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    opened Mobile App Chest and won Runa Berkana.
    6 months ago
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    Reached 2 level
    6 months ago
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    Commented subject The crew 2 .
    6 months ago

    Want a friend please

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    opened Welcome Chest and won Runa Fehu.
    6 months ago


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    Adventure with Misty

    Adventure with Misty is a free arcade game in which you play the role of the witch Misty, your assistant from the Gamehag portal.This time, however, Misty will not be able to help you to get free rewards.In the game you will face frightening adversities. Avoid the deadly spikes and the dragon fire, collect the Soul Gems so they ...

    +1635 +1799
    Soul Gems

    Harvest Land

    Harvest Land is a farm simulator settled in slavic theme and culture with a pleasant musical accompaniment and candy-like graphic.Great men and their wives went on a long adventure in the hope of finding a new home. They arrived on native lands on a large island, where there's a place for fruit trees and large fields.The Slavs a...

    Sweet Maker - DIY Match3 Mania

    Sweet Maker is a simple "three in a row" game, in which the task is to put the sweets in a certain way. We will find hundreds of levels, but if this is not enough, we have the opportunity to play the levels made by our friends and other players, as well as we can create the levels ourselves and share it with the world -...

    Castle Clash

    Castle Clash is an exciting Android strategy that offers players to plunge into the beautiful fantasy world full of heroes, magic and battles. The game is created on the principle of "build, develop, win," so you will have to build your own empire and fight with real players.As in most such strategies, you need to make c...

    Clash of Lords 2: Guild War

    Clash of Lords 2 is an exciting multiplayer strategy on Android / IOS, where we can find elements of city building, epic battles in real time and other standard elements, such as upgrading various elements for the bonuses that you receive as a result of victories.The creators succeeded in developing tactics of battles: in partic...

    Realm of Warriors

    Realm of Warriors is a free to play, browser MMORPG game in which you'll take a trip to ancient China and take part in a ruthless fight for power between Three Kingdoms.The shattered Empire was divided into Three Kingdoms, which are fighting for a a place on the throne. Choose one of the three available classes: a warrior, an ar...

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