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    Its hard to get SG

    Has anyone got a good way to get SG because everything is outrageously expensive

    21 october 2019 17:38 1628

    İ dont have too i earn 400 gems in 2 day its so hardd

    21 october 2019 18:05 1628

    hi peeps, ima new here.. can someone pls tell me what i have to do to get my soulgems.. iam playing crossout and should get over 2000 SG when i give screenshot.. but they keep denying me ??

    21 october 2019 18:21 1628

    Look if you wanna get a good game you gottta use gamehag and login everyday for at least a year with doing different tasks, rewards here are not cheap so you gotta be patient.

    22 october 2019 01:17 1628

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