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    League of Angels III

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    About League of Angels III

    League of Angels III is another version of one of the most popular browser games MMO RPG, its earlier parts - League of Angels and League of Angels II - count tens of millions of registered users from around the world.

    The third part is for improved graphics, optimized gameplay and an even more extensive quest system, thanks to which the player gets more involved in the game.

    As befits a typical RPG, the emphasis in League of Angels III is on the development of equipment and characters. We are developing not only our hero, but also the accompanying helpers.

    The plot of League of Angels III remains without major changes, this time we will again play the role of an angel fighting the forces of evil to save the world. Will we be able to win this fight? Check it out and start your adventure with this game now.

    179007 users are playing League of Angels III

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    Opinions about League of Angels III

    No skill required, easy leveling though ^_^

    5 january 2019 03:52

    Lol it's like a Dota2

    13 january 2019 18:35

    i hate task 3

    7 january 2019 04:49


    23 january 2019 07:49

    Good Game 😍

    5 january 2019 22:03

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