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    Best Tank?

    so i use to play this game on my PS4 and i know about the weight class or the types of tanks but what do you guys believe to be the best class of tank ? i think its the medium to lighter ones in medium but i cannot be sure yk hehe :>

    2 november 2019 22:11 11

    Airplanes is best

    3 november 2019 19:25 11


    9 november 2019 09:54 11

    For me is plane, because plane are the best

    9 november 2019 09:55 11

    Really depends on your playstyle. Every tank has it's own strengths and weaknesses. As for example it isn't wise to rush and cap points with Tank Destroyer or snipe with Light Tank from distances.

    10 november 2019 18:46 11

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