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    7.23c nerfs all XP talents and Magnus' Scepter; Third Eye removed from the game

    Patch 7.23 was released a little over a week ago and the balance patches that have followed have brought us to 7.23c already. Patch 7.23c brings changes to Outpost XP, the XP talents and a lot of neutral items and heroes. We’ll take a look at and discuss the prominent changes. The entire changelog can be found .
    Outpost XP reduced from 25 per minute to 18
    A big change as the each minute, the effect of reduction will keep compounding. This change will curb teams who have map control from snowballing because of the XP gained from Outposts. Outposts propel the team in control to higher levels; more so if heroes have XP talents.
    Level 10 XP talents reduced from 20/25/30/40 (most were 25/30) to 20%
    Level 15 XP talents reduced from 35/40/50 to 35%
    This patch was the best thing to happen for heroes with XP talents who were having a good game. Imagine a Tusk, who earlier had a 40% XP talent at level 10, having both Outposts controlled for a majority of the game. Or a core Weaver with 35% XP gain at level 10 – he would probably get to level 30 before the other heroes were at 25. It was definitely broken, and this change in the 7.23c patch rightly curbs the XP gain.
    Glyph duration on creeps reduced from 7 to 4
    A duration of 7 seconds was a lot to abuse when pushing the high ground. If the enemy used their glyph, an offensive glyph would render it completely useless. This change now gives the defending team 3 seconds to get rid of the enemy creeps before the defensive glyph ends. Given the tower multi-shot during glyph, those 3 seconds should be good to clear the air.
    Innate Damage Block now works against player units again (same rules as regular damage block now)
    Innate Damage Block changed from 100% for 8 block to 50% for 16 block
    Innate Damage Block no longer stacks with damage block instances
    Melee heroes can rejoice again, as the damage block is back. It might be left more to change now, but when it does trigger, it will block 16 instead of 8, which is quite a bot of damage in the laning stage, especially against the like of Nature’s Prophet and Brood Mother. Time for more support Lifestealer?!
    Courier items that are locked will now not be delivered nor will they be returned to the stash
    Courier base movement speed increased from 275 to 280
    A small increase in courier speed, although not a significant amount. Slow couriers can get really irritating at the beginning of the game.
    Neutral Items no longer roll if there is an enemy of the killer within 600 AoE of the dying unit
    No change of an Anti-Mage blinking in and stealing that Repair Kit you were desperately looking for.
    The two prominent item changes are the removal of Third Eye and reduction in the silence duration of Mind Breaker. Orchid Malevolence has a 5-second duration. A random item found while killing neutral creeps having nearly the same silence duration seems a bit unfair. A 2-second silence makes Mind Breaker a lot more balanced.
    The two big changes for heroes come for Magnus and Treant Protector. For Magnus, it’s a nerf while for Treant, it’s a buff.
    The DPC qualifiers for the second Major and Minor saw Magnus’ Scepter upgrade abused time and again. And as it removed the mana cost, Magnus could keep spamming it. Now the mana cost with Scepter will be 40, which even though isn’t too high will prevent Magnus from spamming the skill. Kipspul will be very happy with the nerf. She was someone who had voiced hero concern over the hero’s Scepter ability.
    Treant Protector
    The second big change is to Treant Protector, who in many ways has been reverted back to what he was before the patch. Walking through trees, Living Armor being global and Nature’s Guise invisibility (level 10 talent) have all been brought back after an outcry from the community which was lead by OG’s Sebastian ‘Ceb’ Debs. He’ll surely be happy seeing patch 7.23c. The only slight downside is you cannot be invisible in lane, which used to be a major surprise factor for Treant. Can’t have everything though.
    The other changes are mostly balance changes. One that stands out among them is that Crystal Maiden now no longer gets magic resistance from Arcane Aura.
    The additional armor during Freezing Field and the Magic Resistance made it quite difficult to deal with her in the absence of a stun.
    Patch 7.23c will be on display at the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore, which starts on the 17th of December and will have the likes of Team Secret, PSG.LGD, Virtus.pro, Evil Geniuses and Na’Vi compete for a prize of $500,00 USD. There might be a few different heroes played, but there will surely be a lot less of Magnus.

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