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    About World of Warships

    Made by Wargaming.net, World of Tanks proved to be a game this big, that there is nothing to be surprised if we say that the studio made a great decision by not resting on laurels after making the famous tanks.

    First appeared the “flying tanks”, which is a game made on the same engine as WoT, named World of Warplanes. World of Warships is not, however, a clone of its older siblings. The game has developed its own identity and can really surprise even the biggest skeptics.

    What makes the “ships” closer to the other games of the same studio, are the excellent graphics and the fact that the game is totally free. The developpers have focused on realism, which is a big advantage.

    World of Warships is a fresh breeze made by Wargaming.net studio, so there is no time to waste – just try it out!

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    7 september 2017 01:27


    9 september 2017 11:27

    It says A multi account has been detected. But i've just completed the fucking quest

    9 september 2017 13:07

    Good Game! Very Nice!

    11 september 2017 10:15

    seems good game

    11 september 2017 14:05

    it's great realxing game... i loved to play with battle ships, making full damage, and with torpedo destroyer (or anything how do you call it in english), enjoying full speed & cover, coming near to enemies and sending them torpedoes right to their noses :D

    11 september 2017 14:06

    i was getting same mistake... just wait couple days, while your acc in game & here on gamehag will connect... then it works flawless

    21 september 2017 04:30

    Good game

    23 september 2017 04:14

    good game

    27 october 2017 00:09

    i cannot see play option at all

    5 november 2017 10:29

    I recomend this... its awesome


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