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    Star Trek Online

    (4.06/5) 1172 rates

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    Soul Gems

    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Advance to the level 5

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Star Trek Online

    The waiting for verification is so boring

    11 october 2018 03:27

    I actually thought this game was pretty good

    19 october 2018 00:01

    Does anyone know how long it takes to lvl up 2 lvl 10 ? and if its easy

    27 october 2018 13:21

    Very chill game, wont take you long to complete the tasks. I recommend downloading this game while doing other tasks.

    29 october 2018 11:39

    Your rank is your level, ex: Lieutenant5 equals level 5 and so on.
    For more info, you can take a look at this website about player level/ranks.

    9 november 2018 18:26

    Not a great game to be honest, feels a bit cheap and star trek isn't my thing.

    19 november 2018 21:28

    when will GH gonna bring this gam back to task? I still havent complete any of the task yet

    22 november 2018 06:02

    is it possible to complete this after completing neverwinter tasks? do I have to register to arc over again?

    22 november 2018 11:38

    I kept getting rejected for each task not being registered through Gamehag. Oddly enough, I did hit the play free through Gamehag, but it kept having issues as I had already installed ARC through the Neverwinter Gamehag Play Free option first. There was some sort of disconnect. So if you hit this, and get the rejects, just put in a ticket each time. I'm not sure, yet, if there are other ARC games on here which may also hit the disconnect.

    27 november 2018 14:56

    graphic and physics of this game in worst than you think

    30 november 2018 10:23

    Took like 3 hours to download and it got rejected even though I reached level 5. Thanks for the huge waste of time.

    3 december 2018 00:02

    The game itself is not that bad. I just dislike that it seemed to have a very long tutorial, and I seem to have gotten lost during that tutorial. I was running around for like 2 to 3 minutes in order to find the lady that I was supposed to follow.

    5 december 2018 05:22

    Got the 1st task accepted, when they realized that I already had ARC. Must have changed the rules between 1st and 2nd task since I now get rejected with "Please, keep in mind that only new players are able to complete tasks from games. We strive to provide equal chances for everyone, so we can accept screenshot only if you haven't played the game before. Please, create a NEW account in that game, and upload a new screenshot." Think I'll delete this game and avoid all of the other ARC games if you have to create a new account every time they add a game.

    7 december 2018 00:04

    does lv 20 worth it?

    7 december 2018 19:53

    i got 5 wins in arcade and its not cound, does it want in simulator or realistic

    9 december 2018 20:20

    This game is a lot better than WoW. It is a completly differnet environment and the ability to fight in space as well as a third person character is really neat. The space battles are the most fun, in my opinion, and the missions include a lot of them. The quests are easy to follow, and the game guides you very well. The players are also very friendly, so try and interact with them in a postive manner and they will may reciprocate very generiously.

    10 december 2018 05:31

    As the game got 60 LVL. and the TOP starship!-) for 5 min-)

    11 december 2018 22:57

    received gems fast for this game, faster than the other games. I like!

    15 december 2018 12:31

    can't download because takes too long!!!:angry:

    31 december 2018 03:52

    i luv space games like star trek

    11 april 2019 13:15

    Good game, tasks pretty easy

    19 april 2019 20:32

    Submitted the first screenshot and got rejected because 'I havent registered a new account'. Nonsense! I made a new account just yesterday for this game through Gamehag. I contacted support and they said it could be due to duplicate IPs provided by ISP and so there is nothing they can do about. Now the same thing happened for me in Game of Thrones. I think they are just using this stupid reason to avoid giving us soul gems.

    24 april 2019 14:10

    I hate this game

    1 may 2019 16:05

    best game in the world i love it

    1 may 2019 21:30

    i was alking with misty and circling the part of screenshot that showed it was completed and resumitting it I got accepted

    8 may 2019 15:41

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