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    About Lords Mobile

    PLEASE NOTE: This offer is available just for NEW users!

    If you can see that a mobile game or app receives a nomination from Google Play, you can tell one thing - the game in question is not a ordinary product. But it is up to you how you will rate Lords Mobile - a mobile real-time strategy created by IGG, which is already renowned by their other games.

    Build your army and choose your hero in order to fight frightful monsters and other enemies. Expand your empire by collecting and spending valuable resources. Customize your army and make it standing out from other players' troops. Having an empire is not, however, only about conquering. You will also have to rule and make friends. Will you help them and liberate the war prisoners? Or will you be a cruel ruler? It is totally up to you.

    Join this game with wonderful graphics now. Sign up to Lords Mobile!

    PLEASE NOTE: This offer is available just for NEW users!

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    Very nice game!

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    Hmm, I have only Android 🙁 ...

    23 december 2017 22:19

    Iphone only(

    19 december 2017 11:18

    my sg not came to me

    7 december 2018 17:31

    game to android and ios

    29 december 2017 12:11