾ of their extra trophies/cups. For example, if you have 5000 cups, at the end of the league you will lose 750 of your cups but you will be able to get trophy league rewards once again for free!


    • You gain new rewards by increasing your trophies and reaching new arenas.
    • The Trophy Road rewards are reachable only once in lower arenas, after reaching league state and gain more than 4000 trophies you can get them more than once.


    v8x_question.png What are Emotes and their functions? Can we get them for free or should we buy them?

    Back to the old days of Clash Royale, we only have 4 emotes in this game but now we have a lot of them. The Emotes are some cool things that you can use them to show your feeling in many situations, such as: In the middle of your battle, watching your friends battle and even using them in your clan chat with your clan mates.

    Some Emotes are totally free and you can get them from Trophy Road and some Events in the game but most of them are purchasable. You can buy them directly from the game store with your real money or buy them with the game currency which is called Gem. Buying Emotes with your Gems is not recommended because the Gem is the most valuable currency in this game and also the offers are too expensive. If you want to pay for Emotes offers, I recommend you to pay your real money for them. (Consider that if you want to buy Gems from game store in order to buy some Emotes, you have to pay more!)


    This is my 3rd article about Clash Royale, if you want to know more about this game check my previous article: gamehag.com/news/clash-royale-part-2

    You’ll make me happy if you comment your opinion about my article and show me is it useful or not by rating it. Thanks for reading!

    Rate this article Clash Royale (Part 3)

    (4.68/5) 120 rates


    Ahh, what a classic masterpice is clash Royale, I remmember the good times from summer 2017 when I was playing it with my friend Sebastian, I rate this 10 ❤️

    1 august 2019 17:05

    I played this game for about 3 months long time ago, but It got a bit boring and I didn't have time to play, but I'll play with it again, because It changed a lot as the pictures show :D

    17 august 2019 09:43

    Looks good, but would be a useful one if we could get some information in another article on how to get these gems easily.

    21 august 2019 14:29

    very nice article it was interesting and enjoyable!!

    11 august 2019 11:30

    It is a game that has potential, even they have many years ahead, the game evolves and that is good for the community to continue growing

    26 august 2019 06:35

    Very challenging and addictive game been playing this for 3yrs now.

    8 august 2019 05:06

    I have an account Jungle arena 2736 Trophies but my enemies Have higher level of cards.

    10 august 2019 05:45

    I like to play clash of royale and i am in areana 5.And i like this article for thant much information.

    17 august 2019 11:48

    I played this game for about 3 months long time ago, but It got a bit boring and I didn't have time to play, but I'll play with it again, because It changed a lot as the pictures show :D

    4 august 2019 01:26

    I like clash royale its kinda sad that people dont play it as much as they used to.

    5 august 2019 10:06