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    How often a new chest arrive?

    I want to know how often a new chest arrive.

    20 december 2019 14:47 1628

    You mean in winter event ? Like chetss are everytime when some new event starts. Like know you can go on collect rewards (before on community) and click on winter promo, and there are times when they are coming. Today is new for 4k sg, and last 1 is going to be propably for 6k, but not sure, and after it on end, there is going to be surprise. So, maybe propably gs code or something better idk :).

    20 december 2019 17:13 1628

    I hope I'll get something good from mine.

    20 december 2019 18:04 1628

    Thanks, but I mean the chests which can be bought

    20 december 2019 18:10 1628

    i dont know but i cant open the chest because i need to wait for 7 days

    20 december 2019 18:36 1628

    Weekly Chest?

    20 december 2019 21:25 1628

    I heard you get a chest every so often when you log in. Daily, Weekly or monthly. Im not sure

    20 december 2019 22:31 1628

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