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    Trove - is a downloadable MMORPG game. Square madness fills the online space. Endless sandboxes crowd the online stores, forcing players to invent another unusual design of their own home.
    At first glance, Trove is a Minecraft look-alike. The open world is full of the same blocks, the character has backpack, besides the piercing-cutting weapon, there are useful tools and plenty of room for raw materials. The whole surrounding world is filled with this raw material. The entire landscape is changed. From a plateau full of forests of different colors, you can make a real ocean with special tricks. The world is generated in the course of the player's progress, which allows for a long time to explore the surrounding open spaces.

    The first thing to do is the choice of specialization. Fortunately, the classic set of the magician, shooter and warrior is complemented by a candy barbarian, different ninjas, fairies, sages, necromancers and another amazing rabble. Each hero has one passive skill, three active and one ultimatum, seriously affecting the battle as a whole.

    Let the usual set of tasks in the game there - every adventurer finds himself classes to taste. Someone starts building the house of his dreams, with a cozy garden and a view of the lake. Others go on a long adventure with friends, while others become robbers and clean out newcomers, sometimes contriving to attack strong high-level characters. In the game, countless caves with treasures. But before you assemble a team and go to its sweep, you need to find a strong enough lot that will help to cope with the monsters there.

    Trove is a very unusual mixture of MMORPG and a great beautiful sandbox, where there is always something to do. If you are a fan of ascetic, but bright graphics and you like to build houses, then welcome to this strange cubic world.

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