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    (4.55/5) 123 rates
    yazdan, 31 may 2019 21:54

    Clash Royale


    Clash Royale has released for IOS devices and on Limited stores, it's now fully developed for both Android and IOS platforms around the world. In the beginning, you will fight against AI in order to learn how this game works, the game will reward you with some wooden chests that contain some specific cards that you can use to grow stronger in the PvP arena.



    The game is fully online, you need good and stable internet all the times, trust me you don't want a connection failure in the middle of your match. The game's menu is very simple, but it's pretty nice and well done so that all the game features are displayed on a page as a slideshow. in some games, you can choose whom to fight but, here you do not have the right to choose your enemy, the system will choose base on your trophy.


    The game's cards are divided into groups: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. In order to earn these specific cards you should reach a specific arena, chests you will receive on each arena is marked with the arena's name, so you will get that arena's prizes. You can play with 8 cards on each battle, we call this 8 cards a deck. a deck of cards is those cards you are best at playing and those you select to perform a specific strategy. It is up to you to choose these 8 cards and you can replace these cards in each part of the game. You also do not need to change your cards for different campaigns. The best choice is to have one main deck to claim upon the trophy table and two more back-ups, also there are so many sites that you can see new strategies and professional decks.


    The main purpose of your fights is to destroy the enemy castle, first you have to destroy one or two enemy towers then you can attack the main castle and destroy the king and win three crown match, also there are some matches that you can not win the match with just destroying the main castle you can destroy two towers and defend your own in order to win with two crowns as your prize, no matter how you win you will get +20~+30 trophy (or even higher). I really suggest to check the professional decks to find new strategies, you can also build your own but that will take so much time and effort, as we all know, the game is for fun and enjoyments not to spend the whole life on them.


    Each card will drain the specific amount of Elixir, you have a reservoir of 10 elixirs that will be filled on the time of the battle, after some times, you will get 2X elixir in order to finish the fight faster. you have to manage to use the cards in the right time in the right place, in order to not get a counter attack you should have some low Elixir units to defend your towers. timing is the art of this game, you have to know where exactly use your units or even sacrifice one tower to reach a three crowns win, there are times to defend and times to attack, you are the one to choose.

    Last words

    In general, we can say that Clash Royale is a very nice and beautiful game that really means the strategy within itself, getting angry is one of this game's taste. The game is designed in the simplest and most accurate way. Like other games of this company, this game is also one of the best. tournaments with huge prizes weekly events, new cards, and continuously updates are the best points of this game.

    1. Good graphics
    2. Interesting gameplay and music
    3. So many cards and strategies
    4. Friendly battles, 2V2 battles, and tournaments
    5. Daily and monthly missions and chests
    1. Lack of proper communication system in matches
    2. Limited space for chests
    3. It is hard to earn gold
    good to be back.

    Rate this article Clash Royale

    (4.55/5) 123 rates



    25 july 2019 12:49

    Acceptable. Hope to see more from you. Anyway, welcome back!

    19 october 2019 19:20

    Your formatting is very well thought out. I like how you cover both positive and negative aspects of the game.

    3 june 2019 00:47

    An okay article, but there's some mistake that I noticed. If you want to know what I found: "has been released" not "has released". There could be more, but that's one thing I noticed the most.

    7 june 2019 18:23

    Great job. But Clash Royale is dead

    7 july 2019 10:01

    This is a pretty well-written article, and it shows you the basics of the game pretty easily. I enjoyed how you had the positives and negatives at the bottom, however, I would enjoy it more if you explained a bit more on why it's so difficult to earn gold. At least, in my opinion, it would be a bit easier to understand. However, I do believe this was a very well written article, at least there was a lot of effort put into it. I enjoyed reading it, and I will check out Clash Royale :).

    10 june 2019 04:37

    Nicely done
    Nothing much to complain about
    It's good to see an honest work amongst all the spam we're getting now
    Keep going and improving

    31 may 2019 22:26

    Perhaps there are some parts I'd see as spelling mistakes, but I'm willing to dismiss those. Because in every other aspect this is right and proper work. And it has my approval.

    31 may 2019 22:19

    It's well written. Not too lengthy, kinda short, really organized and neat. I don't usually read the articles which were too boring and easily get sleepy.

    1 june 2019 08:13

    Acceptable. Hope to see more from you. Anyway, welcome back!

    1 june 2019 02:21