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Wargame 1942 is a browser game set during the World War 2! So it means that the player is a participant of one of the biggest wars of this world. Everything depends of the decisions you’ll make. Just like in other strategy games, the player received a city at his disposal, which has to be expanded. It is really important to acquire resource and to develop the infrastructure and army. The path taken by the player and the way he leads his fights are very important. They may influence the fate of the virtual World War 2. Be an excellent diplomat, fight for your beliefs, remain honorable or lead your own game in order to achieve your own ambitions. As a great leader you should remember about the security of your country, the protection of its borders and economic development. It is also essential to participate in the whole war. Will you be an active part of it, or remain neutral? There are many possibilities and a tactical, as well as strategy minded player shall be a great part of the history!

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