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    1 day ago

    We have witnessed several action-packed and nail-biting matches today from the commencement of the Upper Brackets, Day 3 of the tournament. Along this time is also a team set to go home after dropping and losing their Lower Bracket game.
    Chaos E.C. eases their way against jfshfh178 not longing even atleast 25 minutes in both of their games, they immediately advance to the next round. Meanwhile in Invictus Gaming vs HellRaisers, was a totally different situation. Both teams standout in their performances to the point that they made the first match last 85 minutes but in the end Invictus Gaming won and the succeeding games is quite draft and mind maze as HR was able to equalize the score to 1-1. Only Invictus Gaming seems to always be a league higher, outplaying after a dominant 3rd game by Emo and flyfly of IG.
    After that, IG faced off Chaos E.C. and it looked like a similar sight from the previous game with IG totally outplaying their opponents to sweep them 2-0. They are first grand finalist of the tournament with a guaranteed 2nd place spot. Later in the day, HR sends home.fellow CIS representative jfshfh178 in the Lower Brackets after dominating them 2-1. They will have an opportunity to get a rematch against Invictus Gaming in the Grand Finals if they’re able to take down their next opponent; Chaos E.C.

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    1 day ago
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    1 day ago

    Chapter 1: Another Year, Another Disappointment.
    Ah, the team that looked so great that debuted into the pro scene back in 2016, felt like they could not get over their past and is now just another tier-3 team that made it to a minor. Despite being great sports at the Boston Major 2016 and they definitely still are today, it seems like their performance just aren’t going anywhere further than what they used to be.
    Yesterday, in fact, it was 2 days ago, Ad Finem was already eliminated from the Summit 11 minor after their losing streak in their group stage. Perhaps their group just have tougher competitions? For that, I will let you to decide. Anyways, Ad Finem had to face against Chaos Esports (formerly Quincy Crew), Geek Fam and HellRaisers.
    Chapter 2: Against Kuku.
    Geek Fam, one of the most-anticipated team in the minor and even predicted by Ceb to be the Summit 11 champions, destroyed Ad Finem. In game 1, Geek Fam managed to get their hands on Faceless Void and Night Stalker.
    Although Geek Fam was off to a rough start as Kuku (on Night Stalker) and the rest of the team constantly gets picked off by Ad Finem, It was thanks to Raven on Void who managed to come online at late game and overwhelmed Ad Finem with insane team fight potential.
    Once again, we see a similar story at the second game, where Ad Finem had the early to midgame, only to lose a crucial team fight and all that momentum they built just crumbled. That said, the series between Ad Finem and Geek Fam is very close but Geek Fam are just better at that retake.
    Chapter 3: All **** Break Lose.
    As Ad Finem drops to the elimination series, HellRaisers is the other team to join this nail-biting series after losing to Chaos Esports. In game 1 against HellRaisers, Ad Finem takes the first game with an incredible showing of their extremely defensive draft.
    Not only did Ad Finem picked Lycan for Madara, which is one of the tankiest carries in the game. It was also supported by 2 of the best counter-gank heroes there is! One of it being Lich, with his Frost Shield. That 60% damage reduction really scales well into late game while Abaddon’s Aphotic Shield is also one of the best dispel in the game!
    Unfortunately, heading into game 2, Ad Finem attempted to go late game again, with the Anti-Mage pick for Madara. Hoping to draft defensively again, Ad Finem’s line-up was completely shut down by HellRaiser’s snowballing draft, consisting of Leshrac, Templar Assassin and even a Faceless Void, because why not. Just looking at HellRaiser’s draft is enough to send goosebumps up my arms! Ad Finem stood no chance and calls GG.
    Chapter 4: Gone too Soon.
    Lastly, the final match went in favour of HellRaisers too but at least, Ad Finem did not look like they were fooling around as they definitely had a shot at winning at first. Looking at Ad Finems draft alone, it would have been a no-brainer to say that Ad Finem will win. They have Leshrac, Outworld Devourer and even Bloodseeker, that snowballs the game early.
    Unfortunately, that’s exactly where the issue lies. After an overwhelming early to midgame, HellRaisers teamwiped Ad Finem at 29 minutes to break all that momentum and advantage Ad Finem had. With early BKBs on their cores, Ad Finem have no physical damage to do anything in the fights, except to let HellRaiser’s Drow send arrows down upon them while Queen of Pain deals the other type of damage.
    Chapter 5: The Rise and Fall of the Spartans.
    Overall, Ad Finem’s performance in their first minor in years, have been underwhelming. Hopefully, the boys will not give up just yet as after the first major at Chengdu, a huge update is upon us, DOTA2 players!
    As we wave goodbye to the stale meta picks, Ad Finem should be well practicing for their upcoming qualifiers for the second major, Dream League. Stay tuned as the Summit 11 playoffs begins later today.

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    Commented subject The New NA Team in Town?.
    1 day ago

    Chapter 1: The Brotherhood.
    Despite being one of the two most-anticipated teams in the Summit 11, unlike Invictus Gaming, Chaos Esports Club had a rougher start. However, the formerly-known Quincy Crew, has a bit of history before making it to the Summit 11.
    Quincy Crew formerly debuted as a team that consist of the Hassan brothers, both Sumail and Yawar being in the same team. A lovely yet commendable representation of brotherhood in the pro scene. Unfortunately, that did not last very long as the team fail to sync with Sumail’s greedy playstyle.
    After qualifying for the Summit 11 minor (after losing the Chengdu major qualifiers), Sumail realised he’s not fit in the team and left. While not in bad blood, the Quincy Crew we know today lost much of its expectations, when the King left it too.
    Chapter 2: Chaos at Will.
    Heading into the Summit 11, things went exceptionally well for the team as they even secured top seed in their own group. But, Invictus Gaming featuring Kaka, flyfly, Emo, JT- and Oli-, were a much prominent team.
    In the upper brackets, IG overwhelmed Chaos Esports with a clean sweep, sending Chaos Esports to the lower bracket. There, they face off against a new CIS team, HellRaisers. Chaos Esports showed outstanding performance in both games, where they were always on point in teamfights. HellRaisers, who also had decent teamfight capabilities were unable to initiate and surprise Chaos Esports.
    Heading into game 2, we see a much slower pace of game as HellRaisers decides to go late game. But Yawar’s Void is just too much for HellRaisers to handle.
    Chapter 3: Rematch.
    Heading into the grand finals, IG was already prepared to send a huge blow on Chaos and end their misery. Game 1 was a complete stomp as IG makes a surprise pick of Timbersaw as their last pick along with Ember Spirit. The two elusive heroes proved to be a pain in the *** to deal with as Chaos Esports really did not have much ways of countering them. They got stomped in the laning phase due to the strong lane presence by these heroes.
    Heading into game 2, it was yet another stomp by IG. Flyfly is very consistent on his hard carry role. While Emo at mid was just as good. CCnC could not deal with the strong lane presence that Tiny mid could put on the table. While he did not feed in the early game, Gyro was still crippled in his net worth as he was too afraid of getting too close and die.
    Lastly in game 3, flyfly on his Gyro is just too much for Chaos Esports to deal with as those early BKBs really comes in useful when facing Outworld Devourer. Chaos’ high magical damage draft did not scale too well as IG eventually counter it.
    Chapter 4: A Good Run.
    While Chaos Esports may have lose a devastating 0-3 Grand Finals, there’s no doubt that the team has some potential if they maintain the team and be stronger together. After all, as the meta is becoming a little stale, at least, we can be rest assured that it will all change in just 2 weeks as the annual update that will change the entire DOTA2 game is right after the Chengdu major.
    Invictus Gaming, of course, deserves their victory as they head back to their hometown to practice and play the upcoming Chengdu major. Here’s a bonus clip of IG’s insane play in the Summit, where they stole both Cheese and Refresher shard from HellRaisers.

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    1 day ago

    After four days of insane matches, Invictus Gaming prevailed Dota Summit 11 as they defeated Chaos EC 2-0 in the semis, and a clean sweep in a Bo5 Grand Finals to secure the final slot at the Chengdu Ma
    jor last November 10.
    For game 1, IG played Flyfly Faceless Void, Emo Ember Spirit, JT Timbersaw, Kaka Mirana, and Oli Lich. On the other hand, Chaos playes Yawar Kunkka, Quinn Templar Assassin, Saberlight Beastmaster, MSS Skywrath, and SVG Disruptor.
    The safe lane trilane from both teams faced early on the bot lane, with IG getting the upper-hand. Shortly after, IG applied more pressure in the mid as they group up as five with Moonlight Shadow, rewarding them with a five-for-two trade.
    Despite a close team score, IG continued to choke Chaos in fights as they get another teamwipe. In an attempt to return to the game, Chaos tried to go for Rosh, but a clean arrow from Kaka to Yawar allowed IG to burst him down for a five-for-nothing trade and secure Aegis for Emo. Chaos EC tried to defend, but the teamfight of IG was too much, forcing them to tap out at 24 minutes.
    Coming in with a victory from game 1, IG played Flyfly Anti-mage, Emo Tiny, JT Magnus, Kaka Mirana, and Oli Ogre. While Chaos drafted Yawar Slark, Quinn Gyrocopter, Saberlight Abaddon, MSS Rubick, and SVG Lich.
    At 14 minutes, both teams already secured seven kills each as Quinn and Emo rotated to the side lanes to get themselves some exp and take down towers. A 15-minute Drums and Diffu gave Slark some easy pick-offs and Aegis, but Emo’s Tiny does the work as he takes Chaos one by one.
    Looking like a bad fight for them, IG managed to secure a four-for-one trade after a four-man Avalanche and RP combo. Tiny and AM even chased Slark up to their throne, but a buyback from Rubick forced them to retreat. A triple kill from an Empowered AM with Abyssal, Manta, Vlads, and Skadi gave IG another teamwipe as Chaos calls gg at 34 minutes.
    For the win-or-go-home game, Chaos took out Yawar Lifestealer, Quinn Outworld Devourer, Saberlight Legion Commander, MSS Lina, and SVG Ogre. While IG played Flyfly Gyro, a last pick Emo TA, JT Leshrac, Kaka Nyx, and Oli Lich.
    In the early game, Chaos’ supports picked up easy kills on mid and bot. However, Kaka killed Radiant’s courier, delaying Yawar’s Armlet. IG now took the offense and secured kills with multi-hero stuns from JT and Kaka. After IG’s sod breaks, a three-hero Carapace stun from Kaka gave IG a great three-for-one trade, but in the next fight, Chaos gets their own three-for-nothing trade after Quinn baited JT and Flyfly to the rest of Chaos.
    With Emo and Flyfly nearing six slots by 35 minutes, IG just continued to force fights without anybody dying. As IG dives Chaos in their T3, three buybacks were used immediately that allowed Chaos to turn the fight around and get Emo, Flyfly, and Oli. In 41 minutes, IG wipes Chaos with no more buybacks on Quinn, Yawar, and Saberlight, giving IG the title of Grand Champions.
    With their 3-0 victory, IG bags $72K USD, 140 DPC points and most importantly, the final slot at the Chengdu Major later this month. Meanwhile, Chaos will bring home $60K USD and 120 DPC points.
    After dominating the groups and upper-bracket, IG proved how great their teamplay and draft execution is. Also, a special mention for Kaka is worth noting as his Mirana and Nyx helped IG secure some key kills throughout the Grand Finals.

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    3 days ago

    Did you miss anything from the last week in esports? Swamped with work or school? Still hungover (or sugar-crashed) from the Halloween partying? VPEsports’ Stories from the Week brings you all the biggest headlines you might have missed.
    A veteran of the scene, He “Inflame” Yongzheng hasn’t had a good time recently. Between Newbee’s terrible year and the launch of WoW Classic, where he did pretty well, Inflame hasn’t been playing a lot of good Dota. But he’s back now. After standing in for CDEC here and there, on Nov. 7, it’s been finally confirmed that Inflame will take to the offlane at CDEC Gaming.
    The recent changes to Team Secret saw Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen come to replace one of the staples of the EU powerhouse, Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng. In an in-depth article, we look at the legacy MidOne left at Team Secret, as he moves on to new ventures.
    We all new this NA stack would not have gone org-less for long. Even though they’re missing Syed “SumaiL” Hassan, the Quincy Crew still has overwhelming talent on its roster between Yawar “YawaR” Hassan, Quinn “CCnC” Callahan, Arif “MSS” Anwar, and Avery “SVG” Silverman.
    The stack has now been signed by Chaos Esports Club, who will be looking to repair their poor 2019 showing and shoot for some actual trophies in the coming season.
    After publicly expressing his discontent with the previous compLexity CS:GO roster and their poor performance at the Berlin Major, coL CEO Jason Lake said he will be rebuilding into a new super team. And now, it’s finalized.
    Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke (ex-OpTic) and Valentin “poizon” Vasilev (ex-Windigo Gaming) are the last two pieces to coL’s CS:GO roster. With experience at the helm in William “RUSH” Wierzba, the stack looks strong enough to make a promising debut.
    The semifinal match between G2 and SKT at Worlds 2019 will be talked about for a long time. G2 pulled off a 3-1 victory to make the finals over the LCK favorites, but according to some, it wasn’t because they played perfectly.
    LEC analyst Vedius explained on stream how G2 were able to beat SKT, despite the latter playing better in his opinion — a controversial take which sparked massive discussion on community boards.
    If you’re a Chinese gamer younger than 18, your long gaming nights and frivolous weekends will be over. The Chinese government is looking to pass a law, which restricts how much minors in the country can play online games, limiting it to just 90 minutes on weekday and three hours on weekends.
    The law is meant to find the growing gaming addiction in the country, which is getting more and more out of control with parents often too busy with commuting to work to police their child’s gaming habits.

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    3 days ago

    Group stages at the DOTA Summit 11 Minor came to an end today after two days of fantastic action – unfortunately for two teams, they would not make it to the playoff stages, joining paiN Gaming and Ad Finem on the outskirts of the event.
    Ninjas in Pyjamas have recently rebuilt with The International winning Peter ‘ppd’ Dager and Saahil ‘Universe’ Arora joining forces in hopes of making an impact on the Dota 2 Pro Circuit’s new season. The non-DPC season begun in a rather average way for NiP with an admirable 3rd place at DreamLeague Season 12 and a disastrous 7th/8th place finish at ESL One Hamburg. While the team only just missed out on reaching the Chengdu Major, the Minor seemed like it would be their chance to get things rolling. But after a poor start to the Minor, losing the opening series to jfshfh178 before managing to send paiN Gaming packing late last night. NiP would have one more shot to keep themselves in the tournament in the decider series where they would need to get past jfshfh178 in order to get into the playoffs.
    The almost unknown CIS squad with barely any DPC experience would have none of it though as they pummeled their opponent into the ground and out of the event in two games again. This early exit from the Minor is extremely surprising as NiP were expected to be one of the best squads coming into this season, especially with the first Minor/Major rotation missing many of the bigger squads.
    For Group B, we would see another CIS squad, HellRaisers, battling against the Southeast Asian powerhouse that is Geek Fam, with both teams fighting to survive in the Minor. Neither Geek Fam nor HR had much mainstream Dota 2 action prior to this event, as they would be hoping to use this as a springboard into the upper echelons of the Major. While HR did not look amazing in their opening game, they gave us the first and only Group B full three-game series and when it came toGeek Fam, they seemed well-prepared.
    The first game of the series was a walk in the park for the CIS squad as they took a quick lead in the series and looked to end the SEA team’s run. Game two, however, was not nearly as easy as the first but it was a meticulous display of Dota 2 from HR as they played their way to a 2-0 victory. For Geek Fam, unfortunately, their Minor run comes to an end and they will have to look toward the next Minor or Major for their chance to make their mark on the DPC.
    The playoffs are now set with only four teams left in the DOTA Summit 11 Minor and will begin tomorrow with upper bracket series between; Chaos Esports Club versus jfshfh178 and Invictus Gaming versus HellRaisers. With only two more days of action from the Minor, we are very close to having the final team secured for the quickly approaching MDL Chengdu Major.

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    3 days ago

    A dominating performance by Raven’s Morphling wasn’t allowed to win by YawaR’s Drow Ranger’s 9 seconds Gust and Nullifier. Watch incredible Morphling vs Drow highlights and read the analysis of the game that slipped away from Geek Fam’s hands.
    Highlights of Morphling vs Drow Ranger in 2 major team fights
    Even though Morphling had crazy farm he had to play carefully in the team fights as Drow Ranger’s Gust silenced his abilities and Nullifier muted his items. Geek Fam’s Rubick was non-threatening whereas any other strong mid hero like Queen of Pain or Tinker would have stood up against Chaos EC while they were relentlessly chasing Morphling. Apparently, Morphling was forced to jump around rather than dealing some impactful damage. Geek Fam was not able to win any late-game team fights and were quickly brought down after Morphling’s death.
    Draft Analysis:
    Picks and Bans Order
    Geek Fam picked Morphling and Earthshaker in the first phase while banning Chaos EC’s strong heroes such as Faceless Void, Templar Assassin and Legion Commander. Chaos EC decided to counter Morphling by Drow Ranger while Geek Fam decided to counter Chaos’ draft with lots of mobility.
    Draft Advantage in Detail
    The strongest points of Geek Fam’s draft were in Mobility, Split Pushing, Durability, Healing and Countering heroes individually whereas Chaos EC’s had advantage in Pushing, Right Click Damage and in Initiating. Both teams had the opportunity to win the game as they had several strategies to rely upon like Pushing for Chaos EC and Split Pushing for Geek Fam.
    Live Advantage at 54th Minute
    Team Fight advantage was almost equal for both teams hence it was always scary to Kill Roshan while waiting for each other’s strong initiation. Drow Ranger’s Aura on three of their heroes was a decent advantage while Morphling and Earthshaker combination had good disables and nuke damage. Both the teams had good durable heroes, hence the team fight’s outcome couldn’t be predicted so easily. It all came down to how Morphling found ways to kill and how Drow Ranger found ways to disable him.
    End Game Statistics:
    Networth Graph
    With the help of split pushing and fast farming abilities of Morphling, Geek Fam was able to cover 20,000 networth difference and formed a 10,000 lead but lost everything in the last 2 team fights.
    Item Statistics
    Morphling was 8 slotted whereas Drow Ranger didn’t even have buffs like Moon Shard or Aghanim’s Blessing. Rubick could have gone for some damage item and done more than just 18000 hero damage but the item choices are understandable according to the hero. Aeon Disk was purchased by 3 Chaos EC’s heroes to counter the burst damage by Geek Fam.
    A tip for young players:
    Nullifier as the item and stacking of some disabling abilities is the best way to counter a single hero centered line-up. Geek Fam laid all eggs in Morphling’s basket and it would have been an epic victory if Chaos EC was not able to stack their abilities perfectly while they killed Morphling. Watch the video at the top of the article to see how exactly they countered Morphling in the last 2 major team fights even though Geek Fam’s supports tried their best to protect him.

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    Commented subject Tavo departs from Furia Esports.
    3 days ago

    The Brazilian offlaner Otávio “Tavo” Gabriel is a free agent again. His stint with Furia Esports came to an end after just two months and a failed qualifier run for the first Major and Minor tournaments of the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit season.
    Tavo joined Furia in the post TI9 shuffle after he returned home from the NA organization, compLexity Gaming. Furia’s lineup at the start of the new season is centered on newcomers, Tavo and Heitor “Duster” Pereira being the ones with the more competitive and LAN experience. Nonetheless, the line-up “didn’t work out” said Tavo in a Twitter post where he thanked the organization for how well they treated him in the short time he spent under their banner. “Furia is very different from other organizations, maximum respect,” he noted.
    Furia Esports’ official announcement states that the roster change came from “different perspectives on the team’s future.” While Tavo is for now without a team, Furia have already announced Felipe “NS-ART” Costa, a young Brazilian offlaner, to have joined the team. Their new player has little to no competitive experience, his only tournament being Brasil Game Cup 2018 where he placed first with Encore e-Sports.
    Furia Esports current roster:
    Leonardo “RdO” Fernandes
    Henry “Murdoc” Felipe
    Felipe “NS-ART” Costa
    Lucas “Hyko” Morais
    Heitor “Duster” Pereira

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    4 days ago

    Chapter 1: Nothing New.
    Now, for those of you who didn’t check the treasure in-game since it’s not the weekend yet, a new treasure called “Treasure of the Timeless Rite” was released yesterday and oh boy did the community begin spamming Reddit and other social medias about how horrible it is. All the sets except one, are actually marketable on the Steam market.
    Chapter 2: A Good Bargain!
    Looking at the common sets, almost every set can be purchased for less than a dollar. But that will also decrease further due to the increasing quantity, thanks to the “new” treasure.
    In fact, even the rare and ultra rare sets can be purchased for cheap too! The ultra rare set being the Skywrath Mage infused set can be purchased from the market for less than a dollar!
    Now, for the average DOTA2 player from SEA, CIS, EU and Americas, there’s literally no reason why you should or would buy the treasure, even if it only costs 2 USD. The only reason being that there’s an exclusive Timbersaw set from the Frankfurt Major 2015 that was supposed to be untradeable, unmarketable and not giftable. In fact, it wasn’t even targeted for most of us to begin with!
    Chapter 3: The Other Side of the World.
    The treasure is actually targeted to Chinese DOTA2 community, where most Chinese players do not have access to the community market, which you can buy the sets yourself for less than 50 cents.
    According to Reddit users, -desolation- and SigmaScape, gambling is illegal in China, where gambling refers to allowing customers to have an opportunity of gaining something of higher price than what’s paid.
    Now, you could say that the new treasure is also gambling in a way. Yes it is, but since the customer will not be able to sell the sets on the market, it has no monetary value to be considered gambling.
    Chapter 4: A New Rule.
    2 days ago, the Chinese officials have released new law and rules to curb video game addiction. One of the two rules is that every young gamer of age below 18 can only spend a maximum of 57USD a month. Not only will this affect the DOTA2 economy but next year’s International 2020 could potentially be affected as well. Until then, everyone else outside of China, should prepare bigger wallets because someone has to contribute to TI10’s prize pool which aims to break this year’s 30M USD prize pool.
    The other rule imposed was that young gamers can only spend 90 minutes of gaming on weekdays and no games after 10pm! Besides their objective to curb video game addiction, it was also a response to the rise in nearsightedness disease among younger generation.
    Chapter 5: Appreciating What we Have.
    Now then, perhaps we shouldn’t be complaining about Valve releasing a treasure of existing skins since we didn’t have the restrictions of not being able to access the Steam market. That said, it’s the weekends, so instead of playing DOTA, go watch the Summit 11 minor! Stay tune

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    4 days ago

    Chapter 1: Where’s Team OG?
    Unfortunately, the Team OG squad are off across the world, busy with their normal lives after their satisfying second TI win months ago. That said, it’s important that team OG takes a break like this to give opportunities to every other team in the pro scene to rake some reward for themselves.
    That said, it’s only a matter of time before team OG returns to the DPC circuit as they aim to become the three-time TI champion, and consecutive TIs to add to that. Of course, the complete squad returning to the pro scene would spell disaster for many teams in majors, so ana as per tradition, will be taking a one-year break.
    Even though they aren’t participating in the DPC season soon, the boys are definitely still watching the minor and major.
    Chapter 2: Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb…
    Ceb aka 7ckingMad, the offlaner and former coach of team OG, are big fans of Kuku and his new team, GeekFam. Just like Ceb, Kuku is an offlane player himself and is known for his aggressive plays back in TNC.
    So, is GeekFam really a reasonable prediction? Of course, we really need to understand which teams are in the same minor. Despite GeekFam consisting of various SEA veterans, they still aren’t convincing enough. Not to mention that there’s Ninjas in Pyjamas, led by 2 TI5 Champions, UNIVERSE and PPD. Then, there’s Invictus Gaming coming from one of the most challenging region to qualify for qualifiers.
    Chapter 3: BigDaddy’s Prediction.
    On the other hand, BigDaddy also gave his own prediction but his is very specific. He predicted that Ninjas in Pyjamas will defeat PaiN Gaming. Whether it’s the group stage or playoffs, it seems like BigDaddy truly believes in PPD and UNIVERSE’s ability to defeat the SA team, paiN Gaming.
    Of course, paiN Gaming coming into the minor are the underdogs. So, most likely, Ninjas in Pyjamas will not have much trouble dealing with the freshies.
    Chapter 4: Conclusion.
    I don’t know, guys. I am a little torn about this. That said, we can’t deny that the TI9 Champions have been kind enough to provide us with their godly predictions, so kudos to Ceb and BigDaddy for the predictions! Anyways, who do you think will win the Summit 11 minor and proceed to the Chengdu major?

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    Commented subject Chaos EC welcomes Quincy Crew.
    4 days ago

    In the last few days, Chaos Esports Club decided to drop their whole dota 2 roster. This includes Misery’s departure and Matumbaman’s move to Team Secret. Today, the organization proudly announced their new roster for this season as they sign Quincy Crew
    In the blog post shared in the tweet, Chaos EC Director Greg Laird expressed how they wanted to provide Quincy Crew with their needed support as the players have become pillars of North American Dota. In addition, they believe that the passion and eagerness of Quincy Crew to win is a perfect fit for Chaos EC to become a strong contender for the Aegis of Champions.
    That being said, Yawar will be playing position 1 (carry) ; Quinn, previously known as CCnC for position 2 (mid) ; and SVG and MSS as supports. For their offlaner, they will put Saberlight under trial as well as IllidanSTR as coach, while they will be managed by KBBQ. Do you think Saberlight and IllidanSTR become a permanent part of the org?
    For those unfamiliar, SVG was a former player of Forward Gaming before MSS, Yawar, and Quinn played joined the org and qualify for The International 9, but the organization’s financial status forced them to release their dota 2 roster a month before the prestigious tournament.
    Luckily, they were able to get Newbee as their temporary sponsor for TI9 where they finished at 9th-12th spot. Afterwards, MSS, Quinn, Yawar, and KBBQ formed a new team with Sumail and SVG which is called Quincy Crew, but due to legal reasons and failing to qualify for the Chengdu Major, they have released Sumail.
    With four players coming to ESL One Hamburg, Quincy Crew managed to loan Saberlight from Team Singularity as their offlaner. However, a medical issue of Quinn forced Quincy crew to substitute their midlaner for Sumail. Despite this, they only managed to finish 9th-10th place before they were signed by Chaos.
    In summary, this squad has signed with three different organization changes since July, but now they are signed by an organization long-respected in the dota 2 scene. Will Chaos EC provide support that will unleash the roster’s full potential? Will the roster click well enough to become a contender in TI10?

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    5 days ago

    Team Secret announced their new roster for the 2019-2020 DPC season on the 4th of November 2019. A lot of people were happy to see Lasse ‘Matumbaman’ Urpalainen back on a top tier team, reunited with Coach Heen, the coach with whom he won TI7 under Team Liquid’s banner.'
    Exciting as this announcement was, it meant Yeik ‘MidOne’ Nai Zheng, Team Secret’s longest serving member after Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov, would no longer be a Team Secret player. After three years of playing in the mid lane for Secret, the Malaysian will be looking to ply his trade in a different team now. The breakup between Secret and MidOne was amicalble where Secret only had good things to say about their former mid player.
    Firstly, MidOne will be departing from our active roster in order to take an extended break away from DotA 2. The demands of the previous DPC season required staying in Europe for extended periods of time to commit to boot camps, Majors and travelling across the world for tournaments in other regions. MidOne has sacrificed tremendously in order to compete and contribute to our team’s success at the top level of DotA. He has proved an invaluable player and friend along the way, and we could not ask for a better team member. During MidOne’s time on our active roster he was able to become a triple Valve Major winner, a multiple tournament Champion, and has represented us at The International for the last three years – including 4th place at this previous International, our highest placement to-date. We are extremely grateful for everything he has done with us, and wish him a very well deserved rest in his time away from the competitive scene.
    Excerpt from
    As we get ready to see a Secret without MidOne, let’s take a look at a quick look at the high points of his time with Team Secret.
    2016-2017 Season
    MidOne’s first season with Secret was the least impressive one. The team was made of MP, MidOne, Khezu, pieliedie and Puppey. Towards the end, they swapped pieliedie for Yapzor. The only LAN that Secret won that year was the ROG Masters 2016, where they didn’t really have any competetion. Team Secret lost to Team Liquid 2-1 at TI7, finishing 7th-8th. The team was revamped, but MidOne stayed on along with Yapzor and Puppey.
    2017-2018 Season
    His second season with Secret was when MidOne really began to flourish. MP had been replaced by Ace and Khezu’s place was taken by Fata. Secret’s season started well with some strong performances in qualifiers. After finishing second at ESL One Hamburg 2017 (which was a DPC Major), Secret found themselves in the grand finals of Dream League Season 8, facing off against the TI7 champions Team Liquid. This was when MidOne probably played two of his best games in a Team Secret jersey.
    In game 1, MidOne played Kunkka and it was this game that made mid Kunkka popular! Before this, no one in the pro scene played mid Kunkka and now, he’s one of the strongest mid laners out there. Kunkka had a lot of impact on the game, contrary to what people might have expected. MidOne said he got to learn a lot about the hero watching the streamer Attacker, who plays a wicked mid Kunkka.
    In game 2, he played another unconventional hero, Arc Warden in the mid lane, and again, he had an amazing game. Both games lasted more than an hour, but that’s what it took for this team to take down the reigning TI champions, Team Liquid. The third game was a lot easier and Secret won 3-0 giving MidOne the first Major victory of his Dota 2 career.
    Team Secret added a couple of more trohies to that Major trophy – Captain’s Draft 4.0 and DreamLeague 9.0, which were both DPC Minors. They weren’t able to win anymore Majors and towards the end of the season, weren’t really a top contender for TI8. Come TI8, they were able to achieve a 5th-6th position finish, but that’s not what an organization like Secret is looking for. Again, they were thwarted by Liquid, this time 2-0, and changes followed their exit.
    2018-2019 Season
    Just like the year before, MidOne and Yapzor held on to their places with Puppey and were joined this time by Nisha and Zai. This was definitely the strongest team assembled by Team Secret after the all-star team of TI5 (Arteezy, S4, Zai, Kuroky, Puppey) and it showed quickly. Secret started the season with two quick wins at the PVP Esports Championship and ESL One Hamburg 2018. ESL One Hamburg was an iconic tournament for MidOne, where he won the MVP award and took home a Mercedez Benz! This was probably the zenith of his Secret career.
    With confidence fueling the new team, Secret went to MidOne’s homeland, Malaysia, to play in the Kuala Lumpur Major. They weren’t able to win it, but they went to the grand finals and lost 3-2 against Virtus Pro. If MidOne hadn’t been put on a mid Shadow Shaman in game 1, Secret would have probably had a better chance to take the series. And MidOne actually did quite well against N[o]one, winning the mid lane with Shaman against Storm Spirit, but it wasn’t enough. Secret made sure this season wasn’t a repeat of the previous year, where they fell off after winning a Major. Secret got their revenge on Virtus Pro at the Chongqing Major, beating them 3-1 in the grand finals.
    Besides these, Secret went on to win the MDL Disneyland Major and two other ESL One events – ESL One Katowice and ESL One Birmingham. Zai and Puppey won the MVPs here repectively, but had MidOne already not won at ESL One Hamburg, there was a good chane he would’ve won at either of those two ESLs. ESL One Birmingham was the last tournment the Malaysian won with Team Secret, and he was just phenomenal. Secret started the playoffs in the lower bracket and went all the way to the grand finals to win it 3-2 against Evil Geniuses.
    TI9 is probably the only tournament MidOne would like to forget. Team Secret had been the best team that season and were the main contenders for picking up the Aegis. Maybe it was the pressure or maybe just a bad week, but MidOne’s showing at TI9 was far below his best level. Although Secret didn’t win TI9, the managed to secure 4th place, which was their best finish ever at a TI. For a third year in a row, Secret and MidOne lost to Team Liquid at The International championships.
    Many from the community think that was the reason MidOne was ousted from Secret, which if true, is really harsh. He was with the organization in good times and bad and saw the team lift up from an average team in 2016 to a team no one wanted to face in 2019. But there are also reports that he wasn’t really kicked and . For now, he will be taking some time off from the competetive scene but we will eventually see him come back into the fray. With the Secret chapter in his life coming to an end, many new doors have opened up for MidOne. Just like his hero pool is versatile, so is his language pool. He’s good with English as well as Mandarin, which means we could see him jump from West to East and play with a Chinese team. Nothing has been announced yet, but there will be a lot of teams vying for his signature and it will be interesting to see that after a long time with Team Secret, how MidOne will fit into and perform for another team.
    MidOne’s stats from his three seasons with Team Secret
    Total games played for Team Secret – 649 (438 wins, 67.49% win rate)
    Total heroes played for Team Secret – 67
    Most played heroes –
    (1) Ember Spirit (80 games, 70% win rate)
    (2) Invoker (48 games, 60.42% win rate)
    (3) Outworld Devourer (43 games, 69.77% win rate)
    Hero with the best win rate (20 games or more) – Monkey King (39 games, 82.05% win rate)
    Hero with the least win rate (20 games or more) – Storm Spirit (27 games, 59.26% win rate)

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    Commented subject DOTA Summit 11 Group A preview.
    5 days ago

    In just a few sleeps, the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2019/2020 season will kick off with the first Minor getting underway from Los Angeles – the DOTA Summit 11, with eight teams fighting for a chance to make it to the Major. With that on the horizon, we have put together a preview to highlight the teams, especially since there are many newcomers and roster changes following The International 2019.
    With the groups now announced for the event it is easier to look at the teams facing off in each, so starting with Group A who will kick off the DOTA Summit 11 Minor on Thursday.
    Invictus Gaming
    Jin ‘flyfly’ Zhiyi
    Zhou ‘Emo’ Yi
    Thiay ‘JT-‘ Jun Wen
    Hu ‘Kaka’ Liangzhi
    Chan ‘Oli’ Chon Kien
    Invictus Gaming are another one of those teams that we have not seen in the mainstream Dota 2 scene for some time, with 2017 really being the last time the Chinese organisation made any impact. Since then the team have gone through countless changes, none of which helped them reach many DPC events – with the ones that they did reach seeing them not performing very well. However, with the start of the new season the new squad has already managed to reach the Minor and qualify for ESL One Hamburg 2019. Unfortunately, due to Visa issues, they withdrew from Hamburg and focused on getting to the LA for the upcoming tournament.
    The new roster features some young players who have excelled with the likes of Mineski and Geek Fam but most importantly has the likes of Kaka, the ex-Newbee and Keen Gaming player. Kaka’s involvement in the team seems to have definitely increased their performance in recent events and they could possibly be set to take the DOTA Summit 11 Minor by storm.
    Ninjas in Pyjamas
    Oliver ‘Skiter’ Lepko
    Nico ‘Gunnar’ Lopez
    Saahil ‘Universe’ Arora
    Malthe ‘Biver’ Winther
    Peter ‘ppd’ Dager
    NiP have recently secured themselves a new lineup featuring the brilliance of ppd and Universe alongside a few younger, well-known players. While the team has been expected to perform extremely well right from qualifiers, they were not able to beat the new Team Liquid roster and progress into the upcoming Chengdu Major. However, this did not stop the squad from the Minor qualifiers to reach the DOTA Summit 11. Apart from qualifiers, we had our first competitive showing of the team in Amsterdam at DreamLeague Season 12.
    Even though they were considered one of the favourites to take the event, NiP were unable to make their way past the Demon Slayer squad and would end their tournament in another third-place finish – indicative of ex-Evil Geniuses player on the team. However, with some time since to practice and prepare, NiP are definitely among the favourites to take the first Minor of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit season.
    Nikita ‘Palantimos’ Grinkevich
    Yaroslav ‘Pikachu’ Vasilenko
    Vladislav ‘Kazl’ Kozlovsky
    Danil ‘Bignum’ Shehovsov
    jfshfh178 is a CIS squad that made their way into the DOTA Summit 11 Minor due to Virtus.pro’s withdrawal from the event. While the team may be vastly unknown to most, they did post some decent results through the Chengdu Major qualifiers, tying with Natus Vincere and Positive Guys – but unfortunately only enough to reach the Minor qualifier. After being beaten by both VP and Hellraisers, the squad were fortunate enough to have VP withdraw and thus obtained their Visas for the upcoming Minor.
    As a squad, this will be the first time jfshfh178 compete in a DPC event but one player on the team has some experience with these events, Palantimos. Possibly one of the most well-known players of the squad, Palantimos spent a lot of time playing alongside Vega Squadron in 2018 and even though they never made it very far in events, they were present at both the Bucharest and MDL Changsha Majors. Things could be very different now that they have another shot with a Minor but it will be a tough journey for them to overcome many of their opponents.
    paiN Gaming
    Therence ‘Therence’ Coelho Ferreira
    William ‘hFn’ Medeiros
    Rodrigo ‘Lelis’ Lelis
    Thiago ‘Thiolicor’ Cordeiro
    Anderson ‘444’ Santos
    paiN Gaming’s path to the Minor has reflected the team’s constant ups and downs of their recent years in Dota 2. The South American squad has seen many changes over the years with the likes of Aliwi ‘w33’ Omar and Rasmus ‘MISERY’ Filipsen as a part of their roster but now they have returned to a full-Brazilian roster once more. The team seemed set to make it into MDL Chengdu through the Major qualifiers – going unbeaten in the group stages. But when they came to playoffs, they would stumble and get sent into Minor qualifiers. While they managed to make it through a lower bracket run to the DOTA Summit 11 Minor, it was not an easy path.
    Near the end of October, the team were also hit with a major blow as 4dr confirmed via his Twitter that he would be unable to attend the Minor – with Therence taking his place for the event. Even so, the Brazilians are hoping to kick off the 2019/2020 DPC season in top gear and make their way into the Major.

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    5 days ago

    The first Minor of the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit season started today at the Beyond the Summit studio and the first two series have already delivered the unexpected.
    Ninjas in Pyjamas in danger of an early elimination
    Ninjas in Pyjamas, one of the teams favorite to take the trophy home, and with it, the final spot at the MDL Chengdu Major, are in fact one series away from an early elimination. The TI5 champions Peter “ppd” Dager and Saahil “Universe” Arora, joined now at NiP by three up-and-coming players, got outplayed by the team who arrived at the Minor after Virtus.pro withdrew. jfshfh178 are an interesting mix of tier two players, some grinding their way to a big team for several years, some just at the start of their professional career. They have Yaroslav “Pikachu” Vasilenko in the mid lane, Iceberg’s twin brother, who was extremely disruptive in game one on Timbersaw. He kept diving Nico “Gunnar” Lopez on Ember Spirit and forced NiP to play a dual mid from early stage, however, with no success. By the 15-minute mark, 178 were leading NiP 9-1 and 5 of those kills were on the Ember, who was given no break and no chance to recover. The GG call came 35 minutes into the game, when the CIS squad was holding a 25,000 gold advantage. Game two wasn’t easier for Nip either, they gave three kills to their opponents in the first three minutes of the game, and from there on it all went downhill. 178’s carry, Nikita “Palantimos” Grinkevich on Chaos Knight had a perfect laning stage and wreaked havoc on the map to end the game with nearly double the networth of NiP’s most farmed hero.
    Unfortunately for NiP, the loss in first series pushes them in the losers’ match of group A at the DOTA Summit Minor. Later today, they will be playing against paiN gaming who are also coming from a demoralizing experience in their opening series.
    Record breaking Invoker from Invictus Gaming sets the bar high
    Invictus Gaming, the only Chinese team in the tournament, started their journey with a 2-0 stomp over the Brazilians from paiN Gaming. The young mid-laner Zhou “Emo” Yi, recently promoted in the post TI9 shuffle from iG Vitality to the main team, took the spotlight with his performance in both games. His Zeus in game one was absolutely on point, but the big surprise came in game two, where he was given Invoker. The second game lasted just 16 minutes, courtesy of Emo, who finished the game with record breaking stats.
    iG and 178 will play against each other on the second group stage matches. The winner will be guaranteed a spot into the Minor playoffs, while the loser will have to go through a decider match to stay alive in the event.

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    5 days ago

    We had finally made it to the start of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit’s 2019/2020 season as the DOTA Summit 11 Minor kicked off from Los Angeles earlier today.
    Group B had a fantastic combination of teams in the mix all of which were primed to take their place as the first Minor champions of the DPC season. Geek Fam, Ad Finem, Chaos Esports Club and HellRaisers were the four fighting it out in the group – but one of these teams would have their tournament lives ended on day one of the event.
    Ad Finem had finally returned to the DPC with their original roster of Greeks after two years of not playing together but their opponents in their first series were the newly assembled Southeast Asians of Geek Fam, ready to make their mark on the DPC too. While it was a best-of-three series, it took only two games for the SEA squad to take the win – but their opponents did not make it easy. In both games, Ad Finem were the ones who took the early to mid-game lead but unfortunately could never push their advantage into a win. It was an amazing display from Geek Fam which included a fantastic Aegis steal from Carlo ‘Kuku’ Palad.
    In the other game for Group B, Chaos would be fighting against the up-and-coming HellRaisers squad. It was only two days ago that Chaos picked up the Quincy Crew roster – the same roster which failed to impress at ESL One Hamburg 2019 due to Quinn ‘CCnC’ taking ill right before the event begun. But with CCnC back and ready to play, Chaos seemed to be on the path upwards as they took a promising 2-0 victory over HellRaisers. Even though it seemed as though the CIS squad were primed to take game one for a while, they could not hold on to give us the first full three game series of the group stages.
    Tomorrow we will see the two victorious teams, Chaos and Geek Fam, fighting for the first confirmed spot in the playoff stage. However, later today, Ad Finem and HellRaisers will go head-to-head for the first time, with the losing team being eliminated from the DOTA Summit 11 Minor.
    There has already been a lot of magnificent Dota 2 action coming out of the Minor but the day is not over with the Group A elimination series currently taking place and Group B’s elimination match set for directly after.

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    1 week ago

    With Team Secret signing star player Lasse 'Matumbaman' Urpalainen, one of the most skilled free agents is now off the transfer market. However, there are still other promising players available, and also teams looking to complete their line-up. There might be more adjustments happening before the next DPC Minor/Major qualifiers. We take a look at a few free agents.
    International winners on a break
    Both Sumail 'SumaiL' Syed Hassan and Gustav 's4' Magnusson won the Aegis of the Champions once. And both of them are currently not actively playing in a team. They remain under contract at Evil Geniuses and are open to transfer talks, as EG stated in their blog post. Sumail tried to continue his journey with his brother Yawar 'YawaR' Hassan at Quincy Crew, but left the team quickly again because the roles and synergy didn't fit. Rumours say there were contractual issues that prevent the two players from joining a new team.
    A complex situation
    The North American organisation compLexity Gaming counts as one of most long-standing and biggest cornerstones in esports. They were founded in 2003 and entered the Dota 2 scene in 2012. Despite always being present at a lot of tournaments and qualifiers, the team struggled to achieve results. After several roster changes, coL finally let go off all of their players and are now left with five empty slots.
    One of those players is Zakari 'ZfreeK' Freedman. The support played under coL's flag for five years and eventually left the team in late August. Ever since, he's been a free agent. Zfreek counts as one of the most underrated supports and hasn't have his time to shine. Neither coL nor Zfreek confirmed their participation at the upcoming qualifiers.
    Europe: Famous names but no information
    Two big players from Denmark are available: Marcus 'Ace' Hoelgaard and Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Fillipsen. Both of them have been a part of the professional Dota 2 scene for years. Misery's career even started over ten years ago in DotA. After years of success, in the past DPC they had rather mediocre results. As free agents, there is still the possibility that a team will pick them up to improve their roster.
    Another European squad that has still not announced their new organisation is the legendary ex-Team Liquid. Technically not counting as free agents as they apparently build their own organisation, they will still shake up the upcoming DPC qualifiers when they make their return.

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    1 week ago

    The DOTA Summit 11 starts Thursday, November 7, heralding the Dota Pro Circuit 2019/2020. Shortly after that, on November 16, the MDL Chengdu Major commences as the first Major of the new season. The tournaments bring several interesting matchups and mark a first test of strength for the teams competing.
    The big Goliath teams are still not entering the main stage. Last year's DPC champion Team Secret announced already weeks ago that they will not take part, the legendary ex-Team Liquid will join in before the next Major/Minor qualifiers only and the players from two times TI winner OG are still on an extended break.
    Can the rising stars stay the course?
    Three teams rose up at the recent ESL One Hamburg 2019 and DreamLeague Season 12: SEA's powerhouse TNC Predator, CIS' new hope Gambit Esports and the new squad of Alliance. They now have the chance to prove whether they are only one-hit wonders or if they can repeat their success stories.
    Despite some of the top teams not participating, the competition is still going to be way harder for them than at the past non-DPC events. The level of difficulty is going to increase as more tier 1 stacks enter the competition and their enemies will have learned much from their losses.
    The last chance to go to the Major
    The winner of the Dota Summit 11 is awarded the final spot at the Chengdu Major. Several big names such as Peter 'ppd' Dager, Saahil 'Universe' Arora, Quinn 'CCnC' Callahan, and Marc Polo Luis 'Raven' Fausto are fighting for the spot.
    Evil Geniuses without Sumail
    Evil Geniuses will play their first offline tournament with their new roster. The new additions Abed 'Abed' Yusop and Roman 'RAMZEs' Kushnarev already convinced at the Chengdu 2019: North America Qualifier, where EG had a nearly flawless run. They were only defeated on one map by Quincy Crew.
    Valve confirmed that the Outlanders Update will be released after the Chengdu Major. This patch will propably once again change the game significantly, which will serve for an interesting starting point for the next Major – the DreamLeague Season 13.

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    Commented subject Chaos Esports signs new roster.
    1 week ago

    Quincy crew will now play under the Chaos name for the DPC 2019-2020 season.
    After almost 3 months of rocking a glorious CCnC face logo, Quincy Crew finally has an org to call their own, along with a shiny new logo.
    When Chaos Esports announced last week that their support and captain player Rasmus "Misery" Filipsen would be released as a free agent, it was obvious to many that the organization had big news coming for their fans.
    Only days before the team will participate in their first DPC event of the new season, Chaos announced today that they signed the Quincy Crew roster. Being a veteran org on the Dota 2 scene, Chaos was obviously expected to continue their battle for the Aegis throughout the new season with a formidable team.
    Both Chaos and the Quincy roster's players went through hard times at the end of last season. Former Chaos did not make it to Ti main stage. Quincy players lost their org a few weeks before the biggest esports tournament ever. It was now time for both of them to jump back on their feet and turn their luck around.
    Jared Fletcher, Chaos EC GM said
    Coming into the 2019-2020 DPC season we wanted to field a North American roster and Quincy Crew came as a natural fit. They share a passion for winning and constant learning that is necessary to becoming a world champion team, and it is my belief that we can work alongside them to build an enduring Dota 2 program.
    It appears that Jonáš "Saberlight-" Volek will still play for them on a trial basis. Ilya “IllidanSTR” Pivtsaev will also remain as their coach for now.
    The Chaos crew will continue to represent the NA region, marking their first appearance under the Chaos banner at the Dota Summit 11.
    Chaos Esports Roster
    Pakistan Yawar 'YawaR' Hassan
    United States Quinn 'CC&C' Callahan
    Czech Republic Jonáš "Saberlight-" Volek (trial)
    United States Arif 'MSS' Anwar
    United States Avery 'SVG' Silverman

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    Commented subject Roster changes for Team Secret.
    1 week ago

    Team Secret has confirmed roster changes for the upcoming DPC 2019-2020 season, as they replace both MidOne and coach SunBhie.
    Rumors had been circulating for some time that there would be changes for Team Secret for the new season. When the team took a break for the first round of events, it almost confirmed the whisperings in dark for many fans.
    Now, the team officially confirms what had been predicted.
    Due to the high demands and sacrifices of living in Europe and competing with little downtime, Yeik Nai 'MidOne' Zheng will be taking an extensive break from Dota 2.
    Firstly, MidOne will be departing from our active roster in order to take an extended break away from DotA 2. The demands of the previous DPC season required staying in Europe for extended periods of time to commit to boot camps, Majors and travelling across the world for tournaments in other regions. MidOne has sacrificed tremendously in order to compete and contribute to our team’s success at the top level of DotA. He has proved an invaluable player and friend along the way, and we could not ask for a better team member. During MidOne’s time on our active roster he was able to become a triple Valve Major winner, a multiple tournament Champion, and has represented us at The International for the last three years – including 4th place at this previous International, our highest placement to-date. We are extremely grateful for everything he has done with us, and wish him a very well deserved rest in his time away from the competitive scene.
    The Malaysian veteran player has been with the team since 2016 as just his second competitive team since starting Dota 2. Prior to Team Secret, he played for Fnatic for 9 months starting in December 2015.
    The team will also be bidding farewell to their coach Lee 'SunBhie' Jeong-jae who has been with the team for the last two years.
    In their stead, Team Secret now welcomes Lee 'Heen' Seung Gon as the coach and Lasse 'MATUMBAMAN' Urpalainen to the carry position. Michał 'Nisha' Jankowski will shift to the mid lane, a role in which he has much experience and success on prior to joining Team Secret.
    The first of two new additions to the roster is none other than legendary carry Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen. Matu brings a phenomenal track record of tournament success, and is most famously known, aside from memes, for lifting the Aegis of Champions at The International 2017. Matu is a veteran of the scene, and is known for his unique and invasive hero specialisation. He will be playing the carry role in our new lineup and Nisha will move to the mid lane. We look forward to adding his skills, and his personality, to the team and we warmly welcome him to the Secret family.
    Secondly, we would like to welcome Lee “Heen” Seung Gon as our new coach to the team. Heen is vastly praised for his coaching ability and deep insight in the top echelons of the DotA scene, proving invaluable to Team Liquid’s success in 2017 and victory at TI7. His recent time spent with TNC has reflected clearly in their results, and we look forward to his presence to be felt in drafting, within the game, and our camaraderie as a team. Heen will be working closely with Puppey to guide us ever closer to our ultimate goal of winning TI.
    The team will be making their season and new roster LAN debut in Singapore for the ONE Esports DotA 2 World Pro Invitational December 17th and the second round of DPC 2019-2020 qualifiers starting December 1st.
    Team Roster :
    Finland Lasse 'MATUMBAMAN' Urpalainen
    Poland Michał 'Nisha' Jankowski
    Sweden Ludwig 'Zai' Wahlberg
    Jordan Yazied 'YapzOr' Jaradat
    Estonia Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov


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