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    Star Trek Online

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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Star Trek Online

    not bad

    16 february 2019 10:51

    I love this show I want to play it but it won't let me... my computer is old XD

    19 february 2019 03:05

    How can I have level 5? :D

    19 february 2019 20:55

    I'd recommend playing EVE online instead, unless you're a super die hard fan of star trek

    21 february 2019 20:46

    "Here is a tutorial on how to complete the Communication breakdown "tutorial" first just go to where green is then click F always it helps and always look at the right of the screen to see the "tutorials" when you get to space at that point you should see Communication breakdown and its missions just do them it takes max 10 minutes and when you are done and a different mission appears then for the screenshot there is a button where the mission is at and on the left there is a white like button click on it and then go to logs when you are at logs change the category of the results and one of them shows Communication Breakdown and the completion date screenshot that and you will get your SG (if you didn't get your SG then that means your account isn't new so download a new browser like firefox or chrome and make a completely different email address so that nobody knows if its new or old )
    Good Luck" @WitzPrinz thanks it helped me a lot ;)

    26 february 2019 23:35

    really nice game with friends

    1 march 2019 15:20

    it's a 6-4 game for me

    2 march 2019 22:02

    i remember watching like three star trek episodes every day until i finished the series

    7 march 2019 22:05

    I see other people saying that it's a loss of time to play it and i don't like space game but if you have a lot of time and like space game try it OwO

    8 march 2019 22:38

    i dont like star trek, so i dont like this game

    9 march 2019 21:22

    Very nice

    10 march 2019 06:07

    They say it is online but you have to download it

    10 march 2019 14:48

    does this take a long time to do?

    13 march 2019 16:31

    Bu oyun çok dikkat çeken oyunlar arasında.

    19 march 2019 14:59

    egy kicsit bemutatva, meg kell végezni a kommunikációt lebontása "bemutató" először csak menjen oda, ahol zöld van, majd kattintson az F mindig segít, és mindig látható a jobb oldalon, hogy megtekinthessük a "bemutatókat", a odaérsz a helyhez látnod kell egy kommunikáció meghibásodása, és küldöttje csak a teszik meg, ami maximum 10 percet vesz igénybe, és egy új, és egy másik küldetéssel megegyeznek, van gomb fehér, kinyomtatott, majd naplózásra megyében, a naplóknál és a birtoklásnál. hogy fiók nincst új, így töltsön le egy új böngészőt,mint egy Firefox vagy egy Chrome, és készítsen egy más más e-mail címet, hogy senki ne legyen, hogy új vagy régi)
    Sok szerencsét

    21 march 2019 00:24

    I didn't think I'd like or enjoy this game, it's not really been on my radar. But I figured that with the bonus SG I'd go ahead and give it a try.
    Well, I'm a bit shook - as it's really not that hard like I thought it would be. It's fun, once I got over my fear and confusion going through the tutorial. But that's about the norm for a new game that I've never played.
    I like the customization, the combat is cool and even when I died it wasn't really horrible. I just got on with finishing the mission.
    Now I'm playing on normal, from what I'm learning the higher difficulty levels would be harder but more rewarding. I'm not really ready to take off the training wheels yet. lol
    But it's made me realize that maybe I should try games outside my normal range, I might find something different that I really like.

    21 march 2019 22:32

    just so so

    22 march 2019 13:08

    Never thought I'd like this game, it's so different than all the others I've played. It was a bit awkward at first cause there were so many things to figure out. But the customization got me, then the missions were kinda cool. Even the first time I failed, died it wasn't like really harsh. I just respawned and went back and finished it. I liked that I didn't lose everything, it was just a small issue.

    I do think there has to be more information, they cover a lot, but some things aren't really covered and you've got to figure it out yourself. In a way that can be good, other times, not so much. But I'm actually having some fun with it... and I really like my Officers!
    I've got an all-female Bridge Crew so far! lol

    22 march 2019 22:24

    so download a new browser like firefox or chrome and make a completely different email address so that nobody knows if its new or old )
    Good Luck

    25 march 2019 05:55

    13h spent for the first task xD

    27 march 2019 04:24

    Easy gems

    27 march 2019 21:20

    I followed the link on this page and downloaded the game.
    i completed the 1st task and submitted a screenshot but it got rejected and said
    that I didn't use a new account but
    i did :/

    30 march 2019 01:44

    Game is cool and secret! You came in?

    31 march 2019 20:51

    Very cool game) Fun and nice, but long

    1 april 2019 14:02

    It's e-me, MALARIO

    2 april 2019 17:14

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