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    (4.44/5) 87 rates
    Dav0o7, 6 july 2019 17:17

    Jackbox Games


    Have you ever wanted to find something amazing to play with your family members and not only ? Jackbox Games made that happen. Since 2014 year they are releasing Jackbox Party Packs in which are some family-friendly games to try. So far they released 5 Party Packs, five game modes in each. 
    As there are too many games in all these packs combined, i will introduce you only some of them (the ones which i find more interesting and fun).

    Let's see all available games here 

    Jackbox Party Pack 1 : You don't know jack 2015, Fibbage XL, Drawful, Lie Swatter, Word Spud.
    Jackbox Party Pack 2 : Fibbage 2, Quiplash XL, Earwax, Bidiots, Bomb Corp.
    Jackbox Party Pack 3 : Quiplash 2, Guesspionage, Trivia Murder Party, Tee K.O., Fakin' it.
    Jackbox Party Pack 4 : Fibbage 3, Survive the internet, Monster Seeking Monster, Civic Doodle, Bracketeering.
    Jackbox Party Pack 5 : You don't know Jack: Full Stream, Split The Room, Mad Verse City, Patently Stupid, Zeeple Dome.

    Jackbox Party Pack 6
     will be released this year. Only Trivia Murder Party 2 was announced to be in it so far. We don't know for sure about other 4 games yet.

    How to play ?

    Main action is happening in Jackbox.tv. Each player needs to enter that site wih their devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc.) and etner his/her Name & room code, which will show in main game screen. If you and your friends are together in one room, then there is nothing to worry about. Open the game on one console (PC, PlayStation/XBox, Apple tv) and gather around that screen. If you are playing online, that's a problem. There is no this kind of an option : "Each person opens the main game on their console and everyone joins the same lobby". If one person opens a game lobby, it can't be shown with any other device. The only way for others to see that screen is with Streaming it or sharing the screen with speacial apps like TeamViewer or anything like it. You can enter any game's code though in jackbox.tv, even if it's created far from you. 

    Want to mention, that any writing or picking, just anything you do on your device ( in jackbox.tv), main app is just to show things better and with more understandable way.


    Maybe the most favorite game mode for those, who want to spend some time with their family, and not only. This is all about creating a good lie and knowing the truth. 
    Each round random person chooses category with his device. On main game screen it gives a true information from the chosen category with blank. After that each person tries to think of a lie, which could look like a truth while putting it in place of that blank. When all players write their lies, game collects all of them and shows them all + the true option. Now everyone has to find the truth. If someone else chose the lie you wrote, you get points for that, and if you guess the truth right, you get points too. So objective is simple. Make others believe that the lie you wrote is truth, and guess the real truth for yourself.
    In Fibbage 3 there are two game-modes: DefaultEnough About YouEnough about you version is all about you and your friends. Instead of choosing categories, each person answers a question which is given to him/her at the start of the game. Than considering that answer as the truth, other players create some lies for the same question you answered truly. After that it goes like Default game-mode.


    Survive The Internet

    Again, each round everyone gets a random question, which they need to answer. After everyone answers his/her specific question, each player gets random answer (from the ones others wrote), and tries to write something, which would make that person (whose answer you got) look stupid, depends what does game want to get from you (Video Title, Comment, Charity company name, etc.). F.e. you got someone's answer "So Great", and it wants you to write a title of a YouTube video, so that the answer they gave would look stupid if written in comment section -> and you write an answer something like " Breaking ! Whole town is being destroyed by a tsunami !!". So the final result would be a video with the title you wrote and with a comment you got as an answer. It would look real dumb, right ? After each person creates it's own variant, voting phase starts and you choose the one, which you think is the dumbest one. 


    This is a polling game based on answers from the public. So for each question in-game, developers collected some answers from the public, and they want you to guess what percentage of them answered like that. Each player must answer one question. F.e. there is a question "What percentage of people eat sushi with fork ?". The person, whom this question was given, must pick a percentage from 0-100, which he thinks is the real one. F.e. he chose 25%. After that others try to guess whether the real answer will be higher or lower from the chosen percentage. The person who put the percentage gets points for guessing it (closer to the real answer, higher the reward), and others get points if they guessed it right whether it's higher or lower. There is actually a way for a person to guess the exact percentage. in that case others will not get any points, as there is no Exact value option available for others.

    Trivia Murder Party

    As you can guess from the name, this is Trivia. And there are no categories. Questions can literally be from anywhere. What about Murder Party ? In-Game Broadcaster sounds like a murderer, has some great jokes and has no mercy. Other than that if you answer the question wrong, you play a mini-game with other failures to see who gets killed and who stays alive. One person can't be killed twice, so you are lucky enough :) . The game continues until one person stays alive. Then Chasing Phase starts. Alive one is few steps ahead of everyone else. Each person gets the same question and answers (alive one 2, dead ones 3), each of them chooses which answers are correct for that question. For each correctly chosen answer each you move 1 block forward. If dead person reaches the alive one sooner than the latter reaches the end, they change places and dead one becomes alive. The one who reaches the end first, wins.



    The only game, which can be played by up to 16 people. Everyone gets a question and writes an answer for it (funny or fitting one, you decide), then all answers start the tournament. Depending how many people play, it will be either 1v1 between answers, or 1v1v1v1. From each branch 1 winner is chosen and winners now compete together. It continues until there is only one,, The Best Answer. You can make a bid for an answer you think will win for more coins. There are 3 rounds to go with different questions and random opponents, so it will take a little bit long. The one with the most coins in the end wins the whole game.

    Mad Verse City

    Rap Battle. Firstly game asks you to write a word. After that it makes half of the sentence with that word and gives it to you, so that you can finish it with some rhythm of course. You make 2 sentences that way and Rap Battle starts. After the battle, others vote whether you or your opponent read a better rap. Better you roast, more money you get. It's how it works here. You have lots of time to think a good sentence or even look for some words with rhythms. So take your time and create a great rap.


    Patently Stupid

    For the start, each person writes a problem, for which he would like to find a solution. Then those problems are randomly distributed between players, and each person starts creating an invention which would solve the problem he got. Each invention must contain picture, name and description. So make sure you made all of them, so that others rate yours and give points for it. Fantasy or reality, doesn't matter. The main objective here is to solve existing problem. Give your brain a chance to create something creative.


    • There are lots of streamers in Twitch, so you can join any of those games freely. Of course if there is a space for you and Streamer is not blocking anyone.
    • If you want to play with your friends, it's enough if one of you purchases the game.
    • There are lots of different modes to play, so you won't be bored.
    • Creators have a great sense of humor, so it will be very funny to play each mode.
    • Low graphics are enough for game to run smoothly.
    • There are new game packs released every year.
    • Buying packs one by one will cost you too much. Each of them is expensive.
    • Only can be played with streaming or screen sharing.

    Rate this article Jackbox Games

    (4.44/5) 87 rates


    great article and thegame is interisting

    27 december 2019 13:41

    Lol this is weird

    22 november 2019 22:19

    This is good, complete with details and tips.

    7 july 2019 14:37

    haven't heard of this game before i just know it now

    22 december 2019 23:58

    Very good i like it a lot

    26 july 2019 10:26


    25 july 2019 23:12

    Very interesting Game!

    24 july 2019 18:51

    Why i play this? Game Super

    27 july 2019 23:24

    Very interesting, I like this type of game.

    11 march 2020 22:56

    Hduw hei cf ma duc cu tine la vreo două luni și jumătate a lui ca 898robux free fire de unde esti la

    17 august 2019 07:22