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    10 january 2020 10:49 2830

    Fortnite is ****

    10 january 2020 18:19 2830

    ok thanks for that

    10 january 2020 20:45 2830

    I would rate Fortnite between 7 and 8. It's a good game, it's addictive and fun to play especially with friends. I love the creative mode and I'm currently building mapas and making my own games. I like that there are different types of battles and they let people contribute with they ideas. BUT there are issues: first of all the fct you can't really progress much and get anything without paying. I just want a character of my own, a fixed one, but nope, I need to pay for that. Levels are useless. Battles are with everyone and better players will always win, there is no division to play with people of your actual level. Also, there is no good tutorial at the beginning and it's so confusing fr someone who knows nothing to get started.

    10 january 2020 20:53 2830

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