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    Entropia Universe

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    About Entropia Universe

    Entropia Universe - RPG game with a unique economic system, created by the Mindar studio. The original name is Project Entropia - it is still used by many players.

    Nevertheless, the EU has already undergone hundrets of different modifications, including a double change in the graphics engine. Currently, the game supports powerful "syndicate" for creating graphics and physics - CryEngine.

    What's more, Entropia uses extremly high-quality textures, highly modeled figures and maps and brightly livened flora on the entire Calypso planet.

    We can also withdraw our money from the game. One US dollar corresponds to ten PEDs (ProjectEntropiaDollars). Of course, nothing is for free, so we start with a blank account. It is also possible to get a PED without any payments. In fact, we have even a few options - collecting animal pets, searching for fruits, buying, etc. All these "entertainment" is connected with the fact that they are extremely time-consuming and inefficient.

    We can find specific types of raw materials on certain sections of the map. The demand for some is higher, so players will pay for it more.

    10436 users are playing Entropia Universe

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    Opinions about Entropia Universe

    lol, this is nothing to say here ahihi :DDDDDD

    22 march 2020 14:35

    i would like to laugh if there's a challenge tho

    22 march 2020 14:35

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