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    Are you an angel? Or maybe a devil? Discover that in AION! Pick from one of the conflicted sides: Asmodian and Elyos, perpetually fighting with each other, or the cruelly evil Balaurs! Make progress as your character by eight different ways, at your own discretion and enjoy the beautiful, open world of Aion. Stunning graphics, w...

    TERA Online

    Tera Online is a famous Korean MMORPG game. Before starting the big adventure, just like in every game like this, we choose and create our character. The variety of races and classes is, beyond any doubt, the biggest advantage of the game. Besides the basic races like the Humans, or the Elves, we also have the demonic race of Ca...

    Star Conflict

    Star Conflict is a MMO game that is an incredibly extended space simulation. As in all games of this type, we can choose to play alone and carry out the missions or to play in a team where the cooperation is one of the most important features! The part of creating our character is a very interesting aspect of this game. So, ther...

    Karos Online

    Karos Online is a new free MMO game, where Your task is to defeat the curse of darkness that has engulfed the whole world of Asmara and become the mythical warrior Karos. Performing tasks, participating in clashes of guilds and mass PvP, players are fighting for the possession of the world's source of vital energy, Fletta. Flett...

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