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    Lets Talk: Inactive Penalties (The Magic Shield)

    Just to clarify, VIP users will be exempt from the frog status for the duration of their membership.

    > Gamehag priotizing everything towards VIPs since they have to pay 5 dollars a month and users don't have to pay anything.

    They aren't. No special treatment beyond exemption for penalties is given towards VIP members. It's not as if VIP members are given a higher daily login reward or special chest along with this change. The sole purpose of the change is to generate greater profits, and their method of doing so is by penalising users who do not complete tasks.

    As mentioned before, if you're a VIP member who pays 5USD a month to Gamehag (and thus helping them turn a profit), why would there be a need to issues penalties to you? It's illogical.

    In the same vein, if you're an active user who completes tasks monthly (and thus helping Gamehag to turn a profit), why would there be a need to issues penalties to you?

    Can't you see that VIP members = Active Member? Going by your logic, if you don't protect VIP members from such penalties, then it's only fair that you shouldn't protect active members either since they are one in the same.

    > the reason people come to this site is to get paid items for free

    Sorry to break it to you, but nothing is free. You're paying for rewards in one way or another (with either your time and effort in the case of the "free" user, or with cash directly in the case of the VIP user), and Gamehag has to earn money in order to provide you those rewards for "free".

    If you're a VIP member, then it's much more straightforward since you're providing Gamehag with cash directly from the membership fees to supply rewards.

    If you're a "free" user and only complete tasks, you're providing Gamehag with cash flow indirectly by completing an offer provider's task, from which Gamehag receives payment from them for game advertisement.

    Hopefully you understand and grasp the point that VIP users are equivalent to "free" members who do tasks, so penalising VIP users doesn't make sense since they've already done their part to help Gamehag to earn cash.

    If not, I cannot explain this in any simpler terms and you'd just have to be content with the fact that VIP users should and are not be penalised due to reason stated above.

    Anyways, ignoring the argument here. What Gamehag should do first and foremost to ease all tensions from this is just to provide users with greater and better tasks.

    All these proposals should be looked into only after more tasks has been added.

    25 july 2020 17:41 8369

    Hey guys um-
    I wasn't active for the past month or so and I guess I have a complaint about the new "update".
    So just recently I went into my email and realized that there was a new update of umm "frogs" and "toads" ...
    Went into account, realized my account turned into a "frog"...
    Should I report this to Misty that "I wasn't aware of the situation" or should I accept the fact that I'm a "frog" and *try* to do a task???

    *and when I try it usually doesnt work- no offers available almost everytime

    26 july 2020 13:12 8369

    I'm not very sure if misty can help as I never tried it so I recommend messaging her first and confirm if they helped you or not and if not then just complete some tasks.

    26 july 2020 15:57 8369

    i'm lucky if i can complete one survey out of a hundred. other 'tasks' are not very viable for me either. i may not be able to stay if this is how it's going to be.

    27 july 2020 00:37 8369

    A little question: If writing an article that gets accepted isn't enough to qualify as a task, would writing several accepted articles count? Especially taking into account that the amount of soul gems rewarded for writing was noticeably reduced recently.

    27 july 2020 12:14 8369

    No cause it would never count as a task entirely.

    27 july 2020 15:28 8369

    That is true! That's why I haven't became a frog yet.

    27 july 2020 15:57 8369

    I'm about to become a frog myself due to the drought of tasks and there should be a grace period type of thing or something to prevent people from turning into frogs if they didn't even know about this system and logged it after a while.

    28 july 2020 21:08 8369

    New Users should have 2 weeks from turning to frogs and they should get a warning prompt after a week letting them know about the update.

    29 july 2020 22:23 8369

    I'm glad this topic exists. I hope this new addition is modified to help those who can't complete tasks

    3 august 2020 15:04 8369

    ^ Yes, I agree.

    3 august 2020 17:19 8369

    Does anyone want to talk about anything else? This thread is starting to become inactive.

    13 august 2020 23:45 8369

    @DarkestTeddy, there is still interest in this thread and context - I suppose there are just a lot of points discussed and not enough 'positive' changes have been made so far.

    Let me also follow @Kabash's advice and mention here my recent suggestion. In the original post, I described it broadly enough, here I'll try to make it a bit shorter.

    My suggestion is based on providing an opportunity for users' a greater interest in the platform and long-term interaction with it; it's quite meaningful as a counterweight to the current Frog system. The thing is simple: I suggest to create a special reward for long-term Gamehag membership. Such reward can be implemented in any form (separate chest / promotional codes, etc.) containing universal prizes (SG bonus, Steam key, etc.).

    Its approximate variant may be as follows:
    a) The reward term is broken down in certain parts (3-6-9-12 months and so on); the more it is, the more substantial is the reward. As soon as you reach any of such term, you'll be able to claim your reward and celebrate your being on Gamehag;
    b) To claim it, you also must fit the special conditions. They should be attainable by any Gamehag user, regardless of the region division and its accompanying restrictions. The basic examples are simple: reaching 3+ level, having at least 1-2 tasks performed, i.e. anything that proofs your being active.

    Of course, any of the above can be revised and supplemented by the Gamehag Team; it is only important to preserve its essence and the general ability to achieve such rewards. If the division by region or VIP-Status is decided as an influencing characteristic, it should only affect the amount of remuneration, but not its general availability.

    15 august 2020 15:52 8369

    No need to copy and paste my comments.

    18 august 2020 18:39 8369

    i suggest getting rid of the frog update, it just seems unniecessary to me.

    19 august 2020 05:38 8369

    If we could get special discount codes that are only unique to us if we are active, that would be cool. Maybe we can redeem them after adding multiple items to our cart or something.

    19 august 2020 16:54 8369

    @flapper_life No need to copypaste one of my comments. This is not a thread for spamming. Basically, none thread is for spamming, but this very forum has nothing in common with spam even more.

    Turning back to the main plot. I do have something to add, just working on making it shorter. I know that I often write quite a lot, with all that politeness, explanations, options, etc., so need to make it less spacious and more confident before posting here.

    By the way, I've succeeded to enforce my Magic Shield with a quiz contract, so finally nice news! It just didn't work that way for me earlier. Hope there wil be more quiz tasks, they have enough of positive sides for users. Cheap but reliable (mostly), at least.

    20 august 2020 18:36 8369

    I only have one more series of tasks that I can do and that's World of Tanks. I already played it before tho so after doing that, I will have nothing else to do other than the quizzes, which are very inefficient in terms of getting gems or the anime rpg games, which is a thing I don't want to risk my computer downloading. I suggest writing articles will increase your active timer since they sort of have a point to prove that you're active.

    21 august 2020 22:19 8369

    My active timer has already reached zero for more than 3 days yet I still haven't been turned into a frog. I feel like this site is starting to become more inactive now.

    21 august 2020 22:24 8369

    Did they even implement the frog status yet cause I have a feeling that they didn't.

    21 august 2020 22:27 8369

    So, the point is as follows.
    I have to depart for a week or two on business. On the way, I'll only have a mobile phone (IOS) and a minimum of opportunities to strengthen the Magic Shield, because:

    a) there are not enough contracts for fast and \ or successful performing;
    b) in my case, apart from contracts, there are even no mobile games with tasks to perform;
    c) the perennial problem with surveys, which has been discussed a lot (many users who are not suitable for it and therefore cannot pass them successfully);
    d) especially important point: the Gamehag application for IOS still needs many improvements. In particular, it is very important to bring back the ability to view the App Zone, especially for it's one of the few ways to deal with the Frog Enchantment.

    In addition to the fact that these are my subjective inconveniences, it is also an indicator that Gamehag is, by and large, designed for people who have constant access to a PC / laptop. Separately, I've read some reviews of users complaining about issues with the site due to a dynamic IP or the use of someone else's Wi-Fi (while visiting relatives / friends or on a trip), since later the Gamehag banned them for multi-accounts that they did not have. Guess it depends on the case, but still it creates risks and raises personal fear.

    It seems to me that these are quite important points, because in order to follow the rules of Gamehag, users should receive appropriate comfort and not feel that they are forcibly "tied" to the site even in the above context.
    Of course, you can go away from here at any time, but it should be only your decision not based on the site's demands and uncomfortable system.

    23 august 2020 12:39 8369

    Hi, Has there been any change to the frog system these days? It might be just me or it seems that they increased the time it takes to become a frog if you had the Magic Barrier. Can anyone check if it's the same for them? Here is a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/XbVzWxk
    I know it might be pretty stupid to respond to an old issue that most people have accepted now but I'm just intrested to see if gamehag actually heard their community and did something great for once.

    9 november 2020 18:31 8369

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