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    About Omega Zodiac

    Omega Zodiac is a browser-based MMORPG based on the Japanese manga "Saint Saya" mixed with Greek and Scandinavian myths. This is the tenth game, localized by Nutaku for the Western market.  They’re specilized in anime based games like Kanpani Girls or Angelic Saga.

    According to the manga, the five warriors, called the "Saints," vowed to protect the incarnations of the goddess Athena, who breasted to defend the Earth from the bloodthirsty Olympic gods.

    In the game you can find three classes: a warrior is a born dragon killer, characterized by high strength and perseverance; master - a dark magician with high intelligence and speed. Deals damage to the area and the archer is the most deft class in the Guard of Light. Attacks from a distance and causes decent damage.

    If you do not pay attention to a crazy plot in which there is no sense, then Omega Zodiac turns into a typical browser with auto-mailing and regular visits to dungeons, in which players kills huge numbers of monsters and take away their rare equipment. There is also arena PVP war guilds and pets  - standard for typical Asian game.

    You have to create a new account by the "Play for free" button in order to receive Soul Gems! Turn off your AdBlock if you can't reach a website!

    The task for Omega Zodiac

    Play and Advance to level 45

    Reward for this task


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    10 november 2017 11:59


    11 november 2017 05:55

    This is a nice game and it's easy to level up!

    11 november 2017 12:40

    As of 04/02/2017 05:00PM, Omega Zodiac is no longer available on Nutaku.

    11 november 2017 17:07

    thank you

    12 november 2017 20:03

    thank you

    2 december 2017 14:45

    Thanks! 5*

    3 december 2017 06:20

    When they say "Advance to Level 45" do they mean character level or quest line?

    3 december 2017 06:42

    Be careful of clicking mindlessly - I posted screenshots of having a lv 45 character but those didn't get validation. Looks like it needs to be that golden circle + Guild button right after leveling up to Lv 45.

    4 december 2017 00:36


    9 december 2017 15:22

    Easy game


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