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    Lets Talk: Inactive Penalties (The Magic Shield)

    I already visited that thread and yeah, that's the main reason why I'm asking to change the leaderboard system. I didn't realize that moderators only appear on mondays so I applogize for saying that. After realizing this, we should probably work on the tasks but not just include one, but many others. Based on that thread tho, it looks like you're including one new series of tasks which worries me a bit there.

    20 july 2020 22:47 8369

    > Based on that thread tho, it looks like you're including one new series of tasks which worries me a bit there.

    Where was there any mention that only 1 game is going to be chosen from the thread?
    My original message is "The most liked comments will be proposed to the Gamehag Team to be added, so cast your votes in the comments below!"

    "commentS" as in plural. I.E. that more than 1 game would be chosen. Perhaps you misunderstood that statement but I'm informing you here that more than 1 series of tasks will be added so don't worry.

    21 july 2020 00:22 8369

    I was just making sure.

    21 july 2020 16:54 8369

    It seems to me that in the last few posts the author of the thread has moved away from the original topic and delved into another... Personally, I have nothing against such awards for users, as well as in some ways I understand why there are several moderators or editors in the top list. In any case, even having its being removed will not fundamentally affect the situation related to the current update, 7-30-day restrictions and the number and availability of tasks related to it.

    The situation with the 7-day restriction could be at least slightly modified as follows: each completed task adds 6-7 days of activity (or a shield, or ordinary daily bonuses, you can may call it whatever you like) instead of just updating the counter. This is just a fallback in case if the problem with the variety and availability of tasks remains the same. But naturally I doubt that such a compromise will be considered.

    21 july 2020 17:47 8369

    I agree with Aonb. Putting the counter back to 7 days instead of increasing the time will cause many problems and that's a reason why this is a problem.

    21 july 2020 19:04 8369

    I recently discovered that Appzone does replunish the meter. Appzone is a mobile only gamehag feature which allows you to watch ads for SGs and is the easiest way to gain SGs for people who don't have any other tasks. That might change our perception of this system but I doubt it will excuse Gamehag's move. Not everyone has a mobile device AND not anyone wants to remain on the site weekly. Just keep Appzone in mind if Gamehag does not rethink the change.
    Anyways, the system only having bad penalties and no worthwhile rewards is a huge problem. I don't want to keep doing more tasks than before just to keep this meter up but don't get anything great out of it. I like Aonb's idea but it still does not make this system fun and worth it. If a user remains active on the site for more than a month, they shall earn 500+ SGs as a bonus for their wasted time.

    22 july 2020 12:22 8369

    @FaizKTG Thank you for the comment!

    However, there are some issues with the Appzone. First, it often "lags", I mean one can't normally watch the ads because the loading spinner just doesn't turn into a play button. Second, you may catch a bug with watching ads and getting no SG from it. The IOs app doesn't have the Appzone at all for now. And there are certain limits for using it as a whole, you will still need to do some tasks to continue watch it, so it's just a little help.

    First, I read about such cases on many forums. Then I experienced it myself, and in my case I couldn't fix it by changing the Android version, or using an emulator, or reinstall the Gamehag app. It has been slightly touched in the previous messages here on this thread as well. Although I'm really glad if you have no troubles with the appzone :)

    Actually, it would be a quite useful thing (if work properly) in two main ways: giving the ads to users with gaining benefits for the site from that (I mean profits from users' watching it), and serving as a kind of additional protection from the Frog spell.

    22 july 2020 14:17 8369

    Collated Suggestions

    Hello again, I've taken the time to collate the various suggestions from the multitude of comments into a spreadsheet and have sent it for consideration to the Gamehag Team.

    Here is the link to said spreadsheet: Gamehag ToS Suggestions (User Copy)

    If you have any further suggestion or if I missed out on your suggestion, feel free to leave a comment below!

    My Own Suggestions

    1. Instead of directly deducting their SG earned, limit the amount of SG users can spend.

    2. Encourage users to stay active instead of penalising inactive users. Do so by having a "secret rewards shop" accessible only to active users

    Suggestion #1: Limit Spending instead of Deducting SG

    Personally, I feel that deducting SG is uncalled for since users do put in a significant amount of effort to earn them. By deducting them, it is similar to undoing and negating all effort contributed towards earning a reward, and is to some extent direspectful.

    This is where I believe most people take an issue towards and I understand it. So my suggestion is instead of deducting SG, the Gamehag Team could alternatively limit user spending. That way, the effort a user has put in is acknowledged but at the same time, they are required to be active in order to have the greatest purchasing power.

    For example, let's say a user has earned 6800SG. That's quite a substantial amount and they plan to claim the 10 Euro Steam Wallet Gift Card which costs 6700SG. With the current change, after 21 days past the initial 30 day grace period for inactivity (51 days of inactivtiy total), they would lose 150SG. This puts them at a net total of 6650SG, just 50SG shy to exchange for their Steam Wallet Gift Card.

    While some people might feel that losing 150SG is a lot, you have to remember that this is only after 51 days of inactivtiy (~1.5 months). To put it in perspective, it'd be equivalent to losing 3SG/day, which if you were an active user, wouldn't be a huge loss since daily just for logging in, you would earn 5SG (5SG/day or 255SG after 51 days).

    However, I digress. Getting back to the point, even after he completes a task, assuming the task doesn't grant him SG, he'd still be 50SG short of claiming the reward.

    My proposal is for there to be a SEPERATE feature to limit how much SG you can spend. It would be similar in every way to the current SG balance, just that it would show you how much of your balance can be used to purchase a reward.

    Initially, it would start out equal to the balance amount (6800 SG in the above example), and instead of your balance being deducted, this counter would go down. So continuing with the example, the limit would now be at 6650SG which isn't enough to allow the user to purchase the 10 Euro Steam Wallet Gift Card. Therby this would limit you on what rewards you can claim WITHOUT undoing the effort you took to earn SG.

    Upon completion of a task, this limit would be completely lifted/reset and you'd be able to cash out with whatever reward you were aiming for instantly, without needing to go through the trouble of backpedalling to earn back the amount of SG you had lost.

    Just to reassure you, with this proposal, users would NOT have their hard-earned SG deducted. Their balance would not be altered in any way. Instead they would have their spending limited and once they complete a task, they would be free to spend as much as they'd like.

    That way, ensuring that users are not too heavily penalised while still having penalties for inactive users.

    I feel that this is the best middle ground between what the Gamehag Team has currently implemented and what Gamehag Users wish for (for the changes to be completely removed).

    I've left my suggestion in the spreadsheet for the Gamehag Team to consider. If you have any constructive feedback to offer, regarding Suggestion #1, feel free to let me know below.

    Suggestion #2: Special Shop for Active Users

    I'll keep this basic since it's mostly self-explanatory. By having a new/special rewards shop for active users, it would encourage users to remain active so that they can keep their accesses to this shop.
    Within this shop, there could be myraid of new rewards for users to enjoy such as, but not limited to:

    • Discount Coupons for Rewards

    • Higher value gift cards (E.g. 100 Euro)

    • Lower value gift cards (E.g. 1 or 5 Euro Gift Cards)

    • Exclusive Rewards such as PS4/Switch/Etc.

    • Shield to prevent turning into a frog

    • PayPal

    • Special 1-Use Keys to unlock any chest without meeting the requirements of said chest.

    These are just some of the rewards which could be offered off the top of my head. Alternatively, there could be a sepration made with the current rewards which limits inactive users to lower-tier items just as "Random Steam Keys". However at the end of the day, how this suggestion and whether or not these suggestions are implemented are up to the Gamehag Teams discretion, and I'm only offering my opinions here as a user.

    In any case, these are just my 2 cents and hopefully some of the great suggestions here are implemented by the Gamehag Team.

    Once again, thanks everyone for sharing your feedback and opinions here and I'm sure that the team has heard you. Wishing those who read this a pleasant day ahead! 🤗

    22 july 2020 15:55 8369

    Thanks for taking the time to give out your suggestions Kabash, I really like them all and I don't see anything wrong about giving people shop penalties and exclusive prizes for being active.

    22 july 2020 17:30 8369

    > For some reason it always seemed to me that you are doing just an incredible amount of work. A true leader!

    Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it! 😅

    > it's just the way of how they will be implemented, what will remain of them and how they will affect the current situation in fact.

    Everything from that point on is up to the discretion of the Gamehag Team. I only serve to bridge the gap between the suggestions here and them. As I mentioned before, approval of any and all suggestions are on their part and so are the methods of implementing them.

    > will be given the opportunity to still earn SG through articles, reports, mini-games, etc.

    From reading the comments here and the general messages I see on Discord, it seems like the deduction of SG is the issue most users are concerned about. Hence, that's why my first suggestion was to target that.

    Regarding the other changes to ToS, they have already been addressed by the other suggestions within this thread and I feel that area has already been taken care of, thus I didn't make any comments about it.

    In the end, deduction of SG is the change which is the least favourable amongst users, followed by penalties to writing articles. For the former I've already said my part and for the latter, that has already been addressed in Suggestion #7 and #12 of the spreadsheet.

    I'm largely in agreement with those 2 so yup, no further comments from me. If you have anything you wish to add on your part about those, feel free to do so.

    Anyways, just to answer your question and to clarify: Yes, there should be a reduction in penalties for writing articles, the 10% penalty is harsh given that there had already been a decrease from 600SG max to 250SG.

    Regarding other penalties such as no SG for daily logins, article voting and reporting posts and also 10% SG for selling rewards gained from purchased chests, while these are still harsh they are still reasonable to an extent. I feel the best way to tackle those are just to extent the 7 day duration in accordance to Suggestion #24 as you mentioned before to give some leeway to users as well as implement Suggestion #31 where the duration for completing tasks stacks.

    But the root of it all can be resolved by having more tasks so, honestly in my opinion, the Gamehag Team should focus on adding more tasks and making them accessible to all users (while also resolving the issue of high rejection rate), instead of trying to implement the multiple suggestions. That way these penalties wouldn't even be a hinderance to the majority of users.

    TL;DR: Yes, reduce the penalties (Come to a middleground since it isn't feasible for them to eliminate them completely) and add more tasks.

    > I just hope that when such a shop is implemented in life, the main rewards page will not suffer too much - but again, these are only skeptic thoughts about what else to expect from Gamehag.

    Indeed. It is entirely up to the Gamehag Team at this point. What they wish to do with the idea is their decision. Just giving some pointers to guide them if they wish to pursue that suggestion.

    22 july 2020 18:13 8369

    Idk if this is a thing or not but for some reason, if I just complete like a task out of a series of tasks for a specific game, it still doesn't reset my status. If it isn't, it shouldn't be like that since I'm still doing tasks to prove the fact that I'm being active...

    22 july 2020 19:28 8369

    To @DarkestTeddy :
    I was finally able to complete a small task with no errors 1-1,5 days ago. After that my counter was reset and an inscription appeared saying there afre 6 days 'till becoming a Frog (somewhy I thought there would be 7 instead). But I've seen some posts from users who can't reset their counters after performing the tasks... A bit strange, indeed.

    To @masculinium :
    Let me move a little away to a simplified speech ... You are also worried about whether you can continue to help clean the forums and get your small rewards, right? :) And if the penalty is really implemented in this context, then... The reward for freports had already been declined, but you could make a suggestion just to cut it down to 1 SG for 8-10 correct reports during the Frog status instead of having 0 SG for it at all. For me, this does refer to being active on the site, because, firstly, you really pay your time and attention to Gamehag, and secondly, it should be at least minimally encouraged even during the state of debuff, as you called it. But it's just my third-party opinion. If I also began to perceive this penalty incorrectly, then I bring my apologize.

    And I got it why you were confused when comparing descriptions in different localizations. Well, yes, machine translation has its advantages, but it can really give some inaccuracies. I've found some more, but they out of this context. If Gamehag would decide to get a full-fledged multi-localization, I think I would be one of those willing to help :)

    As for the other things, I'll read them carefully and try to reply tomorrow just in order to think it over, gather thoughts together and not to stretch the message even more.

    22 july 2020 20:22 8369

    Thank you so much kabash for being transparent with us, You have completly changed my perception about moderators as a whole! Anyways, The first suggestion is pretty good but It might be too soft so maybe if the counter reaches 0, The user has to do +3 tasks to reset it. The second suggestion however is amazing and I can think of many suggestions to improve the thing, such as maybe every month, There would be special promotions or new games added or maybe even special runes with unique behaviors.
    One simple and small suggestion I like to add is to give active users some sort of streak that gets higher the longer you are active. Upon reaching maybe 10 streak then you will start to gain either a small amounth of SGs or a rune. Small rewards like these can greatly make such a lackluster of a system more fun.
    By the way, The fact this update brings no little of enjoyment just goes against Gamehag's premise as a whole so that's something to think about. If this update would've brought something good and fun to the table, No one would've been mad at it.

    23 july 2020 18:54 8369

    As I don't want to register in ugly games, and most of the surveys disqualify me, probably I'll become permanently a frog.

    23 july 2020 20:33 8369

    There's one detail I'd like to highlight: Wasn't it so that the 'enchanted frog' status doesn't affect VIP-members?

    For I've seen some users saying how many days they have left until being turned into a frog, yet I myself have never seen any such time-counters despite the fact that it's been a week or at least almost a week for me without doing any quests, yet nothing has happened to me.

    Is it because I'm a VIP?

    24 july 2020 08:47 8369

    Well this shouldn't be a reason that you shouldn't become a frog. First of all, they are asking you to techniquely pay money in order to not become frogs which is dumb since there are VIPs that can still be inactive yet they dont get penalties for becoming inactive since they paid money for them. That isn't fair in my opinion and they shouldn't have a "protection" of some sort for paying. They can still be inactive people and this can be abusive in many ways. Doing this will make people upset since they might think that they are prioritizing VIPs over regulars so something will need to change about this system.

    24 july 2020 17:44 8369

    And I also agree with acerswap, I don't want to register in Anime RPG games that requires a download cause:
    A) I don't want to download anything like that.
    B) It isn't a game that anyone plays.
    C) The graphics are inappropriate.
    And yes, I do know that the game companies pay them to make these tasks but I don't want to download anything like that on my desktop so if we could get the games that everyone wants (Minecraft, TF2, Mario (Idk how that would work but maybe we could connect our Switch accounts??) etc) that would be awesome.

    24 july 2020 18:10 8369

    Yes, this is why I think the tasks should be expanded even more to fit everyone, not just a certain group of users.

    24 july 2020 19:46 8369

    > Well this shouldn't be a reason that you shouldn't become a frog.

    Yes it should.

    You paid money to Gamehag for certain perks, so it's only natural that VIP members receive the Magic Shield perk as well. If not, what's the appeal of becoming a VIP member in the first place?

    As mentioned before, Gamehag is a business, with their sole goal of earning the greatest profits possible, whether you like it or not. So choices which may seem unfair to you is perfectly reasonable in their regard. This being one of them.

    VIP users pay Gamehag directly and thus, are already a step ahead as compared to other regular users in terms of helping Gamehag earn money. The main reason for this change is because Gamehag needs to earn more, and to do so they are penalising inactive users and pushing them to complete tasks.

    If you are still not convinced, you can think about it the following way:
    Paying for VIP is equivalent to completing tasks for a month.
    The amount earned by Gamehag if you pay for VIP and if you complete a month worth of tasks is the same.

    Let's assume their target earnings from each user is 5USD a month.

    • Paying for VIP = 5USD

    • Completing a month worth of tasks = 5USD

    So if you already paid for VIP, you've already met the 5USD requirement, and hence there isn't a need for you to complete tasks.

    Likewise, if you are a regular user and have not/are not willing to pay for VIP, then you still have yet to meet the requirement of 5USD. Hence there IS a need for you to complete tasks.

    All in all, if you paid for VIP, you should be protected from these penalties. Whether or not they stay inactive is of no concern to Gamehag since they've already met their individual target earnings.

    Instead of claiming that it is unfair to regular users and having a myopic view on the situation, look at the whole picture.

    It is the same as pushing for users whom have already completed a month of tasks to complete YET ANOTHER month of tasks.

    Or for VIP users to purchase yet another VIP membership.

    Can't you see that if VIP users ARE STILL penalised despite already doing their part to help Gamehag turn a profit, that it would be unfair towards them?

    Put yourself into the shoes of a VIP user. You've just paid ~5USD for the month to receive some perks and suddenly this change is implemented.

    Wouldn't you be even more displeased if despite having already paying 5USD to Gamehag, you're not protected from these penalties and are treated as if you hadn't made a contribution at all?

    > abusive in many ways

    Please elaborate on this but take into account the perspectives of all 3 groups; Gamehag, the VIP user and the regular user.

    25 july 2020 05:32 8369

    Thx for the topic first of all... Now about this... I think all is said here in the comments already. All i can say is about my experience here.. Cant do any tasks, offers, app zone doesnt work, all i can do to get sg is daily login and steam chest, so in a week im ahppy even if i get 50sg, thats with the daily logins which wont give me anymore bc of this...so i will be 35sg less weekly. 528sg rn more than one month to collect them.. good waste of time.. if this continues, i have no reason to stay in here. Im sure im not the only one. Maybe this comment will get reported and deleted or whatever. thats all i get on this site, cancer kids all trying to do bad on u. Peace.

    25 july 2020 10:41 8369

    Let's make it clear right here that popular games such as Minecraft, Super Mario, Skyrim, Fortnut, Bookworm Adventure Delux, and more will never come in Gamehag. You see, Game tasks are basacly advertisements usually from studios who are either not big or their game is known just because of ads (AHEM, Raid shadow legends!). Now tell me, is a studio such as Mojang, a company owned by Microsoft and has MILLIONS of followings, small enough and has the will to pay such sites like Gamehag for ads? They are so huge in the gaming industry and have their game advertised for free from YouTubers and you expect them to pay offer sites for advertisements?
    @DarkestTeddy As kabash said, VIP owners pay Gamehag real money therefore deserve extra perks. I would say that from Gamehag's point of vue It might be better for bussines to remove the entire frog thing from VIP owners but that, in my opinion, is such a greedy move so It's good they kept some restrictions for them.
    @Jsjbsma All I can say from your comment is it's relatable, well at least throughout 2018 and 2019 till I started using Appzone which thankfully works for me but I digress. If you want to remain on Gamehag, You need to firstly accept that this site's premise is basacly exchanging your time for a filthy 5 dollar steam gift card which never gets restocked so if you cannot accept that then it's better to just head out lol.

    25 july 2020 16:15 8369

    I know that the popular games will never come to Gamehag. Like I said before, I know that the companies paid money for them in order to create tasks for this. I know that Minecraft is owned by Microsoft and Mojang so if we could have a Gamehag server for Bedrock and Java, maybe that could work out? I only mentioned Minecraft since it was one of the most voted things in the forums, not because it's just a popular game. Ok, let's now talk about VIPs. Taking away all restrictions from VIPs doesn't seem right to me for some reason. I get that it's business but still, most companies make this move and it can go wrong in so many ways. Maybe one or two things that users have to deal with would be great to give for VIPs but now, I just see this as like Gamehag priotizing everything towards VIPs since they have to pay 5 dollars a month and users don't have to pay anything. After all, the reason people come to this site is to get paid items for free. Now this is just my opinion so don't take it seriously but that's what I have to say. If they do have restrictions in some way, please correct me but I can't see them.

    25 july 2020 16:21 8369

    That's what I suggested taking away earlier. It's not true in anyway and yes, it does seem like an insult to me as well since it seems like some sort of a fake reason to actually take away our gems. Just get to the point and include the reason why you're doing this, not an additional story to make it more "realistic."

    25 july 2020 16:41 8369

    Masculinium said in the previous comment that his friend claims he has 30 days before the frog spell so I guess they do have some restrictions.

    25 july 2020 16:47 8369

    Well does his friend have more than 30 days of the membership cause that might be when the VIP status ends.

    25 july 2020 16:48 8369

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