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    (4.62/5) 21 rates
    berroni, 6 february 2019 18:18

    Infinifactory - PC Review

    Infinifactory is an indie building simulation puzzle game developed & published by Zachthronic, available on steam since 30 Jun 2015. 

    Before I start reviewing this game, I want to say that I am not a fan of puzzle games, and even without liking its genre - Infinifactory is a game that blew my mind apart.  It's an awesome game, and from those puzzle games I've played until now  - it's one of the best ones.

    Infinifactory is definitely one of the best ones when it comes to a story(in the puzzle genre), as you've never before played a game that is based on the same story, a story is completely unique(read more about it later on in the article). It's a game that requires your brain which means that you won't be able to solve it in one try, you'll have to think a lot about your every next move if you don't want to fail. It contains a bunch of mechanics which are actually pretty much simple and the most important - you won't struggle a lot in the beginning, you'll learn the basics of it pretty quickly.


    Infinifactory is an interesting and challenging puzzle game, where you have to turn factory components into machines.
    On the first look, it looks boring which is not the case and you're completely wrong.
    Each level of Infinifactory has a different layout and different objectives, you'll never get the same machine from the past to build again, there's just a bunch of them, and that's actually very good as you can never be sure about what are you going to build, you can never guess your next objective and that's actually a thing that makes the game interesting and that's what makes you want to play more and more as you'll probably want to figure out the next machine. 

    The Story

    As I've already said above, a story of this game is fantastic. You can never guess this story unless you've read it already, but if you haven't -  you're making these machines to please your alien captors. Don't get confused when you find yourself building a machine on the asteroid, which is going to happen quite a lot.  You'll understand that the life of the factory worker is no more comfortable and better in space than here on Earth. It's like a prison, after you finish a day of your work, you'll have to return to a cell(provided by your captors). I've said enough about the story, and there's actually a lot more to be said about it, but I won't spoil the game anymore to you - play it and get shocked. 




    Besides having quite a lot of levels, Infinifactory haves more levels on their website waiting for you to download them,  and the game has a lot of levels on the Steam Workshop made by the community. A game that is very simple and easy to understand yet very complex, challenging and interesting followed by a glorious story and simple but good graphics details is a game that everyone should try. There is no Main Menu in Infinifactory as you don't need it(that's how simple it is). Everything in this game is great and music is one of these great things as it follows you throughout the game, music is going to relax you and help you solve hard levels more than you can imagine.

    I will rate this game 10/10 since it is seriously something you have to try, it's worth each cent of its price(on the Steam). 

    Rate this article Infinifactory - PC Review

    (4.62/5) 21 rates


    nice article

    28 may 2019 19:20

    As I've already said above, a story of this game is fantastic.

    14 april 2019 21:44

    seems cool for me

    6 march 2019 00:26

    why gitu lohh

    26 february 2019 14:46

    This game look nice i will try it

    14 may 2019 14:08

    Nicee GAME

    6 february 2019 19:19

    Awesome game

    10 october 2019 22:58

    I love puzzles :)

    29 august 2019 03:58

    not for me lol

    31 march 2019 20:25

    i must to play this game

    24 march 2019 06:44