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    (4.68/5) 112 rates
    Sebastian50, 1 july 2019 10:05

    Clash Royale (Part 1)

    Clash Royale – Part 1 (Questions\Answers)

    Hi, in this article I will answer to some useful questions about C.R. mobile game that maybe will help many users, hope you enjoy…

    Clash Royale? “One of the most successful mobile game from the Supercell game studio that mobile gamers love to play it, the main goal of this game is destroying opponents’ main towers while you are protecting your towers from eliminations; all of the features of this game are totally Online…”

     Is Clash Royale a pay to win game? Why is this so hard to get Golds in it?

    Like other (In-App purchase) games, you can pay in Clash Royale to grow faster and become stronger but is it really needed? The answer is No! By paying in this game you can get more gems and golds, more cards, upgrading your cards more sooner, reaching a higher level faster... but you can gain all of them for free just by passing the time. If you become stronger you will face stronger opponents too that means nothing will change, perhaps you're thinking with yourself I will beat my opponents more easily and it's true but only for few days of playing. After reaching a higher arena and gaining more Cups, you will face the opponents who have the same strong cards as you and this process will be finished so you are not forced to pay in the game to win, you can beat your opponents in your Cups range normally but it is your choice to pay which will make it easier for you if you don't want to wait.

    About getting Golds in this game, many players think it is so hard and needs a lot of time but it is only true for players who have lower levels and lower arenas, by playing more you will find out there are a lot of ways to get Golds in this game such as: opening chests, playing events, doing daily tasks, contributing in clan wars , donating cards to your clan mates and also buying them with you Gems which is not recommended because Gems are more valuable than Golds and the offers are also expensive. The reason players don't have enough Golds all the times because they waste their Golds for useless upgrades and that's all. If you're not using a card or you're not sure to use a card do not waste all of your Golds for it!


     What are Star Levels for cards? Are these cards stronger than usual Max cards?

    When you reach Max level which is level 13 in this game you will unlock the Star Points and with help of them you can upgrade your cards to Star Levels cards. For doing this your card that you want to upgrade must be at its Max level which is also level 13; you can gain Star Points by donating cards to your clan mates, upgrading a card to its next level, collecting cards which you have already maxed them and all the ways that you used to get XP from them.

    These Star Level cards have the same power as usual Max level cards and the only difference is the appearance, the Star Level cards look cooler and more interesting but they won't effect on your game-play at all.


    *Let me know if you like this article in comment section below and please rate it to show me is this useful or not, you can also ask me about the question in your mind about this game and if I can, I will answer them. This article is totally original and have written by me: Sebastian50 for Gamehag.com - all rights reserved.

    Rate this article Clash Royale (Part 1)

    (4.68/5) 112 rates


    mobile game!

    26 april 2020 06:34

    This game is OK for 2020.

    11 april 2020 20:01

    fun game!!!!!!!

    9 march 2020 10:54

    Its a good game but i have no luck opening my boxes :(

    17 march 2020 23:48

    the part 1 was very good and easy.now it is very hard.

    23 june 2020 06:53

    and play all games like it is for you to get to know the first thing

    31 march 2020 21:23

    clash royale game is so cool

    10 june 2020 22:21

    nice article though i would recommend new players to read this before they play

    7 april 2020 14:46

    i really like to play this game usually

    31 may 2020 17:23

    It is good , but the pay to win part in supercell is still there.

    2 may 2020 13:00