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    Metin 2 is a quite popular example of a free-to-play MMORPG game. We can choose between five different character classes: a Sura, a Shaman, a Warrior, a Ninja and a Lycan. Each of them is characterized by his own gameplay; however they’re doing very well in various combinations as a team. The Warrior, which is the epitome of great strength, will fight monsters side by side with a Sura, supporting him in the front line, the Shaman, which greatly supports his allies with his magic that’s increasing their stats, the Ninja, which is doing well as a melee fighter, but can also lure monsters to a different destination thanks to his bow and finally, the Lycan, who’s simply a great killer. The game gives us a lot of quests that are forcing us to explore the world, for it contains a variety of locations in which we may find all sorts of monsters that must be killed or from which we need to gather the necessary materials. With the increase of experience, we’re improving our character by adding points on skills and setting up our gear. The creation and joining to a guild may provide us many new friends and guild wars, which are an interesting component of the game.

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    11 november 2017 12:57


    11 november 2017 17:03


    13 november 2017 11:23

    10 yıldır oynuyorum yeni indirmiş gibi gösteriyoruz saçmalık :D

    14 november 2017 18:34

    Waiting for verification

    16 november 2017 15:20

    good game

    19 november 2017 02:43

    Why was my 10 level rejected?

    20 november 2017 14:36

    güzel oyun herkese iyi ödüller ama şu ödül puanlarını bir 1000 fln yapıun da millet zengin olsun

    20 november 2017 17:38

    Really good

    21 november 2017 15:34

    arkadaşlarıyla çok güzel

    21 november 2017 15:49

    ohh no


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