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    FYI this thread doenst mean that i hate roblox nor minecraft i just doesnt like some "uhh yeah Minecraft copy Roblox cuz Roblox is older than Minecraft" every kid ever.

    Back To The Topic:

    Multiplayer:Both games allow multiplayer action, Minecraft lends itself more to solo play, while Roblox is social from the minute you sign on nadding and chatting are a huge part of the game.

    Which Game is The Oldest:Roblox came out almost 9 years ago, in late 2005. We have evidence that is true. Minecraft came out in 2009. This evidence supports Roblox came out before Minecraft, and it did not copy the idea.

    Scripting:The both game have diffrent scripting(A scripting or script language is a programming language for a special run-time environment that automates the execution of tasks; the tasks could alternatively be executed one-by-one by a human operator).For example Roblox uses "Lua"(Lua Scripting is the act of writing in a script in Roblox Studio. Their scripts are actually objects with embedded code inside of them. They're placed inside of roblox's basic data model and are used for creating and controlling objects, data, and therefore game-play) other popular game that use Lua Scripting is Garry Mod's

    The Conclusion: Both game are great and Not a copy of Each Others

    10 october 2019 17:32 1628


    11 october 2019 11:25 1628

    Wtf bro you ok

    13 october 2019 04:56 1628

    Honest, and then you are associated

    13 october 2019 05:03 1628

    dumpsyt what?

    13 october 2019 09:46 1628

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