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    Star Trek Online

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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Star Trek Online

    it's a film or game? hahaha nice nice

    5 august 2017 22:47

    and again i am not even sure what counts as the tutorial. the instructions on this site should be improved :|

    9 august 2017 06:28

    yeah i have the same problems...
    im sending everything completed and they refuse it...

    10 august 2017 19:32

    Cannot redirect to the right websit. Anyone has the same issue?

    31 august 2017 04:32

    so does it count if i had already started playing a few months ago, i'vealmost capped my lvl now

    7 september 2017 22:15

    well f why did i get rejected, i'm almost lvl capped when i posted the screenshot

    11 september 2017 00:12

    The screenshot needs to specificially show that you completed the final mission in the "Tutorial" segment for the faction you choose to make your character. Using the link reeseblow provided will tell you which mission. Easiest way is once the mission is completed simply open up the window with the Episodes, click on the Logs tab, and click the mission on the list. The date and time of completion is displayed and makes verification easier and quicker. Snap the screenshot of that. btw, Romulan faction has the fewest missions, jfyi.

    14 september 2017 01:51

    It is a good game - and many gems too :slight_smile:...

    14 september 2017 16:21

    But I am not a fan of the Star Trek universe :slight_frown: ...

    24 september 2017 16:11

    GunCarrot, you maybe got rejected because these tasks are for NEW players. you need to register through "play for free" gamehag link. if you used an older account because you played the game long ago, it will not work.
    and if you register through "play for free" gamehag link and use the same email as your old account, it will maybe not work again, because many companies give the rewards for NEW players, and if they see you have already 2 or more accounts, they can refuse.

    26 september 2017 17:40

    lol really.. this game is 13 GB big? alone for downloading it we should get at least 500 gems lol.

    26 september 2017 17:45

    Didn't take long to complete just waiting for them to look at my pic and give me my gems :). I will update you all if and when it happens.

    27 september 2017 16:34

    After circling the part of ghe screen that showed it was completed and resumitting it I got accepted. Thanks Gamehag.

    28 september 2017 15:12

    **** this game has like 30 tutorials geez

    1 october 2017 02:35

    I circled it, it said I did it yesterday (when I submitted) but I still got rejected.

    3 october 2017 20:33

    How do I verify this ?

    10 october 2017 21:53

    u take a screenshot

    25 october 2017 03:12

    i downloaded it star trek emergence and it took so long and i dont even know if it will everrrrrr end its so bad

    26 october 2017 20:46

    It redirected me to the "blank" page :slight_frown: ...

    28 october 2017 01:55

    Kinda nice game. Wouldn't invest too much time though...

    29 october 2017 21:07

    This patching bullshit is really taking its time

    1 november 2017 00:00

    new gameeee

    2 november 2017 12:18

    you can only play this game on the consoles?

    2 november 2017 14:07

    At this time it redirected me to the right place ...

    2 november 2017 14:29


    2 november 2017 15:22

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