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    completed a task from Sword Art Online.
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    completed a task from Travian Kingdoms.
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    Travian Kingdoms

    Create your own powerful empire!One of the most popular and best strategy browser games is waiting for you!Improve your diplomatic skills, take care of your influences, rule your lands, get Wonder of the World and win!...

    Entropia Universe

    Entropia Universe - RPG game with a unique economic system, created by the Mindar studio. The original name is Project Entropia - it is still used by many players.Nevertheless, the EU has already undergone hundrets of different modifications, including a double change in the graphics engine. Currently, the game supports powerful...

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    Soul Gems

    Sword Art Online

    Sword Art Online is a free browser game, based on the popular anime series of the same name. There are three roles to choose from in the game: Swordsman, Mage and Ranger. Each character has his own unique appearance, skills and a different way of fighting. By defeating the more powerful creatures, we have a chance to find legend...

    Next RP

    Next RP is the most realistic multiplayer game that takes place in the heart of Russian Federation. The creators of the games worked out a detailed in-game world, such as well know car brands, buildings from the real cities and the possibility of buying in-game items. The game has several storylines that leave an unforgettable e...

    Storm League

    Storm League is a free browser-based RPG from Infiplay. Join a mysterious, magical world where amazing adventures and lots of fun await you. Discover new heroes, each with unique skills and all of them will be useful in a different situation. Upgrade their items and increase their experience level to make them even stronger. Fig...

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