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    I've been trying to upload the gamehag logo pfp to my steam account, but I keep getting error after error. Now it's not letting me upload a pfp to gamehag on the mobile app or laptop website and the steam pfp I keep re-downloading isn't checking yes for the steam chest requirements. Any advice? (I don't have Discord/can't get it to contact the gamehag team that way.)

    6 may 2024 22:18 1628

    there is no point you cant spend points. get a game code, used, get a steam code, used. sites dead.

    7 may 2024 14:04 1628

    What do you mean, sites dead? Gamehag?

    14 may 2024 06:05 1628

    Yup. Gamehag's done, probs fully closing soon

    14 may 2024 10:27 1628

    Are there any specific reasons? Just curious.

    16 may 2024 03:42 1628

    It seems that Earnweb will be their new site,they most likely moved onto it,leaving us behind.I'm trying to claim some Robux and it's my third attempt,still no result,most likely gonna get refunded again in a few days.It is very likely that they stopped supporting Robux payoffs and considering how many people report getting used keys,they probably replaced every single key that isn't used with the used one aswell.I only seen one moderator appear once in a while on the forums,but they don't seem to post anything on the topic nor care at all.

    16 may 2024 11:46 1628

    Ok, thanks for letting me know.

    16 may 2024 23:23 1628

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