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    (4.79/5) 52 rates
    Sebastian50, 1 july 2019 10:21

    Clash Royale (Part 2)

    Clash Royale – Part 2 (Questions\Answers)

    Hi, in this article I will answer to some useful questions about C.R. mobile game that maybe will help many users, hope you enjoy…

    Clash Royale? “One of the most successful mobile game from the Supercell game studio that mobile gamers love to play it, the main goal of this game is destroying opponents’ main towers while you are protecting your towers from eliminations; all of the features of this game are totally Online…”

    Are Legendary cards OP? How to get them?

    All cards in Clash Royale are balanced even Legendary cards, CR team consider Balance Changes every time when they feel some cards are so strong/weak and how many players usually use them. Legendary cards are like other cards and of course it is much harder to get and upgrade them but it doesn't make them OP. The way to use a card in the game is the point, we can see many pro players who don't have even one Legendary card in their deck but still have a high win rate; it's all about your game-play and the skills you have to deploy a card or save it for one better situation, this is possible for a simple Common card to beat a Legendary card and be more useful than any cards, just play it correctly.

    For getting a Legendary card there is not a special way and like any other cards you can get them from chests, events and the shop. For getting a Legendary card directly from chests (Not the chests that guaranteed Legendary cards) it depends to you luck and the chest you open, you can win 2 Legendary cards in a same day or don't see any Legendary cards for a whole month. Mega lightning chests have the best chance of getting a Legendary card in achievable chests which you can earn from battle.


    Why should I contribute in clan wars? And what is the importance of my whole card collection in it?

    Contributing in clan wars is one of the ways to grow faster in this game, by every win you get in clan war the prize you gain will increase and at the end of the war you will get a bigger bounty which can bring for you Golds, Gems and even trade tokens. You have 3 attacks for collection day and 1 main attack (can be 2) for war day, every successful attacks in war day will be counted and the clan which has more successful attacks will win the war as the best clan and get more clan war Cups.

    The cards which are available for using in your war deck are different in every war, that means you have to use some cards that you have never used them before in your normal attacks. This makes clan wars a little hard so you should have many of your cards in average level in order not to face a big problem for your last main attack that carries the fate of the war.


    *Let me know if you like this article in comment section below and please rate it to show me is this useful or not, you can also ask me about the question in your mind about this game and if I can, I will answer them. This article is totally original and have written by me: Sebastian50 for Gamehag.com - all rights reserved.

    Rate this article Clash Royale (Part 2)

    (4.79/5) 52 rates



    16 july 2019 09:16

    Nicely done as always. As for the introductory paragraph, it's best to use proper grammar as well. You can also show the characters you explained with some

    10 july 2019 10:36

    This is a well-versed and well made sequel to the first review.

    5 july 2019 03:35

    interesting article!

    8 july 2019 19:53

    oh very well, we have 2 part in a row

    2 july 2019 16:57

    This was honestly such a nice in depth article for such a simple game. Props!

    5 july 2019 04:10

    cool article, i used to play this

    5 july 2019 09:32

    good game,good article

    12 july 2019 12:59

    Thx for the information!

    5 july 2019 20:39

    Best Strategy Game on Mobile

    3 july 2019 18:54