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    Rate this article "I Expect You To Die - a VR Masterpiece"

    (4.33/5) 21 rates
    mixtape_maker, 6 february 2019 21:22

    I Expect You To Die - a VR Masterpiece

    I Expect You To Die will put you into a suited and well-trained secret agent's body. Like all secret officers, you will have to undertake operations that are extremely dangerous, be in the most desperate of situations and survive in the most vile places. Use all your ingenuity, intelligence and resourcefulness in order to live. Take advantage of all the resources you can find to prevent a tragic outcome. Oh, and by the way, you have telekinetic abilities. Pretty neat, huh?

    Upon launching I Expect You To Die, we will find ourselves in a room. It's interior is very simplistic, it has a couple of tables, chairs and bookcases, including some other objects. The details of the props are good looking and sharp, very real and well arranged. You have a suitcase with paperwork. At first, I thought that the game had already begun, so I didn't bother looking into the papers, which contained the tutorial and the controls. This game never makes it easy on you. You have to figure everything out by yourself. After you push away the papers, you will see the start button, instead of showing it from the start, the game makes you think, do things that games usually don't require you to. The setting and atmosphere of the game are very sophisticated, making you think outside the box and making the player actually think.

    Even from the very first mission, the game doesn't go slow. It hits you full speed, with the male narrator telling you that you have to get out of this red retro-styled car in a flying plane that will soon be full of toxic gas. You have to use the environment, the hints and utility provided to get out of the car. The attention to detail is plausible: the props in the car are very delicate, every switch can be pulled the steering wheel can also be rotated, the gear position can be changed, the throttle can be stepped on, and the window can be lifted and lowered exactly like in reality. However, we don't have much time to mess around with such things. We have to get out. The player can do so in only one way, and all the other possible hints to escaping are just clever rouses. You will probably die at least a couple of times even at the start of the game, as Schell Games clearly wanted this stated: this game is fast paced and tense, so if you don't use your brain - you will die.

    "I Expect You To Die I" is a bit strange, but it also coincides with the game, allowing players to constantly try to die and feel different ways of death." 
    The exquisiteness of the game and the realisticity of the settings, the interlocking (and funny) plots, the matching soundtrack and the sound effects all give the player a good sense of immersion, allowing the player to constantly try new things and always feel entertained. You play in various environments, there isn't a lot of unnecessary movement, making the VR title motion sickness free. 
    The game makes you think. It is quite tense, which is why moments like the ones where you drink wine while sitting in a couch are needed. However, the developers sometimes even turn such relaxing moments into tense bomb defusal tasks, so you always have to be aware. 

    The levels get harder and harder, and not every common folk can figure them out quickly or easily. The soundtrack is pure jazz - fitting perfectly with the entire American old-fashioned style the game has. The narrating is great, with the only not-so-good thing being the fact that it's only dubbed in English, and even though there are many subtitles and languages for them, the jokes aren't so easy to understand with them. However, English will be suitable for most players. 
    Operating controls in I Expect You To Die is fairly simple: you can either use a mouse or keyboard, or, of course, a virtual reality headset, which provides better experience (obviously). It isn't as good with the mouse, but it's still a good game even that way regardless. 

    Whether it's textures, props, or their physics, everything is top notch, the attention to details is nice to see, leaving Schell Games' creation with almost no flaws that might affect the user experience. The game can be played by everyone, but the difficulty will vary for people, because nobody thinks the same. It can be played in a lot of ways, all of them being fun and exciting in their own manner. 
    The realism in this game is stellar - no complaints. It immerses you and defines the word "escapism" better than any game I've ever played before. 
    I have almost nothing bad to say about I Expect You To die. 
    It costs 12.59€ on Steam, being 40% off because of the Lunar New Year Sale, which, by the way, I also covered in a different article.

    Verdict: it's worth every penny. Especially because of the current sale, I recommend you check it out more than any game before. I Expect You To Die is the best virtual reality I've ever played by far, and, coming from a tiny company lie Schell Games, I can only praise them.

    Rate this article I Expect You To Die - a VR Masterpiece

    (4.33/5) 21 rates


    seriously ? xD

    11 june 2019 02:55

    looks fun. great work. Very well written

    10 february 2019 16:49

    it looks good

    14 october 2019 11:10

    Nice article. Good pictures, detailed overview. Great work

    7 february 2019 16:55

    looks fun :) nicly written

    31 march 2019 20:24

    looks good nice

    6 june 2019 13:22

    goood game!!

    29 november 2019 19:13

    A well written article indeed! Good job!, Also, giving a verdict is commended!

    10 may 2019 15:56

    Nice game but i like some more mission.

    9 july 2019 10:51

    really nice article whit good pictures and understandable whritten! i wanna play this game now!

    7 february 2019 16:47