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    Star Trek Online

    (4.08/5) 1774 rates

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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Star Trek Online

    DONT PLAY IT! this game is atrocious i wasted halve a day on this BS of a game

    4 january 2020 06:40

    dont waste your time is right made a new account no points

    6 january 2020 01:22

    made 2 new accounts and every time they deny me points saying that i didn't make an account. i am done with trying this game. tired of having tasks denied over and over

    8 january 2020 23:57

    Dürüst olmak gerekirse, ben çok sevmedim

    15 january 2020 10:49

    like star trek and i love this game. should I put money into it. and should I put time into this game as well?

    20 january 2020 02:35

    He is now thinking of starting to playing ?

    20 january 2020 20:05

    ترجم هذه الصفحة
    Star Trek is an American media franchise based on the science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry. ... The Star Trek canon includes the Original Series, an animated series, five spin-off television series, the film franchise, and further adaptations in several media

    21 january 2020 21:36

    Ugh, this is AWFUl. I hate it. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    23 january 2020 16:54

    why do people hate this game so much? everyone is fuming in the comments

    27 january 2020 05:03

    what's so bad about this game?

    28 january 2020 03:20

    Much nice cool game nice much cool much wow dis nice

    29 january 2020 05:17

    im gonna say i can pplat games like this for years *** sog good

    30 january 2020 18:43

    I have watcht all the star trek movies and just like the game in general becuse i am a big fan

    1 february 2020 17:56

    Got rejected for not having a new account. never have played this game before hand

    4 february 2020 02:21

    looks like I won't wanna play this game after all...

    4 february 2020 22:10

    Idk Imma try it but you prob right

    5 february 2020 02:58

    lol said i didnt have new account, something obviously wrong with the tracker for this game, why have a broken *** game broke *** game on your webiste misty?

    5 february 2020 23:54

    Avoid it! never credits as it never detects new account plus it takes forever to level up even from 1 to 5 >.> on top of that, the game is just atrocious!

    8 february 2020 03:40

    Man this is good game and its interesting

    8 february 2020 18:34

    it is really fun to play and yall should try it

    8 february 2020 20:28

    This is a good game and i recommend for yall to try its really fun

    9 february 2020 06:55

    This game is good and fun and interesting

    10 february 2020 07:30

    Got rejected for not having a new account. never have played this game before hand

    12 february 2020 15:52

    memememememeemmemememe is so smol smol smol lolololololololl
    memememememememememememes are so cul
    lol wrong spellingdgh

    12 february 2020 18:28

    Pretty great game i love it!Its like the perfect game for me

    12 february 2020 19:08

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